One-way ticket to …

Simply put, a majority is made with a diverse group of people. I wonder does majority constitute a cohesive group of single attitude or background or faith? Is that even possible?


We still hear conversations about mine and yours, ours and theirs, his and hers.

As a society, we are compartmentalizing people and cultures, consciously or unconsciously. How can we claim majority or mainstream identity, if we must downplay others, simply because they do not speak our language or fit in a different box, made by us?


Let us expect and respect diverse thought. It’s a one-ticket to success or failure by ‘majority’ definitions. In “Terror Strikes The HoCleS,” I have put across fun, progressive scenarios of people, some based on real interviews of few amazing people, to illustrate how we do more damage than good, and how they rescued themselves from terror. Dont tell the kids, but fiction is often based on facts😉!

One of them retired as a very high ranking official, one is a professor, and those still in conflict, I hope, will heal and make their lives better, following their inspiration. Interesting and most of us didn’t even know it!

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Think about amazing possibilities as you hear this song🎶

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Goin’ with the flowin’😉

“Money isn’t the measure of my success” (if any😉)

Well, thats what I try to live by. I had a re-think moment again, when I saw myself in a tizzy trying to market the book. Then again, being human I keep snapping in and out of the rat race, consciously over the last two decades.
Now on instagram, pinterest, wordpress, and almost facebook, I zoomed out of my explorations and saw the rat race again😄.

Everyone is clicking likes, because you published a book and you will need help with editing.
You might need help with the book cover.
You must get their help for gaining more followers.
You should get help for marketing to survive the ways of the commercial world.
Whew! Might as well do an MBA, the conversion program to global trade!

I wrote the book like an exploration, not a fit to the list of how to’s. Didn’t people write books when there no books on method? Or, deliberate marketing? I did WordPress with an aim to reach others who might think like me, or who might engage in discussion on perspectives on social issues, not increase numbers in following.
I was wanting people to read the book, but wanted it to be an experience in life’s travel, not a product for sale. Why the rush then? Drop the rat race … again! Sometimes its just a constant battle not to fall into the pattern. And then we do. I do. (And, Mercy! No thats not a wedding wow to WordPress!)

It’s easier to go with the flow, right? Some of you might be relieved to know that, the me you followed is back. Thank you for your patience. To answer some of you who really supported unconditionally, I close with my name.

Appreciation and regards,
Yours truly,
Vandana Sabharwal.

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Dear Ms. Pataak

You’ve met one from each group of the HoCleS. Today, I introduce to you the peaceful, Ms. Pataak.

A maternal figure who was very strong internally and considered all her (p)eople as her own kin. She was a leader and a seeker but she did not seek power. How did she do it, tackling issues head on, without being gingerly euphemistic? Does she succeed in maintaining a level head amongst men?

What was the chaos that Mr. Popputtlaal strutted about fixing?

Find out in “Terror Strikes the HoCleS,” on Amazon. First three chapters free! I would love your opinion/ feedback on:

(P.S. Reformatting is complete as of yesterday! Sorry, about a technical😄 error before but looming on my horizon was the 11/10/17 deadline for the Amazon contest that you may have heard about. All the best to all who entered!)

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Did ‘Chip’ ever try to dance?

Another sneak peek for my friends on WordPress! Meet: Gohkle Chip who was very creative, but he just could not dance.

You see, he was just not social, though, he designed amazing things and made them.

Social interaction, was at a minimum for optimum time utilization and maintaining creative potential.

I still wonder why did he never learn to dance … after the choice became available to him.

Do you know? Find out in~

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Heard about Sir Dam Insane?

Introducing the TERRORific Sir Dam Insane!

You might have a faint inkling you know him, maybe you’ve heard of him somewhere. It happens!

The HoCleS are familiar and give vibes you’ve had before.

What is he doing here? He’s got POWER! Confidence! Influence.

Yet he’s strikes terror in hearts of his enemies.

He is the Chief of a group of difficult (p)eople.




Formatted just Propuh!!! Flip through the free sample pages.

Do you like the new, clean look?

(kindly give it half day for the update to complete).

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Foxy by Proxy!


Mr. Popputtlaal was a huge, I mean really huge, businessman; financially, physically, and successfully. He was also very IMPortant and uhm, … foxy by proxy.

He was written about as one of the first ten important characters that were born about twelve years ago. Thats when the framework of this novel was born. It took a decade for the story line to develop, but the master plan remains true to the first inspiration.

College out, Fiction in😉!

So when you read “Terror Strikes The HoCleS,” please keep in mind that any resemblance to a person dead or alive, is purely a figment of my imagination. 

Though the committment made at the end of my ‘About’ post, is real, and in proportion to my financial ability, I will do a social project myself, to help young unstuck from a pattern of behavior ‘they realize they dont find desirable’ anymore. 

Start reading it for free:

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Neighbour Magic

Talk to over the fence, Chit-chat,

You borrow sugar from😉, they milk you,

can socialise in pyjamas with,  ultra caring

jump over their home, from roof top to roof top.

will watch your house when you are gone.

whose garden you water when they are gone.

who know everything about you, you them.

exchanging samples of cooking, enough for family.

Practise possible art of gossip regeneration.

whose children are like yours, grew up with yours.

who will hide you if bad guys come knocking, shocking;

who will not ignore you when you think they should, could.

Who will love you, when times are down, lift you up-

O! Where have all such neighbours’ gone🎶


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Terror Strikes The HoCleS

Mystery all the way!

Yesterday I introduced you to the Techno-manics. Are there other types of HoCleS?

Today, lets meet Prof. Chutney! He’s the typical absent minded professor, putting in hours at the lab,

creating …


making mistakes!

The mystery is when will the HoCleS go on the Mission, for which they’ve been designed.😉

Terror Strikes the HoCleS.”

KDP: Live on sale tomorrow!

Reminder:   Three special prizes awaiting three best reviews by the end of November. Mystery mail-able prize! If you don’t mind the wait, your choice artwork can be put on your prize. Custom made just for you.


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Shifting Sands

We as human beings are amazing crazy fools and we can laugh about it, cry, or sing but life carries on, and then we run to catch up with it! Though we have moved from communal identities to individual in many cultures, through the shifting sands of time, we have enjoyed the benefits of ‘traveling’ through both.

Loss or gain is part of the pattern, the process. Yikes! How does it happen?  It happens differently for Fancy n Furious! It sure is different for Techies and Love-alls? See the comedy🤡and horror ☠️of it all presented here in a fiction novel form, because we all have at some point in our lives been impacted by the terrific terrifying terrors of … now you did not expect me to give it all away, Didya😉!

☠️”Terror Strikes Nincompoopia”🤡


Refer to “Inner Utopia” in Header : Nincompoopia explained.


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Trade n mark Mania





My name!

Leave a Mark!

A Trademark!

Sell! Sell! Sell!

A craze in a maze.



“Terror Strikes Nincompoopia”

Reference: “Inner Utopia” in Header.



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