Bridge across the bigger Why?


“Let one rich and one common (wo)man apprentice each other in the name of common sense. There is much to be learned, not spurned, by both.” Thinkinkadia


IF, a habit?

(My British friends, please have faith through some of this historical pattern … It does get better!)

If England hath no King…
If the Vikings had not invaded England
If the English hath no tortures subjected
If the English had no need to be the first to explore,
If the English hath no need emerging for greater power
If the English hadn’t seen the mission of spreading their way of life to the world
If the English hadn’t seen their way as the right way
If the English didn’t infect the world with Victorianisms
If the English hadn’t set up colonies everywhere
If the English hadn’t seen their invaded as primitive
If the English hadn’t enforced their language, their isms
If the English hadn’t treated people like darkies or dogs
If the English hadn’t been building deadly weapons
If the English hadn’t accepted it fair to leave people in peace
If the English hadn’t tired of resistance, gone back
If the English hadn’t reconsidered their role in history
If the English hadn’t learnt from their mistakes
If the English hadn’t opened their minds and doors
If the English hadn’t unified the world through language,
If the English hadn’t installed the technology they left behind
If the English didn’t revere so much their Queens
If the English didn’t hold on to Royal symbolism
If the English hadn’t standardized government, systems

If the Americans
didn’t repeat

Atleast one of worlds’ cultures may have evolved or at least retained a different system, albeit in another language, maybe in small measure, that would have been fair to diversity and respecting peoples for who they are.

Today If any One Family, or system in any part of the world, were to try to spread so many of its beliefs and build systems out of their own confidence and insecurities, we would hush them with a few choice words, fully understanding the purpose of their symbolism.

Since it is in the past,
we hold on,
and on …

We change spellings.
We change accents.
We change clothes.
We change food.
We change minds.
We change others.
It’s a timely want
to change
We can’t

We laugh at ourselves
But the sameness …
Lingers on
We don’t

We made IF
a habit.


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It Never Goes Away!

Unless, we STOP!

Hundreds of years of servitude

Taught us to salute the Abusers.^

Forgetting their atrocities; adopting the same attitude-

We shameless, torture now; making miserable, our own.


^Abusers: Whether they be British, Greek, Muslim, French, Spanish or ANY Invader of ANY Nation at ANY point in history.



Jab tak, hum na Rukk jayein.

Kai sau varshon ki gulami,

ney sikha di hamey Ku-prayogi^ ki salami.

Unke zulm bhool; vahi ravaiya apnayey-

Hum besharm, apnon ko ab satayey!


^Kuprayogi: Chahey voh dur-upyog karney waala Angrez, Greek, Muslim, French, or Spanish yaan phir koi aur Aakramankari, kissi bhi desh, kissi bhi aitihasik mor par kyon na ho.

Pattern of this Road Travelled

A train of thought puzzles me:

Every person takes generations to evolve out of abuse.

Therefore, there is no doubt that every culture takes generations to grow out of abuse.

The road taken by countries all around the world changed with trade.

Europe and Asia had invasions and war at different levels.

The English, French, and Spanish decided to expand their territories by colonizing.

The biggest expansion was by the British. How long did they take to recover from their abuse in history?

How fast are their colonized / abused supposed to recover and compete with them? Why should they? Is there a presumption here that aggression is the better way?

Before all Nations recover, another power hungry nation rises to dominate. Why do some countries want to be the standard of comparison in aggression, not Peace?

Can we discard this path and reduce national greed and change tracks of domination and competition?

Or, is it convenient to decide this is human nature, and there is no other way because of some vague reason. WHO gave these reasons?

The Road Taken


UN-even. That’s Odd!

“I picked up a gun because I wanted to fight for electricity in my village.” A 15 year old boy.

I can never forget your face. Or, your words. Spoken so innocently, with a slightly puzzled look on the face, on which the soft hairs hesitating to peek out, avoiding the sharp blade of a razor yet; committing to living on the run, under live fear with speeding bullets, and displaying a social responsibility of a level, way beyond your age.

You said that you had trusted someone who convinced you that the only way to achieve your goal was to pick up the gun and join them. Your regrets, there was no turning back.

No turning back because you were branded.

Branded as a terrorist.

I had never felt so puzzled about how to help someone in such a huge predicament, a person who was yet a child, brainwashed so simply, with noble intent, but the glamour of gun, not a razor for your first shave; overtook all your thoughts and actions and led you, in ignorance, to  the most complicated struggle in today’s world.

I apologize to you since I wasn’t half as good as you at such a young age. I did not even know how to help you decades ago. The UN-even had shut down their offices in your war-torn region. That was pretty odd!

I apologize for the world we have created where irrational sense of money and power rule. A lot of changes have taken place in our world, but all the apparently amazing education isn’t helping people rethink their priorities.

I am sorry that we have gathered so much knowledge, but have unevenly prioritized land and natural resources to the extent of accepting violence as a means to justifying the human hunter-gatherer status.

Defending the cause of civilization, religion, and righteousness of ‘our way’, many of us have been aggressive in proving the man across the border wrong. I hang my head in shame before you.

