Succumb to Suck Umb

Mango, the King of Fruits! Juicy, aromatic, delicious!

And messy too! Especially, if you suck the small ripe ones whole, after poking a hole at one end, softening the fruit from all sides, and then squeezing out the pulp, as if out of a juice box. In the old days, our elders say, it was best shared around a bucket, with the mangoes chilling in cold water.  Ice also works very well. Now-a-days you can (at)tempt yourself to eat it in a tub. Just Kidding😉 Too messy, Too cold!

Amb (umb) is the north Indian word for mango. And ambi is the baby mango: green, raw, and sour! Healthy and more sour than any sour candy/toffee I have ever known. It can also be had salty and red peppery. Sour and Spicy!

Come May, we kids used to go hunting for mangoes, wrap the spices in paper, a knife for cutting and sharing slices, and loads of chattering. Pure joys delighted us … especially the time a farmer yelled, chased, and we got away from an orchard near my grandparents home.

After that we always had a mango tree in one or the other friends/ family homes. Most of the time, we loved the musical Koyal bird, that filled the summer air around the huge child-friendly, mango trees. It was easy to succumb to temptations n suck umb, literally ‘hanging around’ the tree with friends.

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Circling Around!

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Circling around circles today, I find we have them everywhere. Including my home: blue starry paper cut out and collage, wood cut out and marroon painted puzzle, and pencil sketch for website icon!

Starting with the very obvious of ‘shape’ to ‘life’ itself, the complete enchilada! (Which, by the way, is just a half circle). It can be:

another group,
Reveal personality,
Properties and
Parts of a circle,
Financial Company,
to even a movie!

A couple of articles, which made interesting reading. How you draw the shape, tells about where you are from and has something to do with your writing script!
Different languages: How cultures around the world draw shapes differently — Quartz
How do you draw a circle? We analyzed 100,000 drawings to show how culture shapes our instincts
And, a game, I haven’t tried. But for those who like it, let me know if you found it of any interest!

Enjoy Circling Around!



Bread Crumbs on the floor: trash or inspiration?

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Imagine kids playing on the floor with bread crumbs. Simple enough but not in a mental hospital of the early twentieth century. Systems weren’t made to nurture the child, but to discipline them, even the mentally handicapped. The staff at the hospital complained about how gross and nasty it was, the nature of kids playing with bread crumbs on the floor!
There comes along Maria who has a soft heart for children, a great motivation to learn, and subsequently to teach: at any cost. She is, on the contrary, inspired by the same sight that had sickened the nurses.

Using that inspiration, she goes onto making a wholesome education program for little children, which we know today as the Montessori pre-school, and she detailed her philosophy and research in several books, to substantiate her beliefs in the potential of self-education by little children.
Doctor Maria Montessori, a pioneer female engineer, and then a doctor by choice, followed her dreams against many an opposition, from family and professionals alike.
There is a known incident about her parents arguing and she took a step stool, put it in their midst, stood up on it and held their hands together tightly.  She won many a war like that with her silent strength and courage to face the conservative men of her time, even practising on cadavers alone at night, since it wasnt okay for women to do such things in front of men. Hats off!

🙏Happy World Peace Day!
I’d be happy with a few crumbs of peace😉 too!


Surrounded by Flavors


Flavorful winds
blow through forests unseen.

Flavorful moments
are created in rare simplicity.

Flavorful perfumes
fill senses in gardens nurtured pure.

Flavorful memories
are made in unexpected corners.

Flavorful thoughts
emerge in fertile silent minds.

Flavorful conversations
are engaged in diversity.

Flavorful meals
are cooked in loving homes.

Flavorful lives
are lived by generous people.

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Ow Ow Ow to WOW!

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The Zzz theory of Success

“Success is a bed of roses, a paradise in heaven, a bank account full of millions, unconditional friends, family that is always there for you, a bug-less garden, a safe …”

“Wake Up! Wake up! Wake up!” (Vigorous shaking to wake up dreamer)

“There is no Wow factor without Ow!” Thinkinkadia

Got to love the 💚thorns🥀 on the path to increasing your W💖W!

Finite power faces Infinite Fury!

via Daily Prompt: Finite Power faces InFinite Fury!

Dear Mr. Trump,
There are three visitors in the region talking to you, persuading, convincing, and wreaking havoc to speak to you about warming waters as well as global warming.

Is it fear or superstition or common sense to believe in Nature’s Wrath? Time tested wisdom passed down by word of mouth can be tested at times like this, but never rejected. Whatever name we give the higher powers, they do give consequences when rules of Nature are abused. We must not in live awe or fear of them, but we must respect them.

The global warming is real enough, even if in degrees. For example, the Gulf of Mexico was warmer by two degrees as Washington had announced, so hurricane season was ‘expected’ to be worse this year. Two degrees and such wrath! What will higher degrees do?

Is it for people in power to dismiss power bigger than their own?
However powerful we humans become and effect the world, but in face of Natures’ Powers, we are insignificant. When we stop balancing our interaction with nature, we are going to be ‘balanced’ in return. By that I mean, when we go to extremes in taking over the land and oceans for purposes that cross the borderline of respect for Nature, then she gives us consequences.

This can be explained scientifically. When we throw trash into the oceans, whether we put it on giant floats or direct effluents flowing in; we abuse it. After decades, the ocean grows warmer with silent death eating its insides. And, storms raging above its warm waters, hitting humanity like Harvey, Irma, and Jose. Please look at the references embedded.

Please use your power to direct use of natures’ resources in moderation and not go for gaining control over Nature via technology. When we respect and balance, Nature will take care of us. It may not stop storms, but it might reduce the strength and levels of damage due to constructions and massive landscaping efforts. Let us learn from cultures who may seem less knowledgeable but know how to live balanced lives within the Nature that supports them.

Technology on the other hand, can give us reports on storms but it cannot block a storm even if we create a counter storm to deflect it.

Money can repair but not prepare, protect, or prevent the impact of Natures Fury.

Please take an Oath with me:
I refuse to use plastic, styrofoam, and chemicals that damage our “cool earth.” I will use naturally degradable materials only (phasing out). I will do physical exercise only in Nature to show respect through my interaction, and not using artificial materials.

Thank you for your kind attention to global warming. Lets warm hearts and hearths, not our home-ly planet itself.

Please sign below, if you support this letter. Thank you for reading.


Dead albatross is found with stomach full of bottle tops, oil caps and a fishing float | Daily Mail Online

Enamored with the Unknown!

Paying Homage 4

via Daily Prompt: Enamored

Lastly, the Unknown. I pay homage to the Unknown, the other concept that is an awesome thrill till overcome, till we reach the next one! An old or new: unknown is ‘not known’ and needs the owner of the conscious adventure to think, prepare, and face the risk!

It is the unknown that drives all our fears, petty or otherwise. How we treat the Unknown, is a fascinating process:

fear it,

grow in facing it,


retaliate through avoidance;

either way, the forces that drive us to make one of these three choices; and the courage that helps us win over one unknown at a time for ourselves, and maybe, for our world. To this Unknown, I pay homage, because it is this that takes us to our rise and fall, and enables survival of the fittest, as human beings.

I hope we learn to face our fears early, because they effect (build, or destroy) our whole adult lives, families, and the globally significant choices, we make.

P. S. A sum up of the homage worthy people, concepts, and your comments on those posts tomorrow, leading to an appeal on Friday.