🙃Language 🤗Shanguage


Substandard. Who? I mean wh…! Right there is a very presumptuous word. I would say this word is also very troublesome or even limiting.
I knowww, its human nature to define, categorize, and compare! But, but … y’know!

Still, who defines the standard? And then judges that it is less of that! People in a family can have mutually agreeable definitions. People at work, in society use the word, too.

What about relationships, hobbies, and generally simple joys people have? Individual definitions of standards and substandards can cause a whollotta mischief!

You are doing your best possible at this stage in life! I dont believe it is substandard unless you set an unrealistic dream goal.
Good moments and low moments are just like rolling hills, you’ll walk them away, and will be proud of what you learned on the journey.
Maybe you saw or did something else on the way?

Entirely different!
How beautiful?!


Out of the-Box, Box-in, Boxing

It must be the phase people are going through as a society, that insecurities, with a sprinkling of anxiety, stress, and fear; that Cranky is in fashion!
It isn’t funny to get creative about, but when you see such trends over decades, couple as a child and three as a student of curiosity, then it becomes amusing. The aftermath is scary for sure, what we human beings are capable for doing to each other within and without democracies, plutarchies, and any other box you can think of.

Which brings me to the point that we people love categorizing everything and people in a box BUT we aspire to BE out of the box! Extremely amusing trend that is Climbing the charts.

Our biographies, televisions shows, magazines celebrate people, scientists, workers, women, and leaders who were self-made or out of the box, which itself does seem to have its own defining (read, limiting!) criteria, another box. As in, a box for being out of the box!!!

If you are not ‘in a box’ or in the ‘out of the box’ box, then you are possibly put in a waste box, dismissed as trash, ignored as a useless liability.

Why? In my view, it is because of the ‘box-in’ tendency of a human. To rise above our tendencies, surpass our limiting natures, isn’t understood easily as a strength. Please do ponder about what we can be as a society even if ten percent of the worlds population rises above boxing (read, fighting) or rise above the tendency to box-in (read, categorizing) people?

Boxing or Box-in: Is that all we are capable of?!!

Blindly in Love n Fear


When you travel for the first time outside your City, State, Country, or Planet: what happens?

Strange new experiences wrap themselves around you; now surprising, now challenging, now scaring, now charming, now lovingly making you love back!

You had no idea how you would react but then you gradually learned to love the unknown. Atleast, that’s how I fell in love with adventure.

A warm fuzzy feeling takes over your mind and body and the brain becomes blank. Later you wonder if that was love.

A hair raising tingle accompanies a mind – body panic alert and the brains goes blank. Later you define your fear.

In my view, fear is as irrational and blind as love.

Here’s my question to you: Since blind fear has failed and cause so many problems, can we switch gears to blind love?

Ok, fine. Keep one eye open😉 But atleast try it three times before giving up on it. Whether the fear is of a smart student, cop, ex, politician, soldier, businessman, thief, or even a terrorist. (Feel free to give your own example because I’m simply, brainstorming here).

There is one thing common between them all. What is it?

(I’ll post your answers in a few hours, just to have max original bias-free responses. There is no right or wrong answer in my head for sure).

Typo tests Personality😉


“Who do you want to be; Outlier or Out-liar? That is the question.”

Translated from Thinkinkadia English: Out-liar is someone who, in the effort to fit in, conforms to the social group, even if one must be masked, regular conformist, or an outright liar.

According to Dictionary.com: Outlier is
something that lies outside the main body or group that it is a part of (something). OR

someone who stands apart from others of his or her group
synonyms: nonconformist, original, dissenter, iconoclast, outsider.

(b)Raving Fortune!


1. Fortune favours the Brave,

    Even if they do not shave.

    Thinkinkadia (multicultural, gender)

2. When I open my next fortune cookie, I would like to see:

“New Earth Law  necessitates women leaders who will run their country like a home: there will be discipline, creativity, problem-solving, consideration for all, food for all, peace, and love.”

What would like to see in your fortune cookie?

🗣Death to Labels☠️ Stereotypes😉

“My heart beat quickens in anticipation of a possibility that every person who calls themselves a minority, might today be convinced that they are not.” Thinkinkadia

This word, minority has been a rage for the last few months. If you break it up it reads: Mine-Or-Itty•Bitty. If you translate it from Thinkinkadia english to regular english, it reads “Either it’s Mine and thus important, OR it is IttyBitty, thus insignificant.”

Who does this word, Minority, refer to?

Tribals. Natives. Children. Women. Farmers. Immigrants. Small community. Ugly. Pretty. Tall. Short. Leaders. Movie stars. Writers. Under-writers. Artists. A race of people. Car-racers. Soldier. Doctor. Group of 10. Group of 1,00,000. People with non-mainstream preferences. People with common sense. Disabled. Presstitutes or Prostitutes. People speaking a different language. A religious group. Housewives. House-husbands. Teen professors. Inventors. Explorers. Weapon users. Fork users. Tailors. Rich. Literate. And so on.

