Confession Time!


Colours! Colors! C O L O U R S

However we say the word, it sways and sings through many an arbor, window, and gate. They swish past hearts, singing through trees, mountains, and rivers.

Colors change moods, make telling faces, and clean up old traces. Of love, family, society, or conflict- it adds beauty and expression to every form. Colorful clothes bring vibrance to our day, as swishing skirts do dance.

Myriad colours on a buffet table brings interest bubbling to the fore, energising friendships from the hearts core. Colors give painter’s ideas expression through amazing everglades in shades of many a swish of the modest brush.


White by itself, brings peace to some and joy to others. Heralded as a symbol of peace, it flies with doves, makes black believable, lightens up life, and occasionally brings tissue for meeting the sneeze!

Peace. Let’s hold onto that idea, as a goal forever! There are thoughts, old and new, that encourage believers to co-exist in harmony.

Where there is harmony, there is music.

Where there is music, there is culture.

Where there is harmony, music, and culture, there is SOUL.

And honesty,


and YOU!❤

Nothing else.

Close your eyes.

Close them to language.

Close them to religion.

Close them to opinion.

Close them to a category.

Now, open your mind to soul,  be with the moment, and feel the music🎵 I confess that negative news does disillusion me, but this kind of unity renews my hope that inspite of propaganda, the good will prevail.

P.S. Classical music from two religions right across the street have survived colonisation, storms, and wars of many a kind. These are little things that matter.

Joda sankho Thakur bari and Nakhoda Masjid are located right next to each other. The music hall from both the places sounds just heavenly, when both sing at the same time, even today.

Enjoy this!


❤Welcome and thanks to all the new follows. Appreciate that you came to my little abode and stayed awhile🙏


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