Blanket All’s!


Wikipedia informs us that blanket word came from the name Thomas Blanket (Blanquette), a Flemish weaver who lived in Bristol, England in the 14th century.

I went deeper into synonyms, not believing that there weren’t blankets before the fourteenth century, and I found a wonderful online resource: “Pashmina” by A. Pathak.

According to Pathak, shawls and woollen fabric traditions existed since the Indus Civilization. They were even mass produced for export in the 14-15th centuries. It was a huge cottage industry in the Himalayan region and got a new life during Zain-ul-Abidin’s reign in Kashmir. There were gift exchanges of fine goat hair mar’izz(a) shawls even in the 13th-14th Centuries.

Apparently, the English and French weavers were inspired by Kashmiri shawls, discussed in detail by J. Irwin and M.L. Strauss. Forster in 18th and Moorcroft in 19th Centuries detailed about the process and enterprise itself, noting that floral designs became popular.

Aurangzeb’s physician, Bernier, in addition was so impressed in 1655, that he wrote down accounts about every aspect of the mass production of these prized shawls.

P.S. If you know facts from your cultural histories, kindly add links/ info below because I believe it is necessary to give due weightage to facts available in any language.

Ref: (Gorgeous images)

Out of the-Box, Box-in, Boxing

It must be the phase people are going through as a society, that insecurities, with a sprinkling of anxiety, stress, and fear; that Cranky is in fashion!
It isn’t funny to get creative about, but when you see such trends over decades, couple as a child and three as a student of curiosity, then it becomes amusing. The aftermath is scary for sure, what we human beings are capable for doing to each other within and without democracies, plutarchies, and any other box you can think of.

Which brings me to the point that we people love categorizing everything and people in a box BUT we aspire to BE out of the box! Extremely amusing trend that is Climbing the charts.

Our biographies, televisions shows, magazines celebrate people, scientists, workers, women, and leaders who were self-made or out of the box, which itself does seem to have its own defining (read, limiting!) criteria, another box. As in, a box for being out of the box!!!

If you are not ‘in a box’ or in the ‘out of the box’ box, then you are possibly put in a waste box, dismissed as trash, ignored as a useless liability.

Why? In my view, it is because of the ‘box-in’ tendency of a human. To rise above our tendencies, surpass our limiting natures, isn’t understood easily as a strength. Please do ponder about what we can be as a society even if ten percent of the worlds population rises above boxing (read, fighting) or rise above the tendency to box-in (read, categorizing) people?

Boxing or Box-in: Is that all we are capable of?!!

Rape of word. Rape of person.


It’s funny how sometimes words can suggest to us a mood for the day. For us wordpressers, it’s the daily prompt once in a while. After reading the word conquer, I knew it’s a fun one and I was going to talk about a topic much in the news, but I had to drive back from my trip first. So I thought of the concept I would discuss, will be Mape, as in male rape.

As I was leaving, I just mentioned to my friend I wanted to do write-up on a role reversal, in the context of rape. A child right away asked, “You mean something like the Gulabi Gang?”

I was surprised at two things simultaneously: a child remembering it which meant I had discussed it ages ago with them and secondly, me not having an original idea and thus disappointed in the bargain.😉😄

Sure I was bummed out about my lack of originality, but then I thought of it as how so many of us are inter-connected in world; as in our stories, ideas, and experiences. But what matters is being strong enough to giving the credit to the source of origin and inspiration.

Rape of someone else’s body of words’ sans consent, to feel powerful in a display of creativity, would be as dis-respectful, as preying on a vulnerable body for your own fulfillment and dishonorable intentions, without permission.

On WordPress, whenever I find an article which has fed off another, I always check the date of publication and compliment the original writer! Such an awesome feature … Tells you right away what’s up🙃 or 🙂?

So today’s post is about giving the credit that is due, to the Gulabi (pink) Gang. Twenty-first century! It was time women had banded together to help each other conquer their fears in thought and action. Here’s a helpful link. As I read this, I am glad the word conquer came up today, for I have learned that GG is way-way bigger than I had known.

At the end of the Wikipedia page, three movies and a book are listed:
1. 2010 movie Pink Saris by Kim Longinotto.
2. 2012 documentary Gulabi Gang by Nishtha Jain.
3. Bollywood film, Gulaab Gang, starring Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla.
4. 2013 Book. “Pink Sari Revolution: A Tale of Women and Power in India.”

I stand taller and prouder to know that there are such leaders in society. Hats off to the Ladies who took initiative and Gentlemen who support them!