I understand less than you, decades later, about this game of an Uneven balance of power, been played since a millennium by monarchs trying to win the best for their own people, own families.

I comprehend even less about how we ended up calling countries defeated in war, lost all their treasures to the invaders, as the Third World. Not giving them a chance to recover from imposed expectations, and putting them through a cycle of mass abuse, and changing the ball game of life in so many ways that the standard of comparison becomes a totally unfamiliar concept.

A strange comparison: First, Second, and Third world. The winning aggressors have tried to give back through donations to the down-trodden overseas, but I’m sorry I do not know how to explain to the world that when we give for free, we further demean the human being or race.

I hope your people and the educated, both, can come to terms with the fact that monarchy, imperialism, slavery, business houses, and uneven education cannot but merely change the  greedy face of social evils that besot our Earth, our dirt, our soil, our Mother.

I want you to know that you alone are not a terrorist. We all are. We terrorize people everyday. We all have our odd aspirations for accumulating through competition, and we are terrorists in politics, in education, in business, in gender, and even in pretense. Who coined this word and to what end?

I’m devasted that drugs, guns, factory labor, advertising, and sex slavery are the mean businesses targeting children on the sly. The only hope I have is that we can redefine civilization and happiness therein. The only hope I have, is for children like you, to be saved from these narrow definitions of crime and terrorism.

Until then, I believe we aren’t raising children for the future. We have ended up only hunting and gathering criminals. To an extent of alienating masses of minor cultures who have taken on training of terrorists in protest, because we do not look beyond our own petty interests.

P.S. The author is presenting a perspective on what causal factors may have lead to or bred terrorism. Criminal activity by intent, is not suggested to be excused, but variables contributing to increase of such activity, need to be studied and eradicated. And author is of the opinion that justice system must be respected.

A Standing Ovation!

I love us people, human beings,

humane, enterprising, and want seeing.

Replaced interest in the be

with the Birds and the Bee!

Kumbh changed from body filled with knowledge

to a Body looking for Love.


Whodunnit: Freudian list of needs

or Barbie origins from the adult toy gigs?

From a brain creating wonders

to a Brain searching for Happiness.

Kutumb, being one supportive community,

to MBA’s and Techniques of Community Living.


Transitioning nurturing families from small town wild,

to a new concept: takes a Village to raise a Child.

New festivals designed to rescue zillions,

Kwanzaa reminding, Kuumba traditions.

Each Day, has a special name to strengthen, celebrate,

All weakening relationships, that Business dictates?


Natural simplicity, humility, empathy,

migrated to Class education in cities simply.

Humility, a sign of weakness, Hurray!

Empathy, a laughing stock-

unless donating money today!

Display! Show! or Abilities do dock.


Modern diseases, to a petty purpose in a lab are made,

enabling condescension, domination, Power to degrade.

What is worse: Hitlerian rule, Aids, or a Virus Dare?

Imperialism, Nuclear Statistics, or biological warfare?

Caste system, Race label, or crass Class classification?

In a re-think about worlds’ political ossification.


Today we admire money and emulate the Monied drive;

Celebrate! We now have leaders of such a tribe.

We built competition and measured it with numbers,

Lets live it, love it, till we smoke all horizons to embers.

Let’s all rise to applaud our own performance,

Well deserved, A Standing Ovation! Let’s Dance!


Comedy of T(errors)!

Two relatively modern day inventions, Errors and Terrors, we know, dislike, and don’t want being friendly with. Though they both lead to natural and man-made cause and effects, we know no fear whether it be a traffic ticket or a shooting incident, unless the consequence has impacted our daily lives.

Started in the era of expectations and rules, errors are now simply familiar friends, we know, dont like being shown our own, reluctantly correct ourselves on, joyously point out for others, and hope not to repeat, in order to conform socially.

Terrors, cute when they are innocent little familial ones, take on gigantic demonic proportions when they loom high on unknown distant horizons. Cute terror stories are shared on observer initiative at family and friend get-togethers and on social media. Whereas, Terrorist events are relayed by the initiative taker on social media to spread awareness and fear of their powerful existence. In the case of these fear-mongers, they get the attention they seek, and further applause through journalistic media; increasing exponentially the ripple-effect of their intent and deed.

Though hard to imagine but is common to both the terrors, cute or mute, is that they are looking for the same thing. One doesn’t get away with it because it is impacting the household directly and the perspective is that the child needs to be ignored or disciplined.

The other mute one gets away with it because of the fear waves they triggered, giving rise to insecurities way beyond a common man’s control of internal and external factors at exactly the same time. Their helpless perceptions are discolored black, white, and grey; magnified by media’s repetitive inputs to the receiving brain via staccato gunfire sound, interspersed with ritualistic commentary on the hour, and flashing iconic images across the color spectrum.


What needs to be remembered is that the terrorist is a label, just like other labels in our lives. The intent of the actor and the context of the action are the real driving force behind the perception or fear, a label generates. Hidden behind events they initiate are multi-level factors like politics, governments, and financial motives in stealth. Leadership levels, on both sides, have strategies and communications that need mediation and clarification. Some of these people are simply young teens, caught young into soldiering, or other support jobs provided under the cover of local civil population.

