Meditating on Peace


First time seeing this place as a ten year old in 1977, I couldn’t help but fall in love with Pangong su Lake. Blanco cold, the peaks were snowcapped, even from May to July.  By the way, it looks really cool on google earth!

I really missed that view when I took my family there few years ago. Not white anymore due to the global warming, which some VIP’s declare is not happenning. For want of a better word, let’s just call it alien-hugged-warm😉

Leaving Ladakh for a moment, lets revert to the series on change. Peoples’ perspectives and attitudes have changed, so why is it hard for us to maintain peace instead of terror?

Almost there: 3 more wordNiche pictures (per my sad math😋)

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Times change


Sunrise is so beautiful, it reminds me of Rumpelstiltskin. Everything has turned to gold!

Our aging elders are like that too. All their wisdom and patience, make a beauty of relationships, embellishing it with gold. When they share an insight, it is always worth a listen.

🙏 This holiday listen in one unique different way for getting to know something about them, and one for yourself. No counselor can tell what your family can mirror for you!❤️💚

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Sparkle is ON!

Last time I went zooming in nature, on nature,

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She still had her sparkle ON!

The Sparkle is ‘naturally’ infectious! Did you notice, I am part of the contagion😉


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One-way ticket to …

Simply put, a majority is made with a diverse group of people. I wonder does majority constitute a cohesive group of single attitude or background or faith? Is that even possible?


We still hear conversations about mine and yours, ours and theirs, his and hers.

As a society, we are compartmentalizing people and cultures, consciously or unconsciously. How can we claim majority or mainstream identity, if we must downplay others, simply because they do not speak our language or fit in a different box, made by us?


Let us expect and respect diverse thought. It’s a one-ticket to success or failure by ‘majority’ definitions. In “Terror Strikes The HoCleS,” I have put across fun, progressive scenarios of people, some based on real interviews of few amazing people, to illustrate how we do more damage than good, and how they rescued themselves from terror. Dont tell the kids, but fiction is often based on facts😉!

One of them retired as a very high ranking official, one is a professor, and those still in conflict, I hope, will heal and make their lives better, following their inspiration. Interesting and most of us didn’t even know it!

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Think about amazing possibilities as you hear this song🎶

Listening to yourself?

Have a percussive headache and reaching for a painkiller? When low on energy, some of us reach for coffee, tea, sweet- whatever gets us going. Seems normal!

I do that too, sometimes. But never on holidays and ninety percent of other days. But definitely, no chemical based energy enhancers.

Listen to the body? What is it saying? Tired. Sleepy. Unnecessary sweet. 

In my view, all are crutches for moments when we don’t listen to ourselves and meet our needs. Simple example is: I find kids eat snacks and ‘being’ with a cell phone frequently. In short, ignoring their own needs, health, and sanity. I ask you, if your stomach can work non-stop. After all, doesn’t the stomach need rest too?

This is what I do and it works without stimulants. Rest. Sleep. Walk it off.

Peer pressure for kids and adults seems to make people use stimulants to appear cool, energetic, and a go getter. Instead of peace of mind, many of us involuntarily teach our kids to project a false image.

Do we fear being called an ancient, underdog, or mushy marshmallow?


(P.S. Tomorrow, the other peace😉)

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Terror Demystified II

Continued from Terror Demystified:

The humour favoured the educated, protecting their actions/decisions with laughter and guns favoured the makers alone. Terrorism was catching as much as the fashionable trends at the Malls. Everyone was pitching their own brand.

Looking back it feels as if everything happened for a reason. It didn’t make sense and no one offered any explanation and now I realize, just as well. I spoke to a lot of people, and whenever I was near giving up, I’d meet someone who would listen and understand what I was saying, offer a twig of hope, the slightest reason to go on. An agreement to something I said that made sense to both, that urged me on. At times, it was a line in a book here, a paragraph there, a video on youtube.

I tried to talk to war veterans, people in crime, poverty, and other important variables that relate to terrorism. People barely spoke about such topics, at least to strangers. Two academics, I had pinned my hopes on, shattered it all, within the same month. Ph.D’s lost relevance for me then. One* is thriving on stolen work, the other saw minority favouritism through his PhD diagnostic fluff.

At the same time, I got tips about every significant variable, from a stranger to a stranger, fitting another piece of this puzzle. I was finally meeting the right people, but at random.

