Go Nuts in d’Kitchen!

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When you have as many hobbies and interests as me, then you cannot but miss the award for the best housewife or mother in the world. Reason is, one tends to have a penchant for Maximum results through One recipe!

Afterall, one is Jack n Jill of all trades, master of none! Thus, in the kitchen, garden, and  home; one must save energy, money, and time. Think! Thunk! Thunked!💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡

Putting two – three things together in one recipe: like extra vegetables in lentils/sambar, herbs in omelet, and variety of nuts and seeds in the same health bar/laddoo ball.

Blending a traditional recipe and a modern one, this is what I came up with: cup or handful each of figs and dates; same measure of roasted walnuts and almonds; one cup total or handful of roasted flaxseed, chia, and poppy; peanuts to taste and for mixability; as well as one shredded dry coconut. Grind well in blender, roll into one inch ball, and protect with saran wrap/cling-film. Refrigerate.

Have one every morning, especially in the winter or health-re-build stage. Or send it for that student or career making child, who has even less time than you!

Disclaimer: All herbal remedies must be at your own risk or after consultation with your doctor.


A⚡️Stormy ⛈ Crescendo 🙏

via Daily Prompt: Crescendo

Eating sandwiches with Cheese Pimiento?
While many people fuss n make innuendo,
Hurricanes spinning up a seedy Crescendo-
as Irma does flamenco, beats up a tempo.
Like a train whistling by, swirly ska mento
passing dark shores opposite of Sacramento.
Leaving behind a stormy trailing memento,
Love n pray for all! Think big, not demento!


Storytime, viscerally speakin’

via Daily Prompt: Visceral


Sightseeing all day in the rain, can test all your abilities within a few hours. The humidity, sweat, and sights around her were overwhelming, but Sweta kept going. Public transport, not the best or fastest- but she believed it to be the only way to feel a place or its people, and definitely the safest means for single women travelers.

Definitely true, two and a half decades ago. She didnt even have cell phone for a back up plan. Having one day to see Bhuvaneshvar, Konark, and Jaggannath Puri, she had traveled from Chilka lake at 5 am, hoping to make the most of her day.

Each trip, from one city to another was 90-120 minutes, especially in the rain. She still remembers the trip like it was yesterday! She was whacked blessed by the priest at Jaggannath Puri and maybe his unusual bamboo stick rappy blessings and the amazing prasaad* kept her going till sunset. Suddenly, she had a feeling she’d better head back.

The last buses became her charm for the rest of the dark, streetlightless, sploshy night. Leaving Konark Sun temple for Bhuvaneshwar, she explored the possibility of stay in an army guest house, but decided to go on to Chilka lake on priority, since she was there for an assignment, which must be done next a. m. at 7:30.

“Last Bus! Last Bus! Chilka! …” and a number of cities’ names that came after it; prattled the bus conductor. She went in quite thrilled to make it for this last connecting bus and got right back down.

You got to imagine that in Orissa, in ’94-’95, how many single short haired, women in jeans travelled in local buses at 10 pm? The looks she got inside from a full bus of local men and someones’ timid wife was enough to deactivate her springiness. No seat inside either, left her no choice but to try to stay back for the night. By the time she found a phone she could use to arrange a room, the last bus was ready to leave.

Sweta decided to abort mission and take the risk and trust the sweet local people of Orissa, even if some of them were vividly surprised to see her initially. That trust was built up over time, with lots of travel, throughout the country, from childhood, a fistful of guts, and gut feel.

Two pensive hours later, the conductor alerted her to her destination stop and said, “This is where you get down.” And she okayed, alighted, and the bus left.

She had such a weird midnight visceral feeling! Not a single light, no bus stand, no intersection. Just a forest on one side of the street. Bus was gone, and after its fading tail lights and engine hum, she was surround by a silent night. As her eyes got used to the scene, which included some gorgeous moonlight, few stars, she saw the dark trees painting the sky, and far into the distance, a tiny bulb at eye level, through the midst of the now apparently rustling-hustling trees.

She thanked her stars and felt herself running toward the light, her feet following their instinct, as she followed with hope, towards hope. Echoing feet, competing with the din of thoughts in her moonlit head, she ran with her heart in her mouth. Over trainless tracks and the bulb still far out of reach, she could see the welcome outline of a guard hut, but no warmth. Panting and stopping at the sentry post, breathlessly she informed him of her identity, and said, “I need to go to the guest house.”

Miles into the complex, only a six-tonner vehicle finally passed by on its rounds, was made available to give that ride, after prolonged verification. A good 30 minutes later, she went to bed, finally, dead to the world.

Next morning found Sweta at work, happily relieved, celebrating an eventful, adventure!