As we begin to understand related vocabularies and de-jargonify the pattern in the story, we begin to see that they are people like you and me, but caught in the rigmarole of illiterate perceptions and grandiose ideas sold to the most vulnerable; in the name of whatever that person wants, needs, or believes in.

Just that their circumstances are different.

  1. Perception of what is the real problem. Example, poverty or warm clothing.

  2. Solution to the solving the perceived problem and their role in it. Example, food, electricity, power through gun.

  3. Domination eventually, is a goal at different levels, and the proportional level of success accomplished, a significant variable.

Surprised to see that it seems like a natural flow chart of events, wherever there is leadership or a need for an important resource?


How can we avoid such creative pursuits or creation of such inverse talent? In-house or overseas.

If majority of the population ignores a minority population;

If their perceptions are not understood;

If every fact is reported as a scandal;

If their basic needs are not met;

If needs change with age, are they free to move on: educational, community minded, altruistic, spiritual, etc;

If weapons are sold to them;

Then, ‘we’ have created a terrorist!

Later, we don’t know, how things change form, and now ignorance is ours.

We give them success, then we panic, and feed them the fear to thrive on.

Is it worse for us or them. Them because, A relevant group taught B the technique to get what A wanted; B made it their habit, and B’s children see it as simple as culture. Doesn’t B need rehabilitation vs. Blasting away to clear their Land?

Simple question is: Can there be a conversation with a protesting or needy population before we end up alienating them to the extent of making more terrorists?

There in lies the Comedy of (T)errors. The comical twins: terror and error. These by products of our civilization: are they our Fortune or Misfortune?

P.S. If this article or any of my related works, at any point in time, generate any income, sixty-percent of that will go towards meeting the basic needs of the alienated and rehabilitating those willing, starting with one of three possible regions.



via Daily Prompt: Panoply


If this picture was our planet, and every dot in it a community, a person; then what a lot of wonderful chroma we represent! Diverse ideas, thoughts, and beliefs in each and every dot. An amazing a process of diversifying, migrating, and adapting to change. An exquisite panoply of anomalies we formed with every mile our ancestors moved! Though we deviated from the core standard, so to speak, do we even know who the core people were?


That was our simple “Once upon a time…” 


Then we blended, spread, adapted to climate, animals, trees, fruits, flowers, and finally changed in a few of our choices of food, clothing, and shelter.

Different continents shifted, broke away, and merged.

We got busy in our struggles of survival: through creating our food, clothing, and shelter. We fought for land; for more food, clothing, and shelter. On the side we created different patterns of living life, different but basically similar. We bred leaders for kingdoms, religion, and teaching.

As our basic struggles became obvious but psychedelic in contrast, systems emerged. Organized groups that submitted to fear; suggesting, enforcing, maintaining different paths to the Unknown. Competition and greed to be one up on the other led to imperialism and more groups.


Different groups of people shifted, broke away, met-wondered-feared. They developed a panoply of ways to discover new things, to solve problems, and cope with fears; from have-to-do’s to multiple choices per second.


Fear of the unknown moved from unreachable Space to reachable Space, even on Earth. Integrated by language and internet, pulsating billion dots on the same Earth.

Only  population numbers and perceptions of population have changed!



We now breed a panoply of religions and systems emanating from such believing that to be our way of life; to defend our righteousness unto death. All colors making way for a dark, blind, world.



Pic Credits: Royalty free images from the internet.



via Daily Prompt: Vigor

Thanksgiving is a perfect time for reconsideration on the pipeline issue. There needs to be a significant pause here because the Original Natives have continued to feel alienated. And there has to be a strong basis for such multi- generational continuity.


Enough academic vigor and research exists on the word alienation. Enough social aggression, marginalization, and /or isolation exists to effectively predict what the future can unfold, usually only violence and killing fields. But this peaceful protest by the Original Natives, is awesome, something to be grateful for.

Worlds best Universities on homeground: I appeal to you. Please use the existing research vs. starting new research, to negotiate and produce results ASAP. Enough socio-politico-psychological material lies in printed and digital media, to answer any questions, that may come up in relevant conversations, with authorities, academia, business, or leadership of relevant levels and groups.

Pipeline Protest
JR American Horse, left, raises leading a march to the Dakota Access Pipeline site in southern Morton County North Dakota. Several hundred protesters marched about a mile up Hwy 1806, Friday Sept. 9, 2016, from the protest camp to the area of the pipeline site where some archeological artifacts have been discovered. (Will Kincaid/The Bismarck Tribune via AP)

I vigorously wish for all parties to be enabled in reaching an amicable, peaceful, or legal solution through a healthy open discussion, especially since language isn’t a barrier anymore!

To pause the violence during this winter and reflect on various possibilities, before continuing on the Pipeline project, hopefully with a mindful ‘detour,’ would be a wonderful way to give a respectful tribute to all those graceful hosts like Pocahontas, who hospitably helped the pilgrims settle onto a new land, they wanted to call Home.

Thank you for your time and rational thought towards a peace-making effort. We have the knowledge, the inclination, and the techniques to solve this problem. All we need now is, motivation and commitment!


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