ReCreate not ReBind!

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Recreate after royal pillage and war,
the evil is done, has gone far;
Though are we doing any better-
left behind with attitude and letter?

Rebuild after chaotic storm,
nature has proved global warm;
Karma is not a chattering joke,
goes around, returning to poke.

Lift up our struggling brothers,
and honour our nurturing sisters;
Love is a huge all-encompassing word,
Compass* finds four, though jargon is blurred.


Four types of love: procreate, nurture, country, All-Mighty.
Directions from Compass: North, South, East, West.



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Surrounded by Flavors


Flavorful winds
blow through forests unseen.

Flavorful moments
are created in rare simplicity.

Flavorful perfumes
fill senses in gardens nurtured pure.

Flavorful memories
are made in unexpected corners.

Flavorful thoughts
emerge in fertile silent minds.

Flavorful conversations
are engaged in diversity.

Flavorful meals
are cooked in loving homes.

Flavorful lives
are lived by generous people.

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A⚡️Stormy ⛈ Crescendo 🙏

via Daily Prompt: Crescendo

Eating sandwiches with Cheese Pimiento?
While many people fuss n make innuendo,
Hurricanes spinning up a seedy Crescendo-
as Irma does flamenco, beats up a tempo.
Like a train whistling by, swirly ska mento
passing dark shores opposite of Sacramento.
Leaving behind a stormy trailing memento,
Love n pray for all! Think big, not demento!


Finite power faces Infinite Fury!

via Daily Prompt: Finite Power faces InFinite Fury!

Dear Mr. Trump,
There are three visitors in the region talking to you, persuading, convincing, and wreaking havoc to speak to you about warming waters as well as global warming.

Is it fear or superstition or common sense to believe in Nature’s Wrath? Time tested wisdom passed down by word of mouth can be tested at times like this, but never rejected. Whatever name we give the higher powers, they do give consequences when rules of Nature are abused. We must not in live awe or fear of them, but we must respect them.

The global warming is real enough, even if in degrees. For example, the Gulf of Mexico was warmer by two degrees as Washington had announced, so hurricane season was ‘expected’ to be worse this year. Two degrees and such wrath! What will higher degrees do?

Is it for people in power to dismiss power bigger than their own?
However powerful we humans become and effect the world, but in face of Natures’ Powers, we are insignificant. When we stop balancing our interaction with nature, we are going to be ‘balanced’ in return. By that I mean, when we go to extremes in taking over the land and oceans for purposes that cross the borderline of respect for Nature, then she gives us consequences.

This can be explained scientifically. When we throw trash into the oceans, whether we put it on giant floats or direct effluents flowing in; we abuse it. After decades, the ocean grows warmer with silent death eating its insides. And, storms raging above its warm waters, hitting humanity like Harvey, Irma, and Jose. Please look at the references embedded.

Please use your power to direct use of natures’ resources in moderation and not go for gaining control over Nature via technology. When we respect and balance, Nature will take care of us. It may not stop storms, but it might reduce the strength and levels of damage due to constructions and massive landscaping efforts. Let us learn from cultures who may seem less knowledgeable but know how to live balanced lives within the Nature that supports them.

Technology on the other hand, can give us reports on storms but it cannot block a storm even if we create a counter storm to deflect it.

Money can repair but not prepare, protect, or prevent the impact of Natures Fury.

Please take an Oath with me:
I refuse to use plastic, styrofoam, and chemicals that damage our “cool earth.” I will use naturally degradable materials only (phasing out). I will do physical exercise only in Nature to show respect through my interaction, and not using artificial materials.

Thank you for your kind attention to global warming. Lets warm hearts and hearths, not our home-ly planet itself.

Please sign below, if you support this letter. Thank you for reading.


Dead albatross is found with stomach full of bottle tops, oil caps and a fishing float | Daily Mail Online

Ignorant Literate: Priceless!

via Daily Prompt: Priceless

Silent steps in steady patience,
Observant and gentle hence.
Kind and friendly appreciative,
Hand in hand, walking indicative.

Confidence appearing cool n smart,
taught, right from the very start.
Mocking the two best friends in rude;
relentless, shocking them crude.

“Humility, a weakling stranger!”
“Gratitude, a suck-up deranger!”
Condescension looked down low,
Knowledge came mocking in tow.

