External link to Walking out of the Fog

Walking out of the Fog

Happy MLKjr. Day! Happy Army Day!
I’m happily singing my song for all in the name of the Greats who changed our world. Continue reading Walking out of the Fog

External link to 🌿Neem-Hakeem⛑ Passport to Good Health!

🌿Neem-Hakeem⛑ Passport to Good Health!

🌿First – aid kit at minimum cost! How I handle my family’s first aid issues and more😉 Imagine your worst pain, and see how these two herbs,
gently work their miracles overnight!⛑ Continue reading 🌿Neem-Hakeem⛑ Passport to Good Health!

External link to 🗣Death to Labels☠️ Stereotypes😉

🗣Death to Labels☠️ Stereotypes😉

My heart beat quickens in anticipation of a possibility that every person who calls themselves a minority, might today be convinced … Continue reading 🗣Death to Labels☠️ Stereotypes😉