At my end, all I can say is about consequences for rape of word or person. “Mape can be the rape consequence given to a male rapist. Also, it can mean males who cannot suppress their animal instincts, and end up behaving like an ape.” The only rapist I have seen sat on a chair like a sick fragile man, doubled up, who had preyed on teens, choosing the weak ones.

A sick-out-of-control-suppressed-ape? Have you ever seen or known anyone like that? Maybe they craved respect and power from their childhood, and this was the only shortcut they found. Would a timely skill or job or even a loving hug have helped the boy recover his self-esteem? Demeaning experiences in a child’s life can have such scary consequences!

For the aspiring writer (read w-rapist), I believe not getting published or liked would be the biggest consequence. 🤔 Of Course, like any other words, mape or wrape doesn’t have to mean anything either.

P. S. I acknowledge your gracious 💐 visit to my blog even though I was away to meet a friend on this weekend. Catching up with you all soon! Thank you!!!❤️

River: Corporation or Living Being?

You may have come across the news item that the Maori’s have obtained legal status for their Whanganui river, New Zealand, of a Human. I read comments that mocked the people for their choice and idiocity of the whole idea, and so on. What I hear is a beautiful concept that allows people to respect their natural resource, treasure it for it’s unconditional giving and nurturing abilities, and moves people, literally and figuratively!

When we don’t understand a concept, human beings tend to fear it or mock it or change it. I’m sure if I pull up more literature on it, some more technical variables and vocabulary will pop up. But my goal is to simplify, not produce jargon heavy material that never reaches 98% of the worlds’ population.

Many cultures have evolved fearing, respecting, or worshipping Mother Nature in some form or the other. We have seen it through civilized logic for way too long. The older perspective has survived colonialism, and other dominating cultures for a reason. What if, to keep to the margins of the Maori example today, we ask the people of New Zealand and try to understand the cultural sentiment from someone who understands the modern and Maori perspectives?

Whether a people respect God in Church or in Natural features or even in animal species, that is their belief and interpretation. Much has been lost in inconsiderate translation and international standardization endeavours over the centuries. Domination didn’t work, Hitlerism didn’t work either, and mockery is trending right now- for better or worse.

Question is: Is mockery the new way to dominate after colonialism, hitlerisms, and corporation culture transmitted through trainings?

The way I rationalize is that at least we are having conversations about each other’s beliefs … sometime’s even nastiness, as in current immigration and refugee discussions in Europe and America. In time, these conversations might evolve along with us and I hope we get talking about each other’s strengths.

Are we expressing Massive disrespect for belief systems that have survived Millenia?!

Pattern of this Road Travelled

A train of thought puzzles me:

Every person takes generations to evolve out of abuse.

Therefore, there is no doubt that every culture takes generations to grow out of abuse.

The road taken by countries all around the world changed with trade.

Europe and Asia had invasions and war at different levels.

The English, French, and Spanish decided to expand their territories by colonizing.

The biggest expansion was by the British. How long did they take to recover from their abuse in history?

How fast are their colonized / abused supposed to recover and compete with them? Why should they? Is there a presumption here that aggression is the better way?

Before all Nations recover, another power hungry nation rises to dominate. Why do some countries want to be the standard of comparison in aggression, not Peace?

Can we discard this path and reduce national greed and change tracks of domination and competition?

Or, is it convenient to decide this is human nature, and there is no other way because of some vague reason. WHO gave these reasons?

The Road Taken


Off-Center is veri Gooth!

Life would be so boring if everyone was centered, plugging along a steady rate, doing everything right, defined right by people who thought they were right thousands of years ago, and who learned before others, how to write. When people are off-center, it creates Art! Perspectives! Leadership! Challenges! Inventions! Yoohoo;)

So what does this mean to educated people? Can we teach this to our kids? These in my view, are the non-teachable concepts. That’s what the less able have to do: learn through encouragement, rewards, and mimicry. As long as I was dealing with my weak phase in life, (usually everyone has one, and if you didn’t, you are probably way too perfect) and I was leaning on friends, whining, frustrated, asking for help, nothing happened. Don’t get me wrong, support matters; sympathy doesn’t, mockery doesn’t either. The only good that came out it was … after they stopped and I hit rock bottom. In a new family. In a new culture. THANK YOU! You can stimulate the mind by doing the following: put posters, put it in books, force it, pay kids, put them in gifted classes, and allow being off-center- but all such permissive trends plateau at some point.

All because it didn’t come from within you. You being you, yourself. Through diverse/adverse experiences. In time.


📜Translate Unbiased✍

One realization that surprised me off and on is about religious texts of our World. All the different religious texts were written after the great influential religious leader had passed.

The question is how much was lost through the word-of-mouth-generations? How many narrator biases crept in?

