A Standing Ovation!

I love us people, human beings,

humane, enterprising, and want seeing.

Replaced interest in the be

with the Birds and the Bee!

Kumbh changed from body filled with knowledge

to a Body looking for Love.


Whodunnit: Freudian list of needs

or Barbie origins from the adult toy gigs?

From a brain creating wonders

to a Brain searching for Happiness.

Kutumb, being one supportive community,

to MBA’s and Techniques of Community Living.


Transitioning nurturing families from small town wild,

to a new concept: takes a Village to raise a Child.

New festivals designed to rescue zillions,

Kwanzaa reminding, Kuumba traditions.

Each Day, has a special name to strengthen, celebrate,

All weakening relationships, that Business dictates?


Natural simplicity, humility, empathy,

migrated to Class education in cities simply.

Humility, a sign of weakness, Hurray!

Empathy, a laughing stock-

unless donating money today!

Display! Show! or Abilities do dock.


Modern diseases, to a petty purpose in a lab are made,

enabling condescension, domination, Power to degrade.

What is worse: Hitlerian rule, Aids, or a Virus Dare?

Imperialism, Nuclear Statistics, or biological warfare?

Caste system, Race label, or crass Class classification?

In a re-think about worlds’ political ossification.


Today we admire money and emulate the Monied drive;

Celebrate! We now have leaders of such a tribe.

We built competition and measured it with numbers,

Lets live it, love it, till we smoke all horizons to embers.

Let’s all rise to applaud our own performance,

Well deserved, A Standing Ovation! Let’s Dance!



Ho! Ho! Ho! to Oh! Oh! Oh!


Its here! It’s time! The gifts are done, and so is cooking by mum;

Ho! Ho! Ho! Now,  GET THE FOOD!

I’ve had a long ride, Not nice to be rude?

Feed Me! Cakes, chocolates, and delish meats,

Cheesy thing to say, but I’m fully fed up of treats!


Frolic and Yay! Chatter and Play!

Gift groans and moans, tire the day.

Oh! Oh! Oh! 911? “Ma’am. What just broke?”

Not her water, just the bank ?… “Fire do stoke!”

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“She’s having a food baby!” said her Doc, “Walk or Mall.

She needs to shop, till she drops -Calories. Take her, Ya’ll!”


Careful! Its a Festive  feastive time of the year!

Look after your (self ) pills and bills, Oh Deah!



Telling others to Relax Vs. How I Relax?

” Relax! Have a Charminar😉!”

Charminar being a brand of cigarettes sold in India about three decades ago. In our teen years, it was fun to say to a friend who was getting worked up about something,  “Relax! Have a Charminar!”

None of us smoked, but it was the catch phrase, and we knew to take a chill-pill at the moment. Fast-forward thirty years, and we are surviving lines of a different time and age😱!


Vocab evolution … Shoot me🔫


The other day, my daughter looked intently at me trying to describe one set of electric lights we had growing up and I wasn’t sure what sequence of colours it showed when lit up. She said, “Mom, you are sooo old that in your days even the rainbow was black and white.”

I burst out laughing, barely speaking, complaining it wasn’t even a fair one. Thank you, Dear! I am trying to relax.

Now that I’m classified old, I have the license to relax, and I’m going to run, excuse me … hobble along😉, with it!



Relax! It’s only forty some hours of work.

Breathe! It’s only teaching kids to love doing work.

Continue the process: Inhale- exhale. It’s only cooking two-three meals a day.

Close your eyes and concentrate on a single thought. Laundry and vacuuming. 

Blank your mind. Whose turn for dishes?

Peace. Intolerance and war?

Relax! Ummm… Mail? Bills?

Om! Drop everything and simplify.

I for one, am taking a chill-pill this season, the old-fashioned way from the following Doctor:

Surgeon General’s Statutory Warning: Driving during Christmas traffic is injurious to health and venting about issues on the road is against the spirit of the Season.


My final take on the Obsessive-Compulsive-Shopper-Mania: Looking through history, I found the answer to WWJD. Relax with family/community, simple food, and conversation.

And maybe cash for gifts, if you must😉


Moody Sirius Black

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Sirius Black. At best, he can be described as good at heart with side effects from a scarred childhood. Simply put, he was unfortunate to have begun his life tumbling around on streets, till he was picked up for adoption.

Blessed with good looks and eventually, a spoilt upbringing, he begins to display a strong streak of narcissism through his teen years. He was adopted by this horrible family who loved him to death. To make it worse, group hugs, girly kisses, and early popularity at the dog park gets to his head. He begins to believe that he can flash his gorgeous eyes, show his cool dude swag, and display a sassy walk to impress all those readily-swooning ladies.

Much like a human teenager, he is moody and impulsive, has no consideration for consequences, has bouts of all about himself, and likes to have junk treats on demand. I wonder though, if he ever understood his thoughts that led to his sudden actions? Regardless, he loves and lives life on the edge.

