To the Farmers, with Love ❤

It is said that the best work and the best people are those, who are close to the soil. Till the soil, worship the soil, and work hard to feed others. They fill our food-baskets, invisibly. It is frustrating to see the might increase of a few powerhouses while the rest of us pretend to understand the ways of our world, the farmer sometimes ignored in the process.

This piece is dedicated to the Farmers all over the world:
We pass your creations on the highways,
taking pictures from skies, @mesmerizing sun rays.
We write poetry on your generosity, corn, barns.
even singing silly about animals on your farm!

Picturesque fields of inspiration and healthy goodness for all

I  wish to convince you that happiness is simple to find, but we have allowed businesses to corrupt our thoughts. Some intelligent elders have understood and feel responsible for what is being done in the name of aid for recovering countries. Let’s listen to them for they understand the earth connection better, while we adventure in space.

Is it perchance that in a decade of success, a country should also lose a hundred thousand simple minded hard working farmers to the noose, to suicide? It is surely not an accident, but a commercially made viable package introduced for one-sided profit alone.

Simply said,


That word brainwashing☆

is why we have Wars.

In the old times, take-over wars

‘tween kingdoms, countries.


Then we became smart enough

waging war with minds of others,

eventually, not even sparing own.

Thank intelligence, advertising Agencies.


Now we gobally, medically fight our body,

letting others tell, forget what you know.

Thank agriculture, super-food, medical industries;

Our Own Ignorance, submitting to please.

I plead to you: Let the rope that binds us together, not become the farmers’ Noose.


☆Definition of Brain Washing = Brain studied, made convincing, packaged information, through a private or public enterprise for the express purpose of control. I might add, for long-term monetary gain.





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