Whatever will Be, will Be!

Have you ever had a day that makes you wonder if there is really something to the idea of “getting up on the wrong side of the bed?”
You see, todays been a day like no other.
Unusual maybe.
What’s with these U’s today? A U day! Definitely not a me day! If you ask me what happened, then you see, the answer is Unusual too!
Nothing happened. As in, zero value things happened, anyway.
Heat index high. Zero airconditioning efficiency.
Went to the clinic for a routine test. They are supposed to be open. Closed.
Wanted to take in a movie. Both choices not until 75 minutes later.


Went groceries, child sweetly passive, unable to ‘rise’ up to the occasion! A consequence is ineffective because it was accepted😂 without desired result.
And then I start blabber c(m)oping. Even that was low quality! Performance score 2 on a Wow Scale of one to ten. I start singing, “It’s not my day today, 🎶” and words start a game of tag, chasing each other like they have olympic aspirations.
Inevitably, we end up laughing about the possibility of the odds of such a series of unfortunate events. Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be🎵

Finally, the child becomes a volunteer and walks into the store with me  and everything starts looking up again. Is it real or surreal?

Not my day, so what would you like: Going home to love the heat, when you are Spirit-U-Ally dead beat?

Lets Organize our thoughts in such a way to make it Your Day, and enjoy it together😉!

P. S. Its worth talking about it because its fun laughing at others’ mishap, so why not give the 🎁story away 😉

Part-ner ship or Life-Jacket on!

Respecting and loving a womans / mans choice who is respecting and loving you back, seems to make sense for all religions and cultures.
The rest, is history😉
Embedded in misstery😳
Digging up herstory📝

All big management experts will tell you that part-ner is one who does his or her part in taking care of a group, family, trade, farm, etc. What is the part and who defines it how? That’s when vocabularies and strategies start needing discussions in classrooms😉

I say, lets do our best of what we are good at and share the necessary jobs. Domination, in simple terms, bossy or bullish words or behaviour only say one thing to me:
“I feel weak. I need help! I want you to do more because I think you are stronger than me. I want you to do it my way, because I only like my way.”

That’s when the person who is being tolerant, smiles, takes a bow/ does a courtesy and says, “Thank you! What may I help you with?”

Then, the choice is yours of how and when to do it. Otherwise, its the next question. Do I have a choice?

There is just mental strength VS. physical strength. More. OR. Less.

More or less, a slight difference in degrees😉 of effective
Partnership, otherwise its a Drowning ship. Life-jackets on!

Thank you for reading my simple definition.

🎼My 💟istic 🎶Symphony🎵

My 💟istic Symphony!

There’s a people symphony playing on 💓strings beginning @ C!
Instruments are strange ‘n’ far as eye n you can see.

Moods, stars, trees, the soul it frees, marching on dunes,
Clarinets on many planets, sing in melodious tunes.

A vevety sound trickles through Cello-ic exotic liquers,
sensations with mystical adumbrations in the throat n ear.

Painting harmonic colours with percussion, string, n wind;
Deafening vodka besides, light n sound in sync with rhythm win.

Notes emote everywhere, merge in a musical trajectory,
integrating science, audio-visual-tactile-gustatory-olfactory.

This universal orchestral choral trumpets furiously a notion,
Whether staccato or vibrato, this life is a symphony in motion.


🙃Language 🤗Shanguage


Substandard. Who? I mean wh…! Right there is a very presumptuous word. I would say this word is also very troublesome or even limiting.
I knowww, its human nature to define, categorize, and compare! But, but … y’know!

Still, who defines the standard? And then judges that it is less of that! People in a family can have mutually agreeable definitions. People at work, in society use the word, too.

What about relationships, hobbies, and generally simple joys people have? Individual definitions of standards and substandards can cause a whollotta mischief!

You are doing your best possible at this stage in life! I dont believe it is substandard unless you set an unrealistic dream goal.
Good moments and low moments are just like rolling hills, you’ll walk them away, and will be proud of what you learned on the journey.
Maybe you saw or did something else on the way?

Entirely different!
How beautiful?!

Lust off. Lust on.

Lust off.

Lusting for good days? Low days!
Hear the difference between?
Our hopes from a “day”? Exactly!
Not only does it sound strange, it is.
We can barely expect from people!
What to expect from any stressor?
Drop the expect, and gone is the nasty low.
Cheers people dear, ’tis time to take a bow!

Lust on.
Lust on for your goal, my friend
doesn’t matter the size of goal,
nor the size of the mark you leave-
that trendy drive over-rated,
pre-teens to profit monger.
Little steps go further, longer.
Your actions on the way,
are what count everyday!


Shallow? Not anymore!

I see through this word shallow
I wish to redefine, see a sign,
change my view of people’s actions.

People who put down others,
maybe they need to feel good.
Help them feel grand about themselves.

Those who work for easy credit,
maybe thats the best they can do.
Show them a different way.

When people pretend to care,
maybe they are busy…
Carry on caring regardless.

One day, they will stop judging-
Just like me. There’s hope!

Shallow: to judge or let go?

twinkling perfumz😴

remember starry lights
moonlit summer nights
shimmer coded letters
drapes n hearts a’flutter,
sweeps in a fragrance speciale
like resplendent royale
Queen of the Night!
quietly she tiptoes light
as i inhale a dreamy dream
a million smile stream
she prevails n reigns
through storm n rains,
pretty breeze surrounds
restful peace abounds
night calms n thoughts still-
tis’ curtains on my window sill.