Yours’ Flightfully

Diving down to you lovely people,
driving crazy many a hungry sheeple!
Landing on your ice-cream cone, iDrone-
Adios! I’m taking off with fish strips alone!
Grace in extreme fright and flight, I know no fears
Disgraced yet loved, do you not see my dears?
Trace of food I will spare not, share or lose all,
T’is a cheap price for grand photos, “Ha haa ya’ll!”
Wanna feed me bread ye innocent lovers?
I await in greed around you seaside rovers;
I steal like a clever thief, shock like live wire,
Having last laughs is the Seagull, Oh Sire!

Warning: For In Flight reading only😉

Do you remember any funny incident with these charming Seagulls? Would love to hear your tale!

Warm regards and ❤



11 thoughts on “Yours’ Flightfully

  1. Beautiful presentation of sea gulls and I saw them last year when I had gone for a vacation and at Amsterdam saw them coming so close to me all of them in a bunch cause there were other people who had brought them something to eat. Oh what a wonderful sight. Lovely words so well penned.

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