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The Techno’s are changing as we speak. Nested in the e-book are strange words, a vocabulary known to who-man unkind.

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Nested in Pinterest is the flashy image of the same image here. (To respect some of my WordPressing friends who find it hurting their eyes).

“Terror Strikes The HoCleS.” eBook Available here



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Terror Demystified II

Continued from Terror Demystified:

The humour favoured the educated, protecting their actions/decisions with laughter and guns favoured the makers alone. Terrorism was catching as much as the fashionable trends at the Malls. Everyone was pitching their own brand.

Looking back it feels as if everything happened for a reason. It didn’t make sense and no one offered any explanation and now I realize, just as well. I spoke to a lot of people, and whenever I was near giving up, I’d meet someone who would listen and understand what I was saying, offer a twig of hope, the slightest reason to go on. An agreement to something I said that made sense to both, that urged me on. At times, it was a line in a book here, a paragraph there, a video on youtube.

I tried to talk to war veterans, people in crime, poverty, and other important variables that relate to terrorism. People barely spoke about such topics, at least to strangers. Two academics, I had pinned my hopes on, shattered it all, within the same month. Ph.D’s lost relevance for me then. One* is thriving on stolen work, the other saw minority favouritism through his PhD diagnostic fluff.

At the same time, I got tips about every significant variable, from a stranger to a stranger, fitting another piece of this puzzle. I was finally meeting the right people, but at random.

My less intense exposure to atrocities in violence had saved me but kept me involved. I hadn’t been affected directly, but all those voices of people who wanted to be heard, those who had directly suffered, those who had seen ridiculous violence on both sides, their hopes and confusions, had become mine.

How can a sufferer realize his plight, when he or she is in the thick of it? How is someone to objectively realize their condition, when they do not have the education or the resources?  Financial and moral strength in dis-repair, how do they lift themselves out of it?

I lived my crises for a long time did not know how to help me until a few quiet weeks made me aware about the gravity of their situation and I developed the will to do something about it. Having done it before, I must do it again, with or without another degree in another country. I guess I’d served my time living through minor suffering and lifting myself out of it to fully understand and appreciate another’s crises, though it was absolutely no comparison.

To face social opposition and (non-killing) attacks by the educated and affluent was very uplifting, if that makes sense. It was plain insight about the condition we human beings put each other through, involuntarily or even, voluntarily.

I had found a mushrooming pattern, revealed in, “Terror Strikes The HocleS,” an e-book fundraiser available at

Meet Ms. Poizenstyle, one of the HoCleS, a Clamorer.

To be continued.

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  • I now see it simply as a clue to my puzzle, nothing more. When I mentioned to the former, that I was working on a novel, he wasn’t happy about it.

😄If you are Appy and you know it, Honk!🎵

Can you tell, I’m loving this app. Love this tile effect on my ordinary collage. Just loving the change from the pro-longed phase of writing and editing, and relief thats its over. Well, I know the pictures need centering…  but kindle create does its own little dance! I learned that kindle updates are easy and free. In the meantime, any of your suggestions are most welcome.

Today I Honk to celebrate project completion and an addition to my slim repertoire of digital skills! Well, its a fool – proof skill, probably for dummies😄 The real artists and the techies make things so user-friendly, that even I managed to make my ordinary artwork look fabulous! A little crop here, a little sparkle there, and Voila! we have eye-catching images/gifs.

I started instagram recently, so the response from there is encouraging enough (for a beginner). Thank you ALL 🙏for your encouragement here.

At amazon, I must thank a UK resident for a purchase few days ago. I’m bad at checking stats or promotion strategies … but simply got to love what one likes to do, and for that, I can definitely,



Have a wonderful 💞 day or night, in your part of the world! HONK🎵

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The New Riff

Our planet is full of people who walk away from each other.

They did it then, and do it now. Nothing new.


Terror struck then, and now. Nothing new.

“And they killed happily everafter.” The new riff. 

What’s the diff in the riff?

😄Now we do it knowingly🤦🏻‍♀️

Travel with the searching hearts and minds of Findalot, Knex, and Cynix in “Terror Strikes the HoCles,” to figure out yourself what we can do about it.

Kindle e-book on Amazon! We ought to “Be Prepared!”

Price Break:
30% Amazon. 60% Cause. 1/10 delivery fee. Remainder for yours truly to  execute dream plan, funds permitting and subject to approval by Indian Govt. 
If that doesn’t work out, an unusual school in a small town/village.