I can only give my example to illustrate the point. Apparently, every person I’ve ever met, and trust me I meet on an average, a hundred a day, can be put in a box, or several boxes. Personally I face several stereotypes a day: woman, indian, must be good with kids, must be good at cooking, helpful (read: must be interested in the man), strict in class (read: must be abused), simple (read: dumb, she knows nothing), single woman (she’s telling …), and giving her phone number (Ooooo! she’s … ).

You know what happens when you try to put Jack or Jill in a box? They sprinnnng back up. Well, at this age, springy is not this-self, but I refuse to accept a single box. I’m greedy, I want lots of boxes. Thanks to many stereo’s, I have begun to see myself as a honeycomb. Lots of compartments, sweet results, and potential to bite if provoked to the extreme.😉

You see, it’s lovely what people reveal about themselves when they judge you and try to put you down into a box. What they often miss seeing is how the receiver processed the information after you finish.



Danced her way out of your space.


In my view what has happened is that in modern educated world, people not familiar with humility or simplicity, see: humility as a sign of weakness, silence as a sign of ignorance, not reacting to their mockery as so dumb. If you have a low profile day, without energy boosters and caffeine, and your vulnerability is visible plain as day, the listener points a finger delicately, as to say got that about you, the real you has been spotted by me!

Decode or ask me what I think and you will find that I’d rather ask questions to get to know your position better. I believe it’s called tolerance, empathy, acceptance of your opinion, and again, humility. I’ve done enough reacting, judging, knowing, etc. in my youth, and now I can connect with people’s phases, choices, ask questions to clarify, or choose not to take things as personal. Only difference is that I see it as a strength.

To get back to the opening line: If everyone can be defined with specific vocabulary to put in a box, then who all constitute Mainstream population?

My conclusion: The word itself is a hoax.



You make me cry!  It’s so nice to see you 💓


Some people value first impression based on looks and some try to get to know people. In case, it is the latter, there goes the first layer, as in an onion, which isn’t useful. For advertising, read brainwashing, we do need pictures with and without the peel. Well, you know for effect!

As we get to checking out our onion, person of interest, we get curious about them. With each layer coming off, the relationship develops further, and the fun of charged emotions begin.

Positive charge leads to friendship, jokes, inviting each other home,  understanding, going out, making out, and so on. Negative charge leads to caution, avoidance, judgements,  sparks,  insults, rejection, trashing, etc.

All familiar with us, Onions. Right? Whether we see through other people’s layers, or peel our own. At some undefined point, there’s going to be some crying. Oh, Onions!!!

Thats what makes us cry, is the ever present expectation of what we want. From others definitely. And yes, even from ourselves!

If one is used to dealing with onions- pink, yellow, white, or green, miniature or XL, then we regard the crying as a normal expression, not as a disadvantage, scandal, or sadness. Now, relating to any of those onions out there is no problem at all. In fact, even the browning ones don’t dishearten, because two layers down, they are usually fine!

The extremely rotten ones have to be discarded from view, we decide. But really, if fear was replaced with tolerance or reasoning, we will see that, the onions became rotten because the farmer left them out in the rain, or the transporting truck’s air conditioning had gone out for one day, or even that if we compost them, they are serving a higher purpose, in the long run!

Man! Gotta love all those Onions. We created them! So what if it’s an onion of a different color, size or, condition. They add flavor to our life’s food, are healthy, and give us the contrast we need, for giving our best in our daily lives.




A Standing Ovation!

I love us people, human beings,

humane, enterprising, and want seeing.

Replaced interest in the be

with the Birds and the Bee!

Kumbh changed from body filled with knowledge

to a Body looking for Love.


Whodunnit: Freudian list of needs

or Barbie origins from the adult toy gigs?

From a brain creating wonders

to a Brain searching for Happiness.

Kutumb, being one supportive community,

to MBA’s and Techniques of Community Living.


Transitioning nurturing families from small town wild,

to a new concept: takes a Village to raise a Child.

New festivals designed to rescue zillions,

Kwanzaa reminding, Kuumba traditions.

Each Day, has a special name to strengthen, celebrate,

All weakening relationships, that Business dictates?


Natural simplicity, humility, empathy,

migrated to Class education in cities simply.

Humility, a sign of weakness, Hurray!

Empathy, a laughing stock-

unless donating money today!

Display! Show! or Abilities do dock.


Modern diseases, to a petty purpose in a lab are made,

enabling condescension, domination, Power to degrade.

What is worse: Hitlerian rule, Aids, or a Virus Dare?

Imperialism, Nuclear Statistics, or biological warfare?

Caste system, Race label, or crass Class classification?

In a re-think about worlds’ political ossification.


Today we admire money and emulate the Monied drive;

Celebrate! We now have leaders of such a tribe.

We built competition and measured it with numbers,

Lets live it, love it, till we smoke all horizons to embers.

Let’s all rise to applaud our own performance,

Well deserved, A Standing Ovation! Let’s Dance!