Who are You this Oct 2018?

Dear Friends,

Halloween is around the corner, and many people are thinking of who they want to be, and which costume to wear, to match their chosen identity for a day.

I think I am going to be myself. That should be scary enough! Besides, when applied to real life, “Just be You,” they say, “all others are already taken.”

Well, in real life then, how to be YOU?

  •  Specialize in one skill or be a multi-skilled-one?
  • Stick to or unstick from a routine?
  • Adventure or familiar comfort zone?

I for one, prefer to be the multi-skill-one, perfection in none. I might keep some routine as far as work and family go, but like to go for unfamiliarity whenever I can. And, you guessed it, I am ‘for the motion’ as suggested in #3: Adventure. Change. Adaptation.

Over time, I have loved to explore new things I came across. Lately, more relaxed and spontaneous to share my opinions, I continue to indulge in my attempts in improving writing, photography, art, and myself. Always one to encourage people, adults and children alike, no matter how discouraging they might be. Though that does wear me out sometimes, but I have permanently enrolled myself in continuing self-education in the art of simplifying simplification.

What about you? 

In life we give and get lots of advice from people. But at the end of the read, or TV watching, we remember that it’s our choice to take it or leave it. Be it

  • Pedigree dog food or home food, because you can share your food with your pet? Choose.
  • Allopathic medicine to suppress symptoms or Natural cure to take care of the root cause. As a subset of this notion, live with side-effects or minimize side-effects? Choose.
  • Blogging to share, inform, entertain, or make money? 10x Rules for $Blogging$. Choose.


Here is my rule: Be You!

Write when something or someone inspires you. For me, writing a book by myself was relatively easier than writing a blog, especially the first few months. I had no idea how writing or blogging will work, but the former was easier for lack of interactive feedback.

All I wanted was to reach a whole bunch of people across the world and see how many are interested in understanding the social-psychology of terrorism. Mainly, advice mongers had said that it is necessary for an author to have online presence, etc. to start the conversation. I refuse to see the subject as someone elses problem and therefore, I persist and await heavenly intervention!

Meanwhile, if it is important to you, write a joke, make someone feel special, give virtual / real hugs, put XXL words to mundane situations, or make mountains out of molehills. Just do your thing:)

A lot of rules are made for living life, blogging, and blogging about life. Ultimately, what is your purpose? Stick to it! Be yourself. Who do you want to be? Choose. Does your future image scare you? It must. Have fun with getting to know your fears! May you gainfully use your brain however you like, but keep reducing your fears, goal being to get rid of them.

My friend, keep your chin up and heart in tune.

Have a great week! Adios!

Yours’ truly,



3 thoughts on “Who are You this Oct 2018?

  1. Wonderful philosophy, ” Write when something or someone inspires you.”.. That is me of late.. And inbetween, just BE-ing the best one can be.. without fears, as you stated.. We all have tremendous power just by BE-ing ourselves.. and learning that to overcome fear, all we need do is stand in the vibration of Love..

    Wishing you well in all of your writing and your book ..
    And Thank you kindly for your own wonderful visit to my blog…

    Take care.. In love and Light. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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