Inner Utopia!

Each of us have a little fun loving fool inside of us. A little place where we think the world of our silly thoughts and ideas. I call it the inner utopia, because life is perfect here. And since everyones sense of utopia is different, we make society insanely crazy, nincompoop like!

Sometimes our experiences tame those into silence and at times growth helps in molding them into civil responses.

This book is a fictional account about certain types of people found globally, and their little Nincompoop-ish Utopia😉 Thus the name!

“Terror Strikes Nincompoopia”

(I must clarify: On Kindle Direct Publishing only!)

It is either brave or foolish to give a title like this, in these times. But have faith in me. 

DLTGP 💙 13 days

Meet the characters: starting next week! 

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Circling Around!

via Daily Prompt: Circle

Circling around circles today, I find we have them everywhere. Including my home: blue starry paper cut out and collage, wood cut out and marroon painted puzzle, and pencil sketch for website icon!

Starting with the very obvious of ‘shape’ to ‘life’ itself, the complete enchilada! (Which, by the way, is just a half circle). It can be:

another group,
Reveal personality,
Properties and
Parts of a circle,
Financial Company,
to even a movie!

A couple of articles, which made interesting reading. How you draw the shape, tells about where you are from and has something to do with your writing script!
Different languages: How cultures around the world draw shapes differently — Quartz
How do you draw a circle? We analyzed 100,000 drawings to show how culture shapes our instincts
And, a game, I haven’t tried. But for those who like it, let me know if you found it of any interest!

Enjoy Circling Around!



Weak or Courage?

via Daily Prompt: Leaf

Young girls and boys are like the leaves in spring. Little buds, vulnerable and growing to become a beautiful blossom on a tree!

In that sweet anticipation, along comes a moneyed rich old man deprived of magnanimity and grace, who decides to buy the bud off the tree and take it away.

Far away, without water and nourishment, the bud shrivels, and  collapses, way before its time to blossom.

If that is not enough, they come back for more. Why?

Last I heard, it was possible to get many virgins in heaven. Now they are buying virgins here on earth? Therefore, it is appropriate to conclude that heaven exists on earth. Or, is that only for the rich?

So poor people give their life to get virgins in heaven. The rich can buy them off a middleman to make his haven?

Women Of the World! You have immense power and might. Do you want to give it all away for money in Hands that are strong enough to Bless the young, but weak enough to count you as a number in a shared herd? Hands that are capable to build a generation, but cover their own face in front of a camera in shame!

Women, let us work together for understanding as mothers about what can make our boys grow strong in giving; our men feel courageous in the act of respecting another human being. Only a woman knows how and is nurturing and mighty enough to teach respect for women as well as men.

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Bread Crumbs on the floor: trash or inspiration?

via Daily Prompt: Crumb

Imagine kids playing on the floor with bread crumbs. Simple enough but not in a mental hospital of the early twentieth century. Systems weren’t made to nurture the child, but to discipline them, even the mentally handicapped. The staff at the hospital complained about how gross and nasty it was, the nature of kids playing with bread crumbs on the floor!
There comes along Maria who has a soft heart for children, a great motivation to learn, and subsequently to teach: at any cost. She is, on the contrary, inspired by the same sight that had sickened the nurses.

Using that inspiration, she goes onto making a wholesome education program for little children, which we know today as the Montessori pre-school, and she detailed her philosophy and research in several books, to substantiate her beliefs in the potential of self-education by little children.
Doctor Maria Montessori, a pioneer female engineer, and then a doctor by choice, followed her dreams against many an opposition, from family and professionals alike.
There is a known incident about her parents arguing and she took a step stool, put it in their midst, stood up on it and held their hands together tightly.  She won many a war like that with her silent strength and courage to face the conservative men of her time, even practising on cadavers alone at night, since it wasnt okay for women to do such things in front of men. Hats off!

🙏Happy World Peace Day!
I’d be happy with a few crumbs of peace😉 too!


Disobey: I.Q., $,💚, or Courage?

via Daily Prompt: Disobey



Dis the Obey😉 seems to be the new style of showing confidence in yourself! Whether it be toddlers, teens, or adults. Questions are:
Is it showing a high IQ, as in Genius?
Is it something to be rewarded with dollars or attention?
Is it something to be allowed and loved💚?
Is it a sign of courage, as in Wow factor?

My View:
I do believe that Genius cannot be taught. Allowing kids to misbehave and disobey, rationalizing it to be “So G.T.!”, or “So smart,” or “So talented” is not speaking of natural Genius. When the mind and body is calm, I feel, is when the brain works best in observation and learning. So if we can create calm for the child, or enable the child through expectation, teaching, environment, rules, limited structure, and encouragement; it is then that an observant child learns on his own.
In twelve years of teaching, I have not given any reward, except verbal, to get results from students. Not a single sticker, pencil, or toffees and candies. Sometimes, I have have taken away these kind of distractions for sure, and given back after work is attempted.
To the child, it may seem tough to not to have something to look foward to, but the learning is within, not for anyone else.
The joy of learning is a reward in itself. If it isnt so, then it isnt true Genius!
What do you think? Is ‘taught or encouraged’ disobedience going to get us our Creative Geniuses in the modern world?

The most amazing part of todays research was this (not verified) link, well worth a visit, because you might know someone deserving this prize announced.
📣Sometimes It Pays to Disobey👍
This takes us to a different wavelength of communal good through disobedience. I found these creative non-violent ways of encouraging civil disobedience. A different perspective at community level: as a moral obligation! The debate there is taking a stand against wrong rules in society. These might surprise you or change your thought on social conformity in a non-democratic society.
Many a dynamic change or progress has been made through such daring, courageous steps taken by people for common good.

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Ignorant Literate: Priceless!

via Daily Prompt: Priceless

Silent steps in steady patience,
Observant and gentle hence.
Kind and friendly appreciative,
Hand in hand, walking indicative.

Confidence appearing cool n smart,
taught, right from the very start.
Mocking the two best friends in rude;
relentless, shocking them crude.

“Humility, a weakling stranger!”
“Gratitude, a suck-up deranger!”
Condescension looked down low,
Knowledge came mocking in tow.

Ignorance came riding by to meet,
and be like them hand in hand so sweet.
“Stop. Look. Listen! You arrogance on fly!
That was them, two who passed you by!”

“Wasn’t that weakness herself?
Why didnt she say so, the tiny elf?”
Humility paused, modest view of her own,
Gratitude stood with obligation sown.




Paying Homage 2

via Daily Prompt: Magnetic Personalities.

Contd. from yesterday:

And then my thoughts went to three people who changed the world forever: Hitler, Mother Teresa, and Mahatma Gandhi. The first name needs no mention in a space for homage. The second, an icon of selfless love and universal peace. The third, M. K. Gandhi, who most comprehensible of the three, is remembered as the man behind non-cooperation movement, bringing India freedom after understanding colonialism objectively and winning the struggle non-violently. He experimented his whole life to prove things to himself and to others, which is hard to do, on a daily basis, in the public eye, moving a whole nation along with him, and unknowingly, the world across borders.


P. S. My homage is going to be in five parts this week. It all comes together in the end, on friday.

Hang in there with me,
For in the end I make a PLEA.