Social or Anti-Social Studies?

What is it really: Social or Anti-Social Studies? Social Studies help us learn about our past, the climate of our society and geographic regions, and administrative system of whichever country we live in.

History. Geography. Civics.

Facts. Figures.


Stories as in ‘storied’ stories that were told to us, that we tell our children across the world, and those we are planning to pass on.

We have to ask ourselves: “Have such stories done us any good?” What is the truth? About two decades ago, I read a book in which one paragraph made a profound impression on me.* The author claimed he had come across a book in the official but inaccessible library of The Vatican, which told of scientific universe related phenomena. He mentioned that the book was given by a Maharaja of colonized India who had shared his kingdom’s knowledge with the visiting guest.

What I like is that this author gave credit where it was due. Instead of bashing a recovering people, he praised their generosity and spirit of sharing intellectual property, even literally.

By the way, can we please have access to treasures like this for the general good of our planet? As they say one good turn, deserves another! Besides nothing like having it decoded or translated by the experts from India, the land of the origin of that text.

Rare finds, but here’s one by George Monbiot I came across. After a long time, produced by a team focussing on facts. WARNING: Very graphic. Do not watch it if you are weak of heart.

At one level I thank this team. At another level, I wonder about the change we might bring about if stories like the one Monbiot narrates, are added with social responsibility in mind, to our Social Studies.

As I sit and ponder, I propose that for one century, let us forget the aliens. They may never show up. Let’s focus on actions to build social histories we can proudly pass on, with all honesty. Introduce socially significant information that the educated world can be secure with, and consequently connect with, with a smile!
As for the non-educated, I have little to say tomorrow.
*Apologies, no reference, because I had to return the book. I looked couple times in that area, and never found it again.
👉Welcome my dear new follows! I thank and appreciate you🙏 for your pause.

2 thoughts on “Social or Anti-Social Studies?

  1. I think my friend, that much is knowledge is held in volts within the Vatican that will never be made public.. I find the recent sculpture in the grounds of the Vatican very interesting. Its a sphere, have you seen it?
    I think the Aliens have been here much longer than any of us know…
    And I agree, its all about choice and in which direction we all wish our world to travel in..
    Loved reading.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love it! Your response is full of an energy that I find very admirable. Thank you, Sue!🙏
      Not so sure about the word never but I might have look up that sphere… sounds interesting.
      Got my GPS on and eyes set on the highway…

      Liked by 1 person

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