* prasaad: a sweet mix given in temples, as a blessing to be partaken after darshan, the point of witnessing the famous Lord Jagannath, around which rests the architectural splendour from second b. c. in finely carved stone.

🎟Ride the Carousel🎪



Colorful, mythical, fascinating, carved horses,
Zebras, dragons, and warrior’s shining armour!
The glossy paint, music, lights, n sighs-
Ride the carousel! Magic n wonder in all eyes!

I had to research how its made and find out everything I could about this wondrous machine. Hope you enjoy these much as I did! (Took a while finding the right ones!)
1. Very Informative and interesting video of how the hand-carved Carousels come together.
Behind the Scenes at Carousel Works – YouTube

2. Meet the owners here and find out how they began.
The Last Carousel Craftsmen – YouTube

3. Here is the time lapse/ final installation of a piece. You can go to 7 minutes into the video, if you want the carousel look showing through already😉
The Berkshire Carousel Assembly 2016 – YouTube

Thorough Thesaurian Raid on Casual!

Speaking Casually …

Just stopped by to say Hi!,
Hope you have a relaxed day.
I’m quite unconcerned about
what we do today-
As long as we have a family friendly way.

Dressed informal at home n play,
unceremonious is the mood high.
We are easygoing, hope you are free and easy, too.
People at the park are laid-back
In a fun, casual atmosphere.

Formal can annoy without much thought
premeditated plans are a pain. Going to the theater,
we gave a fortuitous, cursory glance at the posters-
in an adventitious moment,
A random impromptu serendipitous day!

A perfunctory, superficial in passing
fleeting glimpse of casualness-
hasty n brief consultation with each other!
Another casual glance and a quick decision,
Utterly zombified and amused for two hours!

Today is a celebration in offhand, spontaneous, activities:
UNdated UNday! Tomorrow: Happy SUNday!
UNpremeditated, unthinking, unconsidered, too!
UNexpected, unforeseen, unanticipated, uncaring, unconcerned, UNplanned, unintended, casual, Happy Day to You!

Part-ner ship or Life-Jacket on!

Respecting and loving a womans / mans choice who is respecting and loving you back, seems to make sense for all religions and cultures.
The rest, is history😉
Embedded in misstery😳
Digging up herstory📝

All big management experts will tell you that part-ner is one who does his or her part in taking care of a group, family, trade, farm, etc. What is the part and who defines it how? That’s when vocabularies and strategies start needing discussions in classrooms😉

I say, lets do our best of what we are good at and share the necessary jobs. Domination, in simple terms, bossy or bullish words or behaviour only say one thing to me:
“I feel weak. I need help! I want you to do more because I think you are stronger than me. I want you to do it my way, because I only like my way.”

That’s when the person who is being tolerant, smiles, takes a bow/ does a courtesy and says, “Thank you! What may I help you with?”

Then, the choice is yours of how and when to do it. Otherwise, its the next question. Do I have a choice?

There is just mental strength VS. physical strength. More. OR. Less.

More or less, a slight difference in degrees😉 of effective
Partnership, otherwise its a Drowning ship. Life-jackets on!

Thank you for reading my simple definition.

🎼My 💟istic 🎶Symphony🎵

My 💟istic Symphony!

There’s a people symphony playing on 💓strings beginning @ C!
Instruments are strange ‘n’ far as eye n you can see.

Moods, stars, trees, the soul it frees, marching on dunes,
Clarinets on many planets, sing in melodious tunes.

A vevety sound trickles through Cello-ic exotic liquers,
sensations with mystical adumbrations in the throat n ear.

Painting harmonic colours with percussion, string, n wind;
Deafening vodka besides, light n sound in sync with rhythm win.

Notes emote everywhere, merge in a musical trajectory,
integrating science, audio-visual-tactile-gustatory-olfactory.

This universal orchestral choral trumpets furiously a notion,
Whether staccato or vibrato, this life is a symphony in motion.


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Flurries in a fog

“In the flurries of our progress, at what point, did we people become ‘educated’ to perfection, and:
1. generosity changed to a documented event😉?
2. volunteering is acknowledged , awarded, ‘through proper channel

Lets surprise a random child today! They need good clean fun, and character building experiences.
*We can be generous beyond ‘things.’ A word. A joke. A story. A smile.
*Simple shop owners / street sellers used to give surprises to children. We can give Water? Treat. A meal. A book.
*People helped each other without need for being noticed, documented, or awarded.
Help/Listen to someone read.
Play a youtube music video for someone who hasnt seen one.
Buy a paintbrush / paintbox for a child.

Remember: The anticipation! The surprise!
The growth?
Let flurries of Progress begin!

😉Gosh, I sound old ‘n’ Foggy!