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Assay of my life!

Two life-styles. Two people.

Which one do you connect with? Continue reading Assay of my life!

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Costumed Actors

Shakespearen lines remind us that we are just actors that get on the stage of life, play our part, and then are heard no more. During this performance, we get into our roles and robes so seriously, that we start believing our own perception of ourselves, and get competitive, even (un)becoming ugly. Now, due to various experiences, we might become stronger or weaker, better or … Continue reading Costumed Actors

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Enrolled! Yay!

Finally you are enrolled in High School. Congratulations! You have some of the classes you wanted and you are ready to have fun and learn! You are tall, your voice just turned deep or gorgeous, and you sound groovy! Man! You are a package dream and sending hearts aflutter with all your smart choices of clothes and attractive gear. Its a balancing act to manage … Continue reading Enrolled! Yay!