A Lovely Fraud!

I ask thee has modern Knowledge

given us an edge, Or, taken us to the edge?

A balancing act, tottering on the ledge,

betwixt education and continent, confidence shred!


If only we keep our mind on our piece of land,

Take care of our people, hold our brethrens hand,

Share and trade to better human-kand, 😉

Create an Exceptional Fraud, of a loving band!


Let us Vow not to ‘throw things’ across to litter and bitter our world! Thank you!

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Believe in that Child!

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Every child should atleast have one person who believes in him or her.

Every adult should have a choice what/who to believe in.

Every human can be given a suggestion to believe in something they dont know.

But No One must ever be forced  or bribed to believe what you believe. That is when GROWTH STOPS.”  thinkinkadia


Thank you for reading!

Elastic to Plastic! Lest we Forget.

Our planet has watched us evolve; letting us stumble and fall, play and laugh, cry and learn, stand up and run with all of our instincts – as we fearfully mastered them.

Now, across the globe, we are fearless masters of our universe(s).  The Earth is telling us across the globe, “… slow down. Stop, Children!  You are masters of your own universe, not The Universe. You are most intelligent on Earth, till you take me for granted and prove yourself foolish! You are the master of your world, not The Planet, Earth.”

The Earth, as in Mother Nature has been elastic in accomodating all of us and our little, wilfull charades and tirades. She reminds us of her rules, reprimands us, like a mother would, and lately, she has been furious at our repeatedly inconsiderate misdemeanours.

We are just pushing our limits, her limits of tolerance as a nurturer, as a parent who wants the best for us. All the current global events, remind me of school or a government office. Its like the superintendent or minister has called for a meeting because there are things out of control in every school, in every department.

Lest we Forget! The earth is being elastic. Lets not give her plastic: in material, attitude, and code of ethics.

Otherwise, its time she taught us a lesson. Be ready!


Be humbly changing.

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No, I’m not talking about Trump ji* and Modi ji. I have been doing injustice to the blog lately. This is because I am struggling with doing a balancing act between technology and creativity. The quota is kapoot😉!

Couple years ago, I met a few editors/ publishers. Lately, I’ve been onto the path of exploring self-publishing channels. And apparently, editors are an expensive affair, a luxury! That eliminated, it leaves me, myself, and I! 😄

Thus, I’m strapped in to facing the tech challenges on the path to publishing on kindle, KDP. For some of you, thats a laughing breeze. For me, its a nightmare in technology. 😄 I should really try a small book or story book or collection of poems. But I have nothing else I want to publish.

Few edits later, artwork done, I’m up for the final edit and going through the last step. Which has a million of its own steps in the process. Its time to launch the book. Something deep down tells me this is the right year for “Terror in Nincompoopia.” Coming Soon.

🍂October says: 🍁Fall 💖for the deadline😉!


*Ji or Jee is a prefix added to people’s name for respect or elders.

Weak or Courage?

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Young girls and boys are like the leaves in spring. Little buds, vulnerable and growing to become a beautiful blossom on a tree!

In that sweet anticipation, along comes a moneyed rich old man deprived of magnanimity and grace, who decides to buy the bud off the tree and take it away.

Far away, without water and nourishment, the bud shrivels, and  collapses, way before its time to blossom.

If that is not enough, they come back for more. Why?

Last I heard, it was possible to get many virgins in heaven. Now they are buying virgins here on earth? Therefore, it is appropriate to conclude that heaven exists on earth. Or, is that only for the rich?

So poor people give their life to get virgins in heaven. The rich can buy them off a middleman to make his haven?

Women Of the World! You have immense power and might. Do you want to give it all away for money in Hands that are strong enough to Bless the young, but weak enough to count you as a number in a shared herd? Hands that are capable to build a generation, but cover their own face in front of a camera in shame!


Women, let us work together for understanding as mothers about what can make our boys grow strong in giving; our men feel courageous in the act of respecting another human being. Only a woman knows how and is nurturing and mighty enough to teach respect for women as well as men.

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Snails n Puppy Dog-tails. What are we made of?

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I started the week with parents who nurture us, leaders like Gandhi and Mother Teresa who inspire us; and then moved on to concepts like freedom and our experience of it, how we grow to facing the unknown. All comes together in the end, in our adult personalities. These are the four I chose to pay homage to, for being contributive factors to human growth and development.

Negative personalities were not paid homage to, but one like Hitler was mentioned on the post since the contrast provides meaning to the good in our world, just as night makes us appreciate the day better. Thanks Dave and Kamal for your emphasis on this because homage or not, it is part of the overall picture.

Opposing forces:
There are Parents who let us grow to facing our fears and fighting our own battles. And, there are those parents or other nurturing agents who dont or cannot allow their children due to a choice or factors beyond their control. I didn’t mention teachers earlier in the week, but I must add them in here, since they can be major catalysts in some children’s lives.

Influential personalities like Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi inspire and move us, whole nations, and the world across borders. On the other hand, some are influenced by people like Hitler.

People all over the world love their interpretations of freedom. There are those who want to curtail it because that is how they cope with uncertain times, creating a new unknown.

The Unknown, that drives all our fears and explorations. Whether we fear it, grow into facing it, or retaliate in avoidance; it is this that takes us to our rise and fall, as human beings.

Facing our fears early effects our whole adult lives, families, and globally significant choices. What about those who never learn to face their fears or those who become fearless of or addicted to negativity itself?

