Release True Histories!

Columbus discovered America!
Agree thats what the books say propah'
So did Zeng He, Ming, Japanese-

Semites, Knights Templar riding the breeze.
Siberians, Malians, left souvenirs too,
Polynesians, Egyptians, didnt publish claim new.
Irish, Romans- musn't they join the sway?
As did the natives, cave man, before finding his way.

China is powerful, huge, n cultured, too!
OMG, encroaching in 21st century too?
wants more to increase their big chunkO'land,
Highwaying Pakistan, India dressed in pearly garland.
Generous to nKorea, laughing at bully with nothing,
Keeping Powers drooling over decorative something.
Trade - rich, Base chase, weapons strip-tease,
Tao's heart n soul cannot be at ease!

Russia competes silent in space,
Satellites, Politics, n Digital race.
Most continents face food, health, medical issues,
Still plague our mind and body tissues.
Bamboozling the mysteries, raid secret societies-
Pillaging lands, minds, our crazy histories.
Is that what aspiring super powers do,
I am confoozled about this major to do!

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“Terror Strikes Nincompoopia”



A Lovely Fraud!

I ask thee has modern Knowledge

given us an edge, Or, taken us to the edge?

A balancing act, tottering on the ledge,

betwixt education and continent, confidence shred!


If only we keep our mind on our piece of land,

Take care of our people, hold our brethrens hand,

Share and trade to better human-kand, 😉

Create an Exceptional Fraud, of a loving band!


Let us Vow not to ‘throw things’ across to litter and bitter our world! Thank you!

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Believe in that Child!

via Daily Prompt: Believe

Every child should atleast have one person who believes in him or her.

Every adult should have a choice what/who to believe in.

Every human can be given a suggestion to believe in something they dont know.

But No One must ever be forced  or bribed to believe what you believe. That is when GROWTH STOPS.”  thinkinkadia


Thank you for reading!

Elastic to Plastic! Lest we Forget.

Our planet has watched us evolve; letting us stumble and fall, play and laugh, cry and learn, stand up and run with all of our instincts – as we fearfully mastered them.

Now, across the globe, we are fearless masters of our universe(s).  The Earth is telling us across the globe, “… slow down. Stop, Children!  You are masters of your own universe, not The Universe. You are most intelligent on Earth, till you take me for granted and prove yourself foolish! You are the master of your world, not The Planet, Earth.”

The Earth, as in Mother Nature has been elastic in accomodating all of us and our little, wilfull charades and tirades. She reminds us of her rules, reprimands us, like a mother would, and lately, she has been furious at our repeatedly inconsiderate misdemeanours.

We are just pushing our limits, her limits of tolerance as a nurturer, as a parent who wants the best for us. All the current global events, remind me of school or a government office. Its like the superintendent or minister has called for a meeting because there are things out of control in every school, in every department.

Lest we Forget! The earth is being elastic. Lets not give her plastic: in material, attitude, and code of ethics.

Otherwise, its time she taught us a lesson. Be ready!


Be humbly changing.

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via Daily Prompt: Deny

When creativity is simple and spontaneous, then there is no denying the joyful benefits. Stress free. All You! And why, not!

I am posting this really simple piece to share with you that never judge your own creativity. Follow the idea, and keep doing what comes to your mind. Whynot Owe You: some YOU time to execute your awesome ideas!

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I want you to know that there are too many self help books and courses floating around trying to help people be “who you are!” But when you are being who you ARE, then there is always someone who IS going to judge you and comment something; good or bad being irrelevant.

Something that must be done right, or better, or in a class should be made following this or that technique. Sure we must use other peoples or school materials the way they expect users to. But in your own space, be free: for YOU.

Dont get me wrong, its wonderful to learn the techniques perfected by our ancestors! But do not let that be the end of your measure of success. Too often, we limit ourselves in comparison. Who you truly ARE, is absolutely no comparison to anyone. Period!

To me, creativity is just a process, that is natures work in progress. Free of vocabulary related to level, rules, money, and training. Creativity is courage🙃 the way I see it from down here! Courage to implement an idea  that came to your head, however small or big. I mean the idea, not the head😉

People say art is expression. Knitting is therapeutic. Gardening is healing. Music is …  Reading is … Writing is … Doctor is … Flipping burgers is … Teaching is … Blogging is …

Do you get the point?! My dear friends, express yourself through any medium that adds to life, contributes to lives, and makes this planet a little more beautiful because you did or said something in your corner of the world. And those ripples will go far!

💖Love you and your creative ways!

Weak or Courage?

via Daily Prompt: Leaf

Young girls and boys are like the leaves in spring. Little buds, vulnerable and growing to become a beautiful blossom on a tree!

In that sweet anticipation, along comes a moneyed rich old man deprived of magnanimity and grace, who decides to buy the bud off the tree and take it away.

Far away, without water and nourishment, the bud shrivels, and  collapses, way before its time to blossom.

If that is not enough, they come back for more. Why?

Last I heard, it was possible to get many virgins in heaven. Now they are buying virgins here on earth? Therefore, it is appropriate to conclude that heaven exists on earth. Or, is that only for the rich?

So poor people give their life to get virgins in heaven. The rich can buy them off a middleman to make his haven?

Women Of the World! You have immense power and might. Do you want to give it all away for money in Hands that are strong enough to Bless the young, but weak enough to count you as a number in a shared herd? Hands that are capable to build a generation, but cover their own face in front of a camera in shame!

Women, let us work together for understanding as mothers about what can make our boys grow strong in giving; our men feel courageous in the act of respecting another human being. Only a woman knows how and is nurturing and mighty enough to teach respect for women as well as men.

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