Year Two, Two Ears.

Last week WordPress informed me that I had turned two years old here. I’m all ears and listening.


I saw some of my old posts, evaluated my writings, and realized that my pace is more laid back now. One has learned that immersion and dispersion are long drawn processes and they have their own way of working. One thing I have decided definitely is to get rid of all the pictures borrowed from google. If there is no picture, then my words will have to get better to the job of giving clear visuals.

I realize that I like my pictures and writings to find inspiration from each other. From my instagram account, I observed that I don’t like to have a marketable theme, but my favourite colors [editor friends, see something:)] are emerging their own theme. In short, I emerge, not project a pre-conceived marketable image.

…light, bright, and cheery

I notice that visitors like light, bright, cheery, or even inspirational material but some dear friends also support me for who I am, whether they agree to disagree with the content, or otherwise. And, thank you for that! Your honesty by way of a response, or lack of response means the world to me, and even that random comment, makes my day.

That alone makes me respect who you are! We all do our thing, and friends and family will make their decisions, appearing and disappearing from the fabric of our lives. I believe I have been very lucky to have an interested and supportive group.

As far as the purpose of this blog goes, society has its good and it’s kinks, which we can think about, talk, fix, or ignore. And everyone is reasonable in making their choice. I haven’t been able to much about it either in concrete, visible terms.

Lighthouse analogies@Wordpress

There’s a right time for everything. Some lighthouses are antique decorations, few are touristy, couple have outlived their purpose, unobtrusively quiet survive, readers who add beauty to their favorite lighthouse, others await a ‘bulb’ change, the solid rocks hoping to spark, and still others sound great but we don’t know why.

Meanwhile, the green grass grows all around, all around…

Most of us keep working to learn better. Be better.

Finding a voice,

In time❤


Have a wonderful week full of adventure and song, in the most mundane🎵



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