Never knowing, when he’ll get his next meal, walk, or hug from his working family, he tries to get all the love he can from anyone anywhere. Therefore, it is impossible to blame him, but being popular and attractive, narcissism comes naturally to him. Quite useless to the lab clan, he doesn’t step beyond a foot deep in water. He passed the swim test once in deeper waters, but that’s it. Though he’s quite a go-getter at hunting rabbits or rats, an avid risk-taker, but retrieving things – ends at effort three.

He has done purposeless killings of very young wild rabbits and rats. To that extent, he is a classified murderer. What makes him playfully torment the dying without realizing the awfulness of the deed? On top of it, he was expelled from kindergarten, because he didn’t listen to every command at four to five months of age. Two months with new owner was considered enough. So for several months he had a thing for judgmental eyes, and he even chewed up the eyes off Buckbeak, the hippogriff. After a misdeed like that, he would show regret, look down, and slink away.

Is being over-privileged good or bad? Just like, does doing terrible things, make him terrible? Can he be called a bully? When one weighs all his personality traits, his unconditional love; his protective, not jealous attitude; and his eventual remorse at pinching his own family members on the butt (due to his teething phase mainly, maybe shepherding instinct); overrides all, and the four-legged case, is called to a close.

Lately, he has shown newer qualities such as controlling the pressure of his teeth to communicate or suggest different things with varied growly sounds, reminds me of texting abbreviations that teens use. To invent his own language, The Canine Morse Code; and show a variety of feelings through the Sirius Remorse Code, puts him at par with many two-legged intellectuals of our time.

A good measure of intelligence quotient is usually music. Though he has tried some tunes of his own, the one that shocks him the most, is rather unusual, umm … the rear kind. He reacts with a sudden movement turning his head trying to locate his sound, waits for the tune to end, looks around embarrassed and confused, and tries to understand insensitive human laughter as a response to his discomfort.

He is a very curious being who will always have amazing adventures*; for all who wander are not lost! After all, he returns home, and is often found waiting at the doorstep, before the search is called off. Knowing that he now listens to commands and always does his best, his family forgives him for all his sins, mainly because he accepts people for who they are.


  • If he can get off the leash. Very rare, since his second birthday.

Daily Prompt: Chaotic


via Daily Prompt: Chaotic

Chaotic Feast-giving!


Feast! The word itself conjures up images of XL servings of fancy dishes made with corn, cranberries, turkey, breads, and multiple appetizing snacks as well as desserts.

During decades of celebrating thanksgiving, I often wondered about the purpose of the holiday and the feasting spirit. Somehow for me, there was a discord in the imageries produced.

Pilgrims. Migration. Hardship. Struggle. Growing food. Sharing the produced. Community and/or family.


Modern celebrations just do the last two things. And as everything else is true with consumerism, it gets excessive.

Lucky in being cross-cultural, I learned from festivals in India, too. Most of which are related with food and fasting. I honestly haven’t been good about fasting as such, but over the years, I have had relative success with simplifying life and the meals.


Discussing the differences between festivals, we decided to remove the ‘E’ from the thanksgiving Feast! (My 13 year olds’ idea!). So for us it is now about eating with a discipline😉 and an emphasis on giving to those in need. In addition, as a first attempt, we went camping to re-live the experience of our fore-fathers and mothers. (That is completely another story!)

In way of a dietary gam, we hope to take some pounds off the weighty issue of National Obesity!


Picture credits: free downloadable images from the Internet.

Giant Night, Evocative Fright


Tonight as we celebrate good over evil,

and Diwali’ lamps light up the world;

Cast your vote for an election still-

Scare away on Halloween, bad omens hurled.


Common to dominant faiths, is a six pointed star,

a flood, and respect for humans all.

Vow and commit that neither we place walls on borders far-

Nor minds, faiths, and paradise; be sectioned by any Wall.


Jews and such were given hell on earth, Darwin-Hitler emphasize appearance,

For they had faith, albeit different, a divided heaven.

Who are we, mere earthlings, to assign such consequence?

Who made it a numbers game? A shame, those intelligence shaven!


Must we debate between Gehenna(om)* and Jannat^?

Embellished notions, resting places of life’s consequence.

When no religion originally, defined another wrong-

Then empathize ye believers! Compete doing good with tolerance.


Secure religion, defines not a social reject,

heretic, kafir, or gaddaar; let’s introspect.

Started as a social organize, sans violence or bribe.

Through this chaos, evolve! Better the human tribe.


The same clowns mirror life, evokes fear, and laughter.

Be neither animal-like, nor drown in euphemistic jargon.

In a bubble of ignorance, do you wish to live ever-after?

Reject uncivil, territorial, imperialistic madness! Gift simply, your pardon.




‘Diwali: Indian festival that celebrates victory of good over evil

*Gehenna(om): hell, jahannum.

^Jannat: paradise