Praying on its Prey!

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The word sludge is a bad one for this wonderful season! I cannot think of a single sludgery drudgery thought. Therefore, I must put aside sludge and talk about this eagle that made my day!

What a treat on my morning walk! The darkish picture of the eagle on the ground was taken before complete sunrise. It was enjoying its rabbit kill, when I chanced upon it. On my getting closer, it flew away to the tree tops to survey its treat and keep an eye on privacy invaders like me.

The pics are from my cell and not very clear. I will try again with a proper camera for better luck with this hunter!

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Dubious Cheer!

We are simple people, making the best of situations and resources. Sometimes we suggest to ourselves that all is well, or will be well. Fingers crossed, hope for the best, and so on😉

Other times, we tend to ignore trends that bother us, till things go seriously wrong.

In our country or another. Consciously or unconsciously, we rationalize that (the problem) is far, can’t relate, didn’t know, etc. Our responses range from cannot do anything about it to online donations.

Our constant striving is to be safe and happy. We can believe that those problems can never happen to us. Till it does.

I believe life happens when we least expect it, and when we feel vulnerable. Then we have two choices: meet the problem head on or shiver ‘n’ shake. At times, denial or cop out. I’ve done all of the above.

Take terrorism. There is no first aid for it. By the time we recognize  the problem and own it as action-worthy, it is already too late. A social cancer, if you will.

When does the problem take root? What all can we do before we feel the terror? Does old logic breed new thought for novel and effective solutions?

Figure out your response strategy to this problem that seems distant and non-relatable. Read a fictional presentation of the pattern of trends in our societies that lead to the crises building UP to terrorism.

Available at AMAZON: “Terror Strikes the HoCleS.” By V Sabharwal. (Sample the chapters first).

Let us join hands and be prepared to break our pattern. Take ownership and act now.


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Black is Beautiful

Welcome and Thank You to all my new follows in black and white, the two most beautiful colours of our world.

Black, the colour that gives contrast to our days, to our joys, and to our sweet people.

White, the colour that integrates the colour wheel, lightens every individual, and reflects the sun on all.

And then, something happened. Grey areas! Whodunnit? Read “Terror Strikes The HoCleS.” It’s not all black or white in there.

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Dear Ms. Pataak

You’ve met one from each group of the HoCleS. Today, I introduce to you the peaceful, Ms. Pataak.

A maternal figure who was very strong internally and considered all her (p)eople as her own kin. She was a leader and a seeker but she did not seek power. How did she do it, tackling issues head on, without being gingerly euphemistic? Does she succeed in maintaining a level head amongst men?

What was the chaos that Mr. Popputtlaal strutted about fixing?

Find out in “Terror Strikes the HoCleS,” on Amazon. First three chapters free! I would love your opinion/ feedback on:

(P.S. Reformatting is complete as of yesterday! Sorry, about a technical😄 error before but looming on my horizon was the 11/10/17 deadline for the Amazon contest that you may have heard about. All the best to all who entered!)

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Living A Metaphor Excitedly, L.A.M.E.

It’s so hot, you could cook an egg on the street.
From the frying pan into the fire.

Have you ever tried to Live your favourite metaphor? It’s so L.A.M.E. 😀


Meanwhile, think like a little penguin / chick inside the egg:

“life begins on the inside.”

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Grateful for Choice!

I prefer to

Peace    As long as we dont have to fight for it.

Rain   For life, its pitter pat, n earthy perfume.

Energy   for what it Gives to humans, not takes away through use of nuclear/atomic/political chess.

Fun   As long as it doesnt come at the cost of someone else. Respect for All.

Exploration   Outside of peoples’ lives and homes.

Rejuvenate    With the elements in Nature, and completely grateful for earth, water, wood, metal, and fire.

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”Terror Strikes The …👀”

Stay tuned for name change.

P.S. Tech issues as anticipated by this non-tech person! Apparently, KDP is closed on the weekend, and so this date has to be moved forward to probably Nov 2nd. They take 72 hours to activate link after Me is done. Will Update after speaking to them!


Awe Range

Looking at Nature at its best or worst, I feel awe for the complete range of the performance she puts up.

With nothing else, do I feel that extensive ‘a range,’ even if it is Orange oranges,

Orange pumpkins,

Orange sweets,

Orange lollipops,

Orange paint,

Orange hair.


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OrangeYou 😉COMING SOON to KDP, Amazon❓


”Terror Strikes Nincompoopia”
Reference: “Inner Utopia” in Header.



Surprises at Sunrises!

Though ’tis not fashionable anymore,

great to wake up early, City Zen;)

Perchance you do, expect surprises,

tip-toeing on cool morning dew,

Pretty hues, changing faster than y’knew

Happy, brilliant, gorgeous sunrises!



Coming Soon: 10/31/17 On KindleDP

“Terror Strikes Nincompoopia.”


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Succumb to Suck Umb

Mango, the King of Fruits! Juicy, aromatic, delicious!

And messy too! Especially, if you suck the small ripe ones whole, after poking a hole at one end, softening the fruit from all sides, and then squeezing out the pulp, as if out of a juice box. In the old days, our elders say, it was best shared around a bucket, with the mangoes chilling in cold water.  Ice also works very well. Now-a-days you can (at)tempt yourself to eat it in a tub. Just Kidding😉 Too messy, Too cold!

Amb (umb) is the north Indian word for mango. And ambi is the baby mango: green, raw, and sour! Healthy and more sour than any sour candy/toffee I have ever known. It can also be had salty and red peppery. Sour and Spicy!

Come May, we kids used to go hunting for mangoes, wrap the spices in paper, a knife for cutting and sharing slices, and loads of chattering. Pure joys delighted us … especially the time a farmer yelled, chased, and we got away from an orchard near my grandparents home.

After that we always had a mango tree in one or the other friends/ family homes. Most of the time, we loved the musical Koyal bird, that filled the summer air around the huge child-friendly, mango trees. It was easy to succumb to temptations n suck umb, literally ‘hanging around’ the tree with friends.

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