Perspectives. For me, it’s all about perspectives. To try and see situations and people from a clean slate or a new twist everytime. Only then, I can  find solutions for anything that comes up in my life. That perspective definitely comes from being in education, because the same solution never works twice! My subbing community is probably laughing here, for they know how seriously true this is.

   I believe that evolution, knowledge, travel, and art make us see things and people in amazing new ways. But being creatures of habit, we keep falling behind, in step with experiences that originally shaped us. Well ya, there’s the social-psychology bit;)

Since I’m an army brat, I grew up traveling through a diversity of States; culturally,  linguistically, and gastronomically different. And then some international travel to add to the pot-boiler.

I was a new kid so often that being new isn’t a novelty anymore. Over time, one gets to a point where, one sees beyond (not using body scanners!) the language, face, and clothing of a differently appearing person. Have you ever shared a joke or solved a problem with a stranger, whose language is Greek (or Latin, or Sanskrit) to you? Try it! It’s a lot of fun.

Diversity does bring a lot of fun and problems for us as individuals, and as a collective society. We can blame it on others or take initiatives to resolve it, one baby step at a time. Or, if have you have the resources: start a charity, or a fundraiser,  business, or even a school.

I firmly believe there is no first, second, or third world. We are one people with varying degrees of sun-tans and zero-variation red blood. The variations in what is visible or comprehensible, is due to the web-connectedness, not Internet;) but am referring to the so-called butterfly effect.

Thus, I am convinced that we can change the mindset of the culture-vulture, by changing our own attitudes first, and then making friends across boundaries, one person at a time. 

And, make it a pleasant world to protect and live in.


You don’t know? !

It’s simply because scientific research has proved that “the sky isn’t falling” and science fiction has ‘proved’ 😀 that the aliens are coming! People of the world, Unite!

Thanks for stopping by and …

Welcome to my blog!

1. This an Award-free Blog. But please leave feedback of any charge; for I will learn, be inspired, and fired to improve from both kinds.
2. I read every blog I comment or click a like on. Therefore, I may not get to many in a day, but I respond, slowly but surely.
3. If this article or any of my related works, at any point in time, generate any income, sixty-percent of that will go towards meeting the basic needs of the alienated and rehabilitating those willing, starting with one of three possible regions. “Reference: Comedy of (T)errors” and “2047: Execute change, not people.”
4. A HUGE thank you for your growing support and encouragement!

93 thoughts on “About

  1. So true! I appreciate ur thoughts! I agree, We need to change our attitudes, our mindsets.. The latter has already taken place, making friends across boundaries. We await when the friendships become true and not just a luxurious or diplomatic stat! I believe there are such friendships in action already.. I have; probably you have,too.. It is evident we can change 🙂
    And we need to protect our world, yeah from ourselves, our egos, our own fears, our prides and prejudices.. There is no other, even if aliens come they wouldn’t be others. We share same universe:) when a new baby is born in our family do we call it alien, though from an unseen place it appeared? Even I am called an alien to another land!! Just a border and scared set of people made ourselves aliens to ourselves! Therefore, I can’t say alien is a name for the previously unseen one. Because we don’t call our neighborhood people aliens even if we have NEVER seen them as long as they dwell within same border! So.. I don’t believe in borders! It’s is all us, One created family! 🙂

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    1. Absolutely love your perspective! Thanks for sharing your views on how irrationally we use the word alien.
      I sure hope, more people see that we all are one gobal or universal (as you pointed out) family.
      Welcome to my blog. Thank you. May i call you Roo?🙂

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        1. 😄Thank you for saying that! Maybe one day I will be able to laugh about it. Always easier in retrospect, isnt it!
          Right now its just crossing the threshold of a sheepish, nervous, he hee😉 thinking that if people can become world leaders, I can atleast publish one book.

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          1. Thank you! Thank you! And yes, stories like that always inspire! But things seem to click only when the time is right. So far, everything seemed to be pushing in the opposite direction. It’s like the traffic signal is gone now😱

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  2. I am so looking forward to exploring more on your blog! I am so pleased to be finding folks like you who have such inspirational messages and who act on their beautiful visions.
    One person at a time… we can change the world!
    Thank you for visiting my new blog earlier today 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your visit and interest in my blog. Welcome! Smallsteps … nothing major in terms of action. Thank you for your compliments! I must clarify that I have only used words as of yet to provoke new perspectives!
      You are doing amazing work, appreciatevyou

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  3. Hi! I love your mission to explore new thinking to resolve social issues. As the challenge lies in how to unify one people/humanity with all its diverse (and conflicting) positions, what is the common denominator that can unite people regardless of cultural differences for the individual and collective well-being of all? I wholeheartedly agree with you that mobility (I love the vision of world citizenship), art, and education are crucial means to create awareness and action. Still, I think something else, (or a new combination, e.g., together with spirituality, and emphasis of these) is needed… working on it too:-). I’m looking forward to mutual inspiration! All the best!