How must the ‘good’ treat the ‘bad’? Its in our DNA. Its in our brains. Its in our guts. Pay homage to remember and explore options.

Snails n Puppy dog-tails! What are we made of?

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Paying Homage 2

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Contd. from yesterday:

And then my thoughts went to three people who changed the world forever: Hitler, Mother Teresa, and Mahatma Gandhi. The first name needs no mention in a space for homage. The second, an icon of selfless love and universal peace. The third, M. K. Gandhi, who most comprehensible of the three, is remembered as the man behind non-cooperation movement, bringing India freedom after understanding colonialism objectively and winning the struggle non-violently. He experimented his whole life to prove things to himself and to others, which is hard to do, on a daily basis, in the public eye, moving a whole nation along with him, and unknowingly, the world across borders.


P. S. My homage is going to be in five parts this week. It all comes together in the end, on friday.

Hang in there with me,
For in the end I make a PLEA.

Chaos: Us Vs. Them

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Its the end of a successful but crazy busy week between school and schools of thought. In an effort to synchronize minds, hearts, and bodies; its been an interesting experience. Sometimes excitement or sleep take over, and other times, impatience. Between laughs or stories, and alarm clocks as well as ‘Oh no kind of alarms’, there’s a quiet little insight or a loud fright.

Then again, we believe education and educating must be done. Will all this chaos, whip up a storm of creativity, leadership, inventions, or research into chaos good enough to compete with lifes’ storms like Harvey?

While that storm is raging in the Gulf of Mexico, threatening to slow down, I wonder, if Nature speaks to us through chaos; be it chaos of life education or storms in life. Since we inhabit this planet, we must listen to its ways- whether we call it education, superstition, Co-existing or Competing Gods, or Nature’s mysterious ways.

We may or may not be effected by a storm like Harvey, but we may be effected by zero education.
Which is worse?

We may or may not be suffering sickness, disease, or death; but we may be possessed crazily about money, health, isolation, or gregariousness.
Which is better?

We may or may not be impacted by poverty or malnutrition, but we may be impacted by false confidence, leading to greed for power.
Which is manageable?

Chaos: Us Vs. Them?

Gratitude: Thanks for reading or taking any action related to my thoughts I share at Thinkinkadia🙏

“When Life is at Stake” and “IF”

When Life is at Stake
Your life begins with innocence and love-
Wonder for a human life that charms,
Regard for all who help, heart that warms,
Until one cold day, life gives a shove.

And then you display reactions, turmoil, ill feeling.
You build a hateful purpose, disregard life and human,
Comparisons, unfair, you lash out! Zoom in,
Why do you let anger decide to send lives reeling?

Consequence sends you behind bars straight-
Verdict is your life sentence for man slaughter.
A long wait begins, soul search in quiet water,
family now committed to a bitter social fate.

Time passes: your age, purpose, reasons change;
Calm creeps in, regrets lead to insight and appeals.
“You’re not alone” whisper friends at meals;
Now wishing regard for a human, this social derange!

Too late to change! Wallow in life’s grime!
Date is fixed. Letters, cards, books arrive in-
Family trying to save your soul in heaven!
When on earth, you didn’t let them help it shine.

Times change, choice still, to still life, is a silent Syringe.
Life’s over, the sentence, too. You’ve come to terms,
Forgiveness to self. Document read, State seal firms:
“Name, list of crimes, and the Jury’s Verdict.” You don’t cringe.



If you had Survived circumstances beyond your control,
If you had Distant memories of a hurt,
If you had Trace of a crime in your career,
If you had reflections, a Portion of which was regret,
If you had Impressions, that you can make things better,
If you were given one golden chance, a prisoner Reprieved,
Suddenly, you have Life!

I ask you, what matters:
Living well?
Living free?
Loving living?
I wonder, what will You choose?

P. S. The same kind of work in Uniform, gives All of the above choices.

Reference https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.businessinsider.com/a-death-row-inmate-describes-his-thoughts-days-before-execution-2017-4  P.S. Wishing peace prevail in his and many other families like his, so crime is minimized.

Tolerance Radiates, Intolerance does too!

“Tolerance Radiates love and peace, whereas, Intolerance radiates anger and bloodshed.Thinkinkadia.

One day, I was driving slow on a right turn and did not pick up much speed because within two hundred yards, there was another right turn. And then I was in a busy shopping complex, so maintained a low speed till I parked.

It was the first day of winter break, and we had decided to go to a park for a walk and breakfast. As my family was ready to step out, I heard a honk and a man signaling me to step out.

I did and the man started yelling about my driving skills and how I was deliberately going too slow. Right away the teacher mind kicks in, so I do not defend myself and I just listen to him.

When he paused, I answered, that there was a posted speed limit and I thought I was within that.

When people are angry, they repeat the same thing over and over, till the steam runs out. So I listened, apologized for the inconvenience. Finally, he said something less angry, but just enough to hint that he was grumpy and not giving in.

That’s when I decided to end it Infused with love and respect. I said, “Sir, I have heard you, understood you, explained to you, and apologized. (Pause) Have a wonderful day and I wish you a Merry Christmas.”

After absorbing all that I tripped on my dogs leash within two minutes of getting my family from the car, dislocated my thumb, and spent a packet getting it fixed. One month of healing and a small price to pay for Peace.
I chose it as a safer option versus a potential social Detonate-ing experience.

Q: When you meet an angry person, what do you hear?