Unmoored @ Peace

“Is being unmoored a reason to be insecure, a season for growth, an opportunity for learning about the new shore, or a moment of facing our fears? I believe, all of the above.” Thinkinkadia.

Do you see the new shore as a planet or continent or simply, the other side of the street you live on?

Point is one can feel unmoored without tea or coffee, phone or car keys; or one could literally be unmoored in a classroom full of unwilling learners; or hungry with a kitchen full of supplies; or in a boat, amidst a storm, on the other side of Nicobar islands, where tribals make you a pin-cushion of arrows before you land.

Taking the last example further, congratulations to the tribals for meeting their basic human needs and succeed in overcoming their unknown, YOU!

Now, if you study the unknown to get familiar with, then you can be exploring or even looking forward to a reason to be insecure, a season for growth, an opportunity for learning about the new shore, or a moment of facing the silly old fear.

Try it on a small situation from your routine life and catch yourself smiling😉 It does get better after a few practice runs, doesn’t it😄🎵 Tell me about your experiment!

Enjoy the temporary phases of making the ❓Unknown, Known💚!

🗣Go For It! GET Unmoored

Fittest Revive Over the Precipice!


Fully conscious and deserving are you,
make your mistakes, with abandon enjoy;
Guided by power of insight anew-
Try out ideas, courage to toy.

Have faith in your abilities,
Build the skills to create, every day.
Sway not by riches, nor nitty-gritties;
Create in dreams, that you doth play.

No need to care, or gingerly tread,
around the proud, overconfident.
Do the needful, you mustn’t dread-
Work awardless, regardless; make that dent.

In this world, ring in justice
for people whose struggles are true.
Hang not over life’s precipice-
Let survival remain of the fittest few.

Adollable Teens! Witty Leaks😉

Teenage is a twitter-sweet, bitter-moot phase in which there are temporary mood swings between adulthood and childhood, and flavors of the complete range of emotions thrown in for good measure! All in a day’s work:)

Leaving parents wide-eyed in a state of suspended animation between perpetual readiness for Temporary surprise – shock possibilities to
Bitter rejection – instant hug love-abilities:)



Better (the) Lifestyle!

Lifestyle bettered!

Wake up reluctant
remote click turn on
sounds of an idiot box
modern term: Smart Box.
Eat from box
unbrushed and unruly of
breaking a fast,
Maybe even bath.
Dragging feet,
Cell ‘n’ games.
Getting ready for school,
Roll off bed
Shirt inside out,
Zipper open,
Backpack at home,
Shoes in bag,
Clothing rag.
Books in hand,
Eyes so sleepy-
Feet uncoordinated.
Creativity suggests laugh,
Let it happen
life is rough.
?Tablet solutions for all!
Pacifier screen in hand,
hyper-senses calming within.
Meals in haste-
emphasizing taste.
Chips and sweets
Updates and tweets.
Lifestyle Millennium!!!
Precious Life and health-
Victimized by convenience
Ease easy into habits;
socially rapid rabids.
Life’s pace is a mace
in our own face.
Better still,
is ignorance-
an unknown ill!
“I know it all” reeks
Confidence so Young
bent yet on the anvil.

Better the Lifestyle.

No Purpose can be a Good Thing(k)!


“Have we become so selfish a people, insecure a species, that when we are nice to another person for none other reason than courtesy to another human being,
it gives rise to red flags about a need or discrete purpose?” Thinkinkadia

There is none so grateful as me-
For u joined me in the conversation
Where fun is cool …
looking into significant social
issues is awesome too!

🙏     A HUGE THANK YOU     🙏
for being a part of thinkinkadia.

O to the Beheaders

Which God promotes it?
Every religion has done it.
Dark ages, stark ages,
We are failing all our sages.
The mankind,
thru human unkind.

Does nature allow it,
As a way to give peace?
Does being civilized allow it
As a way to balance populace?

Is it an accomplished (un)kind of feeling
as you slice a human head and send it reeling?
Is beheading the beheader the logical punishment?
Is slicing up people a way to get
heavenly commitment?

Ask the designer of these techniques inhuman,
Or the trainer of intelligent agencies super-human:
Have you dominated enough of those near?
Instilled enough fear in your not so dear?

How do you make people forget
these murdering thrills;
your desired treat you now get?
They’re still cooking the hills-
generations after you got your
piece of cake, hors-d’oeuvre.

Habits that kill hard,
DIE hard.

While you move on true.
Dominate, justify too.
Weapons and commerce –
scores, medals, purpose.
Peace of mind or land won?
Peace be within you when done.


Teach on! Regardless …

“Knackered only till you hunker down and choose to love what you do.” Thinkinkadia

A few years ago, as a new substitute teacher, I used to come home from teaching other people’s classes and once in a while, be so knackered that I would lay down to recover before interacting with my family. A few years later, I decided this was the job of my choice. And there went the word Knackered, forever.

I used to call it classroom terrorism. They still call it partytime. Some adults also ‘understand’ the students’ need for fun. I have honestly met more scary defiance from student teenagers than teens captured for weilding a gun.

I guess it has something to do with the onus of responsibility and sense of purpose. The variable of territoriality remains the same. It’s their area, they know it better, you are the outside element, and they are going to get you, even at a cost to themselves. Terror mannerism.

Or, is terrorism, needing a new word in the adult world? But for the politics behind it, everything else seems pretty similar.

What makes a child 1/4th or sometimes 1/5th your age, disrespect you is the ‘stranger element.’ You are not neither their parent who is going to provide food, clothing, and shelter; nor the teacher who is going to grade them or mediate between home and school.

Older kids want to see if you really care enough about them to ignore their misconduct. Younger ones want to try experiments against authority figures that they can get away with. The little ones don’t like change and don’t know how to manage their energy or their attitudes. See the pattern.

And then the ones you’ll meet anywhere are the ones needing love but asking for it through negative attention. Wherever you go, whatever the age, there are a few people I learned I will meet who need to be heard. Listen on.

In the end, that’s the job. Listen to them, love them, or respect them, and when absolutely necessary, discipline with words or consequences. Teach on, regardless.

It never ceases to amaze me that eventually they grow up and realize what is the right way, if you stayed strong in the right choice. Having mixed feelings about this thankless job?

As a parent, one knows it all works out for the better in the long run, or atleast till life is done😉

🤐Published few hours ago using an old digital draft(!) on April 28, 2017, and it dispersed moodily. Thus, re-posted. Please consider this the real one. I will have to delete the other soon as I can find it😉 Apologies

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Do you love Gray?

Gray stood undecided, against a cream wall, with an embossed floral pattern lacing across the length and width of it. She was unsure and waiting patiently.
You see, Gray had to! She was born out of the marriage of Black and White, who were a stark contrast. She stood leaning towards one and then the other, shifting her feet, elegant but needy.
Her designer arrived in time to finish her vast universe of a dress for the performance tonight. She flourished a maroon border with soft gold whispers kissing all along the flowing intricate weave.
Gray looked gorgeous, modestly representing a glamorous family, and simply gathering around the expanse, swiftly gaining enough power to generate a lightening storm.
The audience thunder-clapped in a standing ovation all the way to a roaring applause, ending in tears of joy gushing down to nourish the silent earth.