twinkling perfumz😴

remember starry lights
moonlit summer nights
shimmer coded letters
drapes n hearts a’flutter,
sweeps in a fragrance speciale
like resplendent royale
Queen of the Night!
quietly she tiptoes light
as i inhale a dreamy dream
a million smile stream
she prevails n reigns
through storm n rains,
pretty breeze surrounds
restful peace abounds
night calms n thoughts still-
tis’ curtains on my window sill.



📜Translate Unbiased✍

One realization that surprised me off and on is about religious texts of our World. All the different religious texts were written after the great influential religious leader had passed.

The question is how much was lost through the word-of-mouth-generations? How many narrator biases crept in?

From first original writing, how much was lost in translation?

Were personal biases and preferences influencing the writings of such Writers?

When you are writing can you keep your biases out of your writing; fiction, non-fiction, or translations?


Build The Wall^ or b – r – e – a – k it down?

“🙏❤️👍”    OR    “👍❤️🙏”

My hopeful slogan that reads,

“Namastey loves Thumbs up!

Thumbs up loves Namastey!”

Symbolically speaking, I am saying

“East loves West.

West loves East.”

Some people do anyway. Others might start accepting or even loving “if they …,”  “if we  … .” I have lived in both and definitely see great qualities in both. We can and tend to stereotype the other, and see their glamour or filth first, to dismiss the other as ridiculous, or sky-rocket our opinion to fabulous. The in between is often the forgotten average, not discussed. We need to discuss and come to terms with the fact that we are just human beings.

When our leaders meet, watch video/news carefully, they inevitably show the same attitudes, representing their own ‘cultural mindset.’

One shows disdain.

Other shows tolerance.

He / She mocks.

Other is diplomatically shocked.

Words will one-up the other.

BUT, Words will support the purpose of their meeting.

That’s politics! We all understand😉

The point is our leaders are not above the limiting mindset either. I believe that is why our progress is limited to within our set horizon. Think about it: they CAN do better than government shutdown or allowing terrorism. “Why don’t they?” Or is it a, “Why can’t they?”

We want to invent things out-of-the-box, but we want to eat out of a box, and mentally stay in a box?  Anything else we did or do to change the world has been REM.* And that is a terrifying problem we created but don’t want to face. So my dear readers, if you have read this far, thank you for your interest. Let us join hands to “Be Prepared!” with a strategy.

^ Do notice “The Wall” on the book cover. Read or Deny: Choose. “Terror Strikes the HoCleS” – Kindle edition by V Sabharwal. Fiction Kindle eBooks @

*R.E.M. Reference from above e-book. It fits better in the context of the comprehensive storyline in the book.

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Shocking News

The letter that changed everything

The Wall and now this shocking letter!!! Two events that changed everything they had ever known!

How do they deal with it?

Why was it such a shock?

What is going to happen next?

Are we ever going to be able to take the risk of stepping into what we don’t know about?

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Read all about this society’s crisis and see how they deal with the emerging problems. Do you think we can have an emergency plan as a society? These people, so similar to us,  are struggling, inspite of perfection. Terror Strikes: THE HoCleS – Kindle edition by V Sabharwal. Fiction Kindle eBooks @

Fragility in crisis, agility in love

Every human is vulnerable in a crisis


L💚 VE pervades all! Does he recover?

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Walking out of the Fog

For the complete song 🎶 read e-book below

After studying researching several factors related to terrorism, I realized that we only needed to walk out of the fog of twisted information, people call facts.

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Excerpt 2 from e – 📖

Terror Strikes: THE HoCleS – Kindle edition by V Sabharwal. Fiction Kindle eBooks @

Face it, head on!

It’s not entertaining when the clown is unwell or the someone in the audience gets sick. We have to get a clean bill of health, to have fun. It’s time to detox!

Drawing a parallel to our society, how can we have fun with load on our conscience about the unhealthy balance. When the gap in society is increasing and millions of people, including our youth are getting disenfranchised, it WILL lead to a crisis. I studied one social crisis in Kashmir pretty closely but power and greed will not help resolve it due to several international political interests. I can only talk about social elements that effect us all. Many of us will say resignedly, “This is way of the world! Got to go with the flow.”

The way of the world was pretty naturally varied till travel and exploration led to colonization. Now that we understand the damage done on that track, I do believe it is utter foolishness to run with ‘one train of thought’ in a diverse world. Diversity has a natural purpose and strength, which to me has involuntarily been minimized.