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    1. Thank you for your beautiful and detailed thoughts. I’m sure of only one thing: diversity is to be respected and even encouraged. Solutions to social issues, I expect to be equally diverse. Definitely, there are common denominators, but I’m going to slide off to a tangent there😉in time.
      Sounds like we do have common interests, and I might surf your awesome blog. Thank you for sharing your interest.


      1. Thank you for the opportunity to discuss/respond! I agree with your mention of the need for diversity of solutions too. However, it would be good to find something systematic to foster their effective and efficient identification. Not everybody may have the capacity to manage diversity and inclusiveness. Therefore, personal development, art, cooperativeness, etc., if more broadly taught as a mindset, could foster systematic (societal) change favorable for a more peaceful world. Indeed, I think we are saying the same. Pardon my insistence on the necessity to find solutions for fundamental change. There is economic and technological progress for some privileged. For a majority of humanity though only small, no, or even detrimental results have been realized. Therefore it is difficult to accept for me that few people have to volunteer for improving the life one person at a time, while there is, in the large economic and societal scale, systematic blocking and exploitation. A lot of politics is not speaking for diversity these days. Nevertheless, respectively because of that, every voice counts and therefore every single blog post promoting diversity and inclusiveness is utterly important! Thank you (and sorry for the long answer; don’t feel obliged:-)!

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        1. This is an open forum and everyones’ views are welcome. We are on the same page, probably considering different levels of society. And, every but at every level counts!
          Small simple goals, one step at a time, with faith in the goodness of people, thats me. So far its been in the classrooms, on the street, and now through the blog. Next, who knows!
          The more of us who act on good ideas, the better for us and our planet. Thank you for thinking beyond!

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  4. I love your about page.
    In the 1980’s. my college professor told us that we are all born black. Our skin pigmentation determines the light/dark of skin. It is a fact, that is not talked about. To me, it made sense and I have held that belief to this day.
    Thank you for liking one of my comments on Oristel’s “Keep On Moving” The Truth of Life, post. 😀

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      1. Yes. Equator. Pigmentation accordingly. But we all begin black. Not white as I feel we were ‘told’ to believe. 😕 Labels. Crazy.
        I decompartmentalized my life five years ago when I stopped thinking outside the box and started living it. That is what my Branching Out blog is about. My life experiences.

        Yes, I enjoyed that post and commented on it. I enjoy your writing. I too love to have fun with stuff. 😀 thanx for finding me. 🙂

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        1. I’ve enjoyed our exchanges too! Thanks for your visit as well as interesting comments. Will have to look up the born ack… intriguing. I had visited your site: do you have two? I clicked on your name and it took me to renegain?

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          1. Thank you and I too have enjoyed our interactions.
            Yes, I have 2 sites. You found me at my ‘passion’ site,, Hempren.com
            I have my original site of my life experiences at Branching Out
            I am now following you and thanx again for reaching out to me. I really enjoy your writings.

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          2. Why not both? 😀 Does not mean you must read every post… only ones that resonate with you. Just a thought….. I too look forward to getting to know you better. Thank you.


  5. Great intro – I love the line “I believe that evolution, knowledge, travel, and art make us see things and people in amazing new ways”. I’m an Army brat too 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of your work 🙂

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  6. Love your write-up “About me”

    Looking forward to reading about your adventures.

    My blog is geared towards making people, primarily laugh so as to forget, if only for a moment whatever problems or troubles they may have.

    Life is too short. We need more laughter in our lives.

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    1. Welcome! Vast indeed! I wish there was a search bar to click on pulling up like minded people; but then I like the surprises, adventure of never know who we might come across today, a whole caravan of experiences from another city/country accessible only because … we chose to click on a name😉 Look forward to you, ifriend!

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    1. Thanks Arvind, for your awesome compliment! I really appreciate your generosity and kind thoughtful award, too. As a matter of principle though, I must decline, as noted in my footnotes in About. Your interest, comment, and participation is my true Award!

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