From first original writing, how much was lost in translation?

Were personal biases and preferences influencing the writings of such Writers?

When you are writing can you keep your biases out of your writing; fiction, non-fiction, or translations?



@@@@@@@ A tug of war @@@@@@@

Justice! I submit my blind faith to thee and pray.                                                                                  You must have to struggle and generations did sway-                                                                            ‘twixt the GIVE you must: harsh or lukewarm                                                                             consequence or chance for reform. Debate continuing on.

I’m lucky right here to have crossed path
with the best. I envy Not your equating math,
your position, making decisions pulled by social norms,
own conscience, pleasing All, a difficult task in any form.

Jury, Society, and Powers that be,
Come and go, leaving verdicts tall.
Stamped. Final. On my Slate. To stay. With me.
Non-erasable, a name given. Untimely fall.

Dreaming to leave behind the bars, sunsetting dock,
my struggles, sway with misunderstood shock.
Given a writing chance, shake my morals anew-
between the deprived life, the privileged few.

Self-taught am I, your books edited unknown,
Great thoughts, now alien, now online thrown.
Confusion, rage, emotion overwhelm –
Rehab Justice within the heart’s empathetic realm.

Poet pleads: If Democracy weakens to power play,
Then how must we set examples for bullies that prey.
Gandhi, King, won with powerful non-violence;
winning hearts and minds in National compliance.

Lets propose non-violence in Justice, for hate begets hate.
Why hold onto ancient primate, prefecture, executions to date.
Association with police frequently, indiscriminate offences,
Truly is building immunity to gentle-exchanges, loving nuances.


Me and My BIG Mouth 2

This story was crafted about seven years ago for children. I’d be thrilled if you read it to your children, nieces, nephews, and tell me their reactions. I can add a quiz if you like. Goal was that by the time they read the story, they’d memorize all the facts involuntarily. Part one was posted as a trial in Oct 2016, one of my two earliest blogs.

Leadership games
As the day got warmer, our playtime came closer. We were rambunctious in the gym. We went into a frenzy of sudden energy. We made a lot of noise and went into the water sparring, head-banging, some even tried their tails at tail-walking competitions. What we loved to do most after that was lollygagging around floating under water and then rest up in a mud-pack. Arrey Mugger*, what a day!
A few years later, we were preparing for the annual Head-Slapping contest. The head-slapper with the loudest pop following the splash as we fall back into the water, was recognized as the strongest crocodile around. It was a very close contest between me and my best friend, Snap. My friends teased me about my show off victory jig as I danced my way into the night swimming with pride and then thrashing my tail side to side like a mad-croc on land. I was happy to see every croc lift their heads out of the water exposing their throats. They had peacefully submitted to my leadership.
Only Flapper was not happy, but then he hardly ever was. He got angry easily. You could tell by the way he shook his ear flaps. There are always those dissenting kinds.

Love of my Life
And then it happened. The envy of all females, Snip, the most beautiful crocodile, came my way. My musk glands were scenting invitations and bubbles were all over my mouth and nostrils. Omigosh! Was this love at first sight! She arched her back and raised her head with the mouth open and I put my best foot forward and rested my head on hers. Then we pushed each other to the water, checking out each others’ strength.
I sent aqua-mail to her and she replied. Her infrasound was like music to my ears. She even knew the torso muscle squeeze…the water bubbled up and bounced off her back.
Flapper was jealous. He challenged me to sparring and head banging for hours before giving up in submission.
Snip was mine. She was proud of me. We circled around each other, bellowing and grunting to acknowledge each other and basked in the sun together.

A dream home
I felt like an Egyptian god and life was a sudden celebration, the hard times always leading to good times, such as finding Snip. More than dreaming of milk and cake mythologies, we talked about the preference to be a visual treat, than someones’ food or a vain accessory.
Since when did humans become part of our food chain? And why do they love our skin more than us; for purses, shoes, wallets, and other vanities. If they must hunt us, then we have to protect our species from humans at any cost. “Let them meet me one on one and without technology. I will show them who’s stronger! First they take away our land, and…”
Snip looked at me … and … If looks could kill, I’d be dead already! She reminded me, “We must have hope. Haven’t we seen good people too, who take care of us … those that come to visit us?”
Yes, we had grown and now wished we could make this world of ours a nice and safe place for all animals and humans, together. With the sun shining warmly on our backs, breeze rustling the leaves on the trees, and water lapping the shores gently; our hopeful hearts beat in unison, dreams spelling harmony.

The End


*Arrey Mugger: Arrey is an exclamation like Oh Man! Mugger is short for Muggarmuch, the Indian equivalent for crocodile.