Gated thoughts



Standing outside a garden,

Peeking in: raw good earth,

soft, malleable, and true-

needing kneeding, shaping

tools for trying-flying soul.

Dreams within, looking ahead-

nurturing, with tough love too.

A seed is soon a sapling,

waiting, soaking, growing.

Growing is knowing-

Knowing it’s growing,

Showing it will bloom.

Love certainly looms

through patient impatience,

and impatient patience.

Sitting beside, putting aside

awaiting a.m. , p.m. rides.

Looking in, turning away,

weeding, timing, tuning,

watching, nurturing, listening in.

Gifting boxed invisibles,

tied encouragement ribbons.

A trusting heart unconditional,

giving, receiving, a constant secret-

A beautiful graded relationship,

here today, absorbed tomorrow.

Gate’s now open, thoughts are too,

Walking out is one and only

filled with hope, eyes that gleam-

Child! Promising future. Activated dreams.






2 thoughts on “Gated thoughts

  1. Love this duel meaning poem… Life is a garden, its how we cultivate, and nurture it.. And the gates are indeed opening.. May we all learn to walk our dreams through them..
    Wishing you a beautiful day, and rest of your week..
    Love Sue ❤

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