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Dear Ms. Pataak

You’ve met one from each group of the HoCleS. Today, I introduce to you the peaceful, Ms. Pataak.

A maternal figure who was very strong internally and considered all her (p)eople as her own kin. She was a leader and a seeker but she did not seek power. How did she do it, tackling issues head on, without being gingerly euphemistic? Does she succeed in maintaining a level head amongst men?

What was the chaos that Mr. Popputtlaal strutted about fixing?

Find out in “Terror Strikes the HoCleS,” on Amazon. First three chapters free! I would love your opinion/ feedback on:

(P.S. Reformatting is complete as of yesterday! Sorry, about a technical😄 error before but looming on my horizon was the 11/10/17 deadline for the Amazon contest that you may have heard about. All the best to all who entered!)

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Neighbour Magic

Talk to over the fence, Chit-chat,

You borrow sugar from😉, they milk you,

can socialise in pyjamas with,  ultra caring

jump over their home, from roof top to roof top.

will watch your house when you are gone.

whose garden you water when they are gone.

who know everything about you, you them.

exchanging samples of cooking, enough for family.

Practise possible art of gossip regeneration.

whose children are like yours, grew up with yours.

who will hide you if bad guys come knocking, shocking;

who will not ignore you when you think they should, could.

Who will love you, when times are down, lift you up-

O! Where have all such neighbours’ gone🎶


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Terror Strikes The HoCleS

“Terr💣r Strikes The H👨🏾‍⚕️CleS” Live S👽🌏N

Thank you all for being such awesome support! My book-baby has now finally flown the nest! October 31st after all … has been a little ‘A little Ghoul, a little Foul👻!’ Apologies for the delay.

Though the process was simpler than anticipated, but due to images, it took me extra time. Couple of the pictures are still smaller than I’d like them to be. 24-48 hours ticking to go LIVE.

Guess what! It doesn’t end here. I plan to offer three prizes for the three best reviews by end of November; announcing it with the link to the book.

Since the cover image that I posted yesterday was worse than it appeared on my cell-phone(!), I am posting a collage made directly from the kindle page. Introducing:


The technos are up there, on the top right wearing sunglasses. Everything they ever eat, pray, and love is technology! They are maniacs, Techno-manics!


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Surprises at Sunrises!

Though ’tis not fashionable anymore,

great to wake up early, City Zen;)

Perchance you do, expect surprises,

tip-toeing on cool morning dew,

Pretty hues, changing faster than y’knew

Happy, brilliant, gorgeous sunrises!



Coming Soon: 10/31/17 On KindleDP

“Terror Strikes Nincompoopia.”


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🔺This is getting Personal!▶️


We can build connections and bridges through gifts made by hand. This week, I’m going to share three things I made: A simple sign, greeting card, or a functional piece like a tent shaped lamp: all triangles, fun, and interesting to make.


For today: This is a simple one I had made with triangles. The letters are also triangles to give some symmetry. See the progression through these pictures.


If you have made something and want to share it here. It’ll be my pleasure to see your work too! All opinions and critiques are welcome.

Pssst: Tomorrow is a card using triangles with mandala or henna style designs in addition.

Making it Personal!😉

Go Nuts in d’Kitchen!

via Daily Prompt: Penchant

When you have as many hobbies and interests as me, then you cannot but miss the award for the best housewife or mother in the world. Reason is, one tends to have a penchant for Maximum results through One recipe!

Afterall, one is Jack n Jill of all trades, master of none! Thus, in the kitchen, garden, and  home; one must save energy, money, and time. Think! Thunk! Thunked!💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡

Putting two – three things together in one recipe: like extra vegetables in lentils/sambar, herbs in omelet, and variety of nuts and seeds in the same health bar/laddoo ball.

Blending a traditional recipe and a modern one, this is what I came up with: cup or handful each of figs and dates; same measure of roasted walnuts and almonds; one cup total or handful of roasted flaxseed, chia, and poppy; peanuts to taste and for mixability; as well as one shredded dry coconut. Grind well in blender, roll into one inch ball, and protect with saran wrap/cling-film. Refrigerate.

Have one every morning, especially in the winter or health-re-build stage. Or send it for that student or career making child, who has even less time than you!

Disclaimer: All herbal remedies must be at your own risk or after consultation with your doctor.