Ignorance came riding by to meet,
and be like them hand in hand so sweet.
“Stop. Look. Listen! You arrogance on fly!
That was them, two who passed you by!”

“Wasn’t that weakness herself?
Why didnt she say so, the tiny elf?”
Humility paused, modest view of her own,
Gratitude stood with obligation sown.




Snails n Puppy Dog-tails. What are we made of?

via Daily Prompt: Memorize

I started the week with parents who nurture us, leaders like Gandhi and Mother Teresa who inspire us; and then moved on to concepts like freedom and our experience of it, how we grow to facing the unknown. All comes together in the end, in our adult personalities. These are the four I chose to pay homage to, for being contributive factors to human growth and development.

Negative personalities were not paid homage to, but one like Hitler was mentioned on the post since the contrast provides meaning to the good in our world, just as night makes us appreciate the day better. Thanks Dave and Kamal for your emphasis on this because homage or not, it is part of the overall picture.

Opposing forces:
There are Parents who let us grow to facing our fears and fighting our own battles. And, there are those parents or other nurturing agents who dont or cannot allow their children due to a choice or factors beyond their control. I didn’t mention teachers earlier in the week, but I must add them in here, since they can be major catalysts in some children’s lives.

Influential personalities like Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi inspire and move us, whole nations, and the world across borders. On the other hand, some are influenced by people like Hitler.

People all over the world love their interpretations of freedom. There are those who want to curtail it because that is how they cope with uncertain times, creating a new unknown.

The Unknown, that drives all our fears and explorations. Whether we fear it, grow into facing it, or retaliate in avoidance; it is this that takes us to our rise and fall, as human beings.

Facing our fears early effects our whole adult lives, families, and globally significant choices. What about those who never learn to face their fears or those who become fearless of or addicted to negativity itself?

How must the ‘good’ treat the ‘bad’? Its in our DNA. Its in our brains. Its in our guts. Pay homage to remember and explore options.

Snails n Puppy dog-tails! What are we made of?

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Enamored with the Unknown!

Paying Homage 4

via Daily Prompt: Enamored

Lastly, the Unknown. I pay homage to the Unknown, the other concept that is an awesome thrill till overcome, till we reach the next one! An old or new: unknown is ‘not known’ and needs the owner of the conscious adventure to think, prepare, and face the risk!

It is the unknown that drives all our fears, petty or otherwise. How we treat the Unknown, is a fascinating process:

fear it,

grow in facing it,


retaliate through avoidance;

either way, the forces that drive us to make one of these three choices; and the courage that helps us win over one unknown at a time for ourselves, and maybe, for our world. To this Unknown, I pay homage, because it is this that takes us to our rise and fall, and enables survival of the fittest, as human beings.

I hope we learn to face our fears early, because they effect (build, or destroy) our whole adult lives, families, and the globally significant choices, we make.

P. S. A sum up of the homage worthy people, concepts, and your comments on those posts tomorrow, leading to an appeal on Friday.


Paying Homage 3

via Daily Prompt: Rhyme


After paying homage to people who inspired me, now I’d like to do the same for two concepts.

Today I wish to pay homage to freedom and wish that everyone gets the taste of it atleast once in their lifetime. And then, I hope they have the courage, to make it happen for others, as a duty and a responsibility.

What is freedom? The dictionary defines it as the “power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.”

And who doesn’t or would not love that! People all over the world love their own interpretation of freedom. Once tasted, its like one is addicted on the spirit of freedom for life. Its one of those things which grow exponentially for you and others around you. Infectious! Magical! And, there is no end, for it grows on forever! I wrote  a rhyme about freedom:

“Cant live without it,
In chains inspite of it.
Wind when beneath its’ wing,
Makes a heart so precious, sing!”

There are others who want to curtail it because they would like a slice of history to be brought back to life in these modern, uncertain times. Or, to sort out someone else because they dared to be free. A new unknown.

I personally, hope they get a taste of relative freedom. On Friday I will explain why I made this wish for them.

Paying Homage


My homage is going to be in five parts this week. It all comes together in the end, on friday.

Hang in there with me,
For in the end I make a PLEA.

I asked myself, “Who I would like to pay homage to?” Lots of names came in my mind, going all the way up to my parents, who did better than the best parenting possible, were creative, innovative, and put their heart and soul into managing the best possible in making odds even, and then let us be who we wanted to be; letting us grow to facing our fears and fight our own battles; and, letting odds become even.