🌿Neem-Hakeem⛑ Passport to Good Health!

Neem, Azadirachta indica: Native to South Asia, neem is a cure-all. Well, almost! You can read details on two links provided below. For me, I can tell you my experience when last year after being to a dentist, I got a dental infection. Now who wants to go right back, so after bringing down the pain for two days, I thought of using neem, because I don’t normally use painkillers for anything usual. Result was pain went down in two doses of one tsp each. In three days of having neem powder for thrice a day with a whole glass of water with it (I swish it directly in mouth to mix-well with water), the infection was 100% gone. Now it is S.O.P., standard operating procedure. Greatly beneficial to skin, blood purification, diabetes control, and many more diseases, my family has a lot of respect for Neem. (Hakeem is the word for local doctor). Warning: It has side-effects, including making amusing theatrical faces, because it is very bitter, but then most good things in life are😉



Haldi, turmeric root, curcuma longa. For this too, lot of details are given in the links below. I just want to highlight that I pretty much, do not visit the doctor more than once a year. We traditionally have this powder as part of staple South-Asian  diet. But also as a super medicine, taken internally and externally. Effective first aid and antiseptic! This is what we rely on for all cough, colds, ear-piercing, and minor injuries. Best way to take it is with honey or sugar in hot milk at bed-time, and keep chest warm after that.

I’ve even used turmeric in warm oil for massaging my week old dislocated thumb and doing home therapy to activate range of motion (found a good instruction video on youtube😉) without going to a doctor. Please do not try this at home unless you gain enough experience of your own.



Enjoy your Passport to Good Health!


🎉A Birthday Party!🎈


You are cordially invited to the 100th birthday party for (re)Integrated India on their Independence:

Date: Midnight of Aug 14-15, 2047

Time: 5 pm-12:30am.

Venue: Wagha Border on the West and Dhaka in the East.

Dress Code: White cottons to symbolize peace.

Men: Shalwar Kameez, Pagdi (optional).

Women: Salwar Kameez, Flamboyant Veil / Burqua (optional).

Menu: Fish, Shahi Veg Korma, and Rice. Kheer with saffron, almonds, and cardamoms. (Symbolic of poor man’s pudding as labeled by the British).

Anthem: A new song is being composed by three musicians, one from each of the three countries for the celebration of peace in the region.

Please bring friends and family to enjoy the freedom: physical freedom found earlier, this time found within the minds.

Thanking you.

RSVP: Office of the first freely elected PM of the democratic (re)integrated nations of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Reference: https://thinkinkadia.wordpress.com/2016/09/27/2047-execute-change-not-people/