That is why, I believed that simple telling through a factual narrative will not work. An academic degree will be just be another degree. A thesis will sit on a bookshelf in a library or the theory will be discussed by a few.

Educating, advertising, marketing, etc. have all been tried and tested. I did not wish to repeat anything that had been tried before. To get a different result, we must think and do something different, which might be strange, unfamiliar, or even obnoxious but necessary, to get a NEW result.

Most people will keep static, that is lack in action or change. Especially in a way that they view any problem as undesirable, and continue to believe in what they know best, maintaining status quo.

Some of us will say, “We must have faith in what we believe in, even at the cost of ridicule.”

Fanatics will say, “believe even at the cost of your life.”

Meanwhile, all systems will pay any cost in time and monetary terms to ‘train others to match their belief’ with a committed zeal, with the purpose of increasing their visible numerical strength. This is the ‘one train of thought’ I referred to above. Going back in time, I believe this comes from one single source (which I choose to not specify since that is the ‘x’, the unknown to be figured out, in my e – book) that propagated a way of doing things. Has it done our world good or bad, we might debate till eternity!

You might ask then, “what did you do better?”
“Why a fiction book?”

To answer that, I will quote a colleague from October, 2017, who understood the purpose of the fiction book and put it simply in these words, “Fiction because … We don’t like to listen to others.”

And as I said to someone else, if children are like mirrors of our family, the classroom reflects the society. And I have loved the dynamics operating in the classroom, open minded energy or closed.

Besides, people like to figure out phenomena for themselves and take credit, putting their name on theories, patents, and stars. Thus, I have chosen to put everything that an actively cross-cultural life, people, and nature have taught me, in a fiction form and as you know, a sampling on this blog.

You decide if the theory expressed within the e-book is worth a try and does it help cross borders and minds. In other words, is it applicable to human nature, universally?

Thanks for your support. Welcome to the new subscribers!

To read or not to read: “Terror Strikes The HoCleS,” on Amazon.

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‘Like’ what are we really saying!

A collection of national geographic and some other LIKED pictures make me question  what is going on WORLDwide?

Have a look for yourself at the numbers and ponder:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Quite an undulating score pattern, wouldn’t you say! What is our civilized human race really saying?

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Thanks to all you awesome participants on this blog! I sincerely appreciate Y💚U!

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May I have an ounce of brilliance please

Decades ago, my favourite line of argument used to be, “When God was passing out brains to people, you pushed everybody out of the way, and took all of it for yourself, there was nothing left for me. 😥What to do?”

To me survival is not winning or riches. It has been patience and evolving perspective. I may not be very entertaining, or to some even appear mock-worthy, but you see, I choose to respect people of all types and ages. It’s an on-going social experiment.

Off and on, it’s frustrating for sure! There, determination kicks in and hangs in the space between two souls, my mind saying, “There is something good in you. Where is it? Peekaboo.”

I keep searching. Through people’s sacred bubble space or around. In the classroom, I look at the child and think, this is his or her best today. Maybe, next time, I will see a ‘better best.’

Adults are like that too! They just KNOW you better than you know you. Knowledge has taken over our WORLD! Help😉  At such a fffrrriction point, there are a few choices: explode, implode, or blank stare. Having tried all three approaches© for the best of both parties involved, I do auto-suggestion, “This is his/her best today!”

I evolved from my teen “you are wrong” stance to “Sorry, I was wrong,” to “You’re right.” What is hilarious is that my viewpoint turned around completely, “You Are Right!” And then I was told, firm and insistent that I was right. One just can’t win with knowledgeable people.

What do you say in an inevitable altercation?

The good thing about creativity is that you can change perceptions at the drop of a hat. I even see cuss words as … Now that’s a post of a different colour!!!😄

Stay tuned🎶

©V Sabharwal

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Forlorn or Reborn?

What do you see?

Forlorn termite or Beautiful sparkles
Forlorn eagle or Purpose driven
Forlorn individuals or Beautiful together?

Point is that everyday situations in nature can be our teacher. It is upto us to see a new perspective. Training the eye of the mind, yourself!

Yes, you can learn it in a school/college. But don’t you think after one degree, its just training for a pre-determined purpose?

Are a majority of us still trying to fit in? Its easier for sure!

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