My less intense exposure to atrocities in violence had saved me but kept me involved. I hadn’t been affected directly, but all those voices of people who wanted to be heard, those who had directly suffered, those who had seen ridiculous violence on both sides, their hopes and confusions, had become mine.

How can a sufferer realize his plight, when he or she is in the thick of it? How is someone to objectively realize their condition, when they do not have the education or the resources?  Financial and moral strength in dis-repair, how do they lift themselves out of it?

I lived my crises for a long time did not know how to help me until a few quiet weeks made me aware about the gravity of their situation and I developed the will to do something about it. Having done it before, I must do it again, with or without another degree in another country. I guess I’d served my time living through minor suffering and lifting myself out of it to fully understand and appreciate another’s crises, though it was absolutely no comparison.

To face social opposition and (non-killing) attacks by the educated and affluent was very uplifting, if that makes sense. It was plain insight about the condition we human beings put each other through, involuntarily or even, voluntarily.

I had found a mushrooming pattern, revealed in, “Terror Strikes The HocleS,” an e-book fundraiser available at

Meet Ms. Poizenstyle, one of the HoCleS, a Clamorer.

To be continued.

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  • I now see it simply as a clue to my puzzle, nothing more. When I mentioned to the former, that I was working on a novel, he wasn’t happy about it.

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Can you tell, I’m loving this app. Love this tile effect on my ordinary collage. Just loving the change from the pro-longed phase of writing and editing, and relief thats its over. Well, I know the pictures need centering…  but kindle create does its own little dance! I learned that kindle updates are easy and free. In the meantime, any of your suggestions are most welcome.

Today I Honk to celebrate project completion and an addition to my slim repertoire of digital skills! Well, its a fool – proof skill, probably for dummies😄 The real artists and the techies make things so user-friendly, that even I managed to make my ordinary artwork look fabulous! A little crop here, a little sparkle there, and Voila! we have eye-catching images/gifs.

I started instagram recently, so the response from there is encouraging enough (for a beginner). Thank you ALL 🙏for your encouragement here.

At amazon, I must thank a UK resident for a purchase few days ago. I’m bad at checking stats or promotion strategies … but simply got to love what one likes to do, and for that, I can definitely,



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Dubious Cheer!

We are simple people, making the best of situations and resources. Sometimes we suggest to ourselves that all is well, or will be well. Fingers crossed, hope for the best, and so on😉

Other times, we tend to ignore trends that bother us, till things go seriously wrong.

In our country or another. Consciously or unconsciously, we rationalize that (the problem) is far, can’t relate, didn’t know, etc. Our responses range from cannot do anything about it to online donations.

Our constant striving is to be safe and happy. We can believe that those problems can never happen to us. Till it does.

I believe life happens when we least expect it, and when we feel vulnerable. Then we have two choices: meet the problem head on or shiver ‘n’ shake. At times, denial or cop out. I’ve done all of the above.

Take terrorism. There is no first aid for it. By the time we recognize  the problem and own it as action-worthy, it is already too late. A social cancer, if you will.

When does the problem take root? What all can we do before we feel the terror? Does old logic breed new thought for novel and effective solutions?

Figure out your response strategy to this problem that seems distant and non-relatable. Read a fictional presentation of the pattern of trends in our societies that lead to the crises building UP to terrorism.

Available at AMAZON: “Terror Strikes the HoCleS.” By V Sabharwal. (Sample the chapters first).

Let us join hands and be prepared to break our pattern. Take ownership and act now.


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The New Riff

Our planet is full of people who walk away from each other.

They did it then, and do it now. Nothing new.


Terror struck then, and now. Nothing new.

“And they killed happily everafter.” The new riff. 

What’s the diff in the riff?

😄Now we do it knowingly🤦🏻‍♀️

Travel with the searching hearts and minds of Findalot, Knex, and Cynix in “Terror Strikes the HoCles,” to figure out yourself what we can do about it.

Kindle e-book on Amazon! We ought to “Be Prepared!”

Price Break:
30% Amazon. 60% Cause. 1/10 delivery fee. Remainder for yours truly to  execute dream plan, funds permitting and subject to approval by Indian Govt. 
If that doesn’t work out, an unusual school in a small town/village.

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