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Glowin’ Black my Airs!

Woof🐾 This is Sirius Black, back!

Hi Good Lookin’!

IMG_8757via Photo Challenge: Glow

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“Not Peculiar, but the Norm.”

“Not Peculiar, but the Norm.”

Of the two feathers, which do you like better? And, why?


We could reject it as meaningless. On the other hand, we could learn something from it.

Picking feathers for interest is unusual for me to do. The polka dotted one I picked a while back, for beauty and then left it in one of my plants.

But the contrasting black/white one struck me as very odd. I found it today and I wondered why I didn’t like it. I realized that, I deal with the adolescent expressions about the under-currents of the racism theme, and I tended to treat it as a childish concern. Simply because, growing up with diversity, I had learned to respect all.

The more I heard them, I realized that childspeak, is the mirror to society. They represent their families and that to me is very relevant. But all we can do, is set an example for equality and Be It. No matter what experiences come our way.

Then I put both the feathers together and compared and it said to me co-existing colours are prettier than those divided.


I believe that the current need of what to believe across cultures is:
“Co-existing is not just necessary, it is more beautiful.” Thinkinkadia.

P. S. These pics below are from google search but bring out the feather beauties better. I found NO image to match my half white/black feather. Odd indeed. Enjoy!


Gotta Hand it to Reflections!


I started doodling in college. Just doodling, experimenting, as I do with words.

Now-a-days there’s a trend to buy books with such pictures to colour inside. This is a pencil drawing (edited in photoshop to give the blue hue) I made to contribute to someone’s book.

Its a good way to do something for someone, and you end up gaining in valuable Reflections! I promise you the value is much more when you do things from scratch, by yourself.

On this blog, is a poem on how much I value and “Recognize the Hand.”



2017: Inspite of Trump, Russians, aliens, and other fears … Life will have its light and dark moments.


The dark cloud makes us see the beauty of the light that peeks through

The increasing expanse of the dark, revealed more contrast. The light pushes through with more intensity to make its presence known!

It will be a wonderful new year. We will make it so!

Happy New Year to All! May all your dreams come true




via Daily Prompt: Hopeful

Photo Challenge: Magic


via Photo Challenge: Magic

When I close my eyes and think of Magic … These are varied images that flashed across my mind. Maybe I’m too slow and never have a camera ready to photograph magical moments! They happen so fast…Only the final product pictures are added here. Wish I could make them last longer for a few Kodak moments😉Here we go…


When you pick a piece of dusty wood,
On an inkling that suspense reveals as mystery should;
You sand and varnish, repeatedly good-
Suddenly you stop, you know this table is “The best I ever could!”


When you write an unusual format of a book,
and forever edit, future on unsure hold.
One day you reach the last page of a published book,
Unusual format striking a chord. Rethink anew, step now bold.


When you cross a street in the nick of time,
Two strangers make the same judgement of distance and time,
Your eyes meet, smiles sync like fools,
and you both know it was really cool.


While teaching a child,
Whose enthusiasm so mild.
You try to explain in different ways,
A sudden “I get it!”
makes you lightly sway.



In a time of fading respect grand,
A stranger or elder passes you by;
Your eyes greet, lend a simple hand,
A glowing smile, connects all, on the fly.


When you dance the dandiyaˆ,
Crafted your own designed sticks,
Swaying among friends and swirling colors,
rhythm of the dhol* echoing your clicks.



^Dandiya: Gujarati dance with a pair of sticks, swirling skirts,

energizing music, and circle of friends in sync.

*Dhol: Large indian drum, beaten on both sides.

Picture credit: Only dandiya dance images are from internet.

Photo Challenge: Chaos


  1. Result of Nature’s chaos: still and magnificent beauty emerged.

2.   “Take a peek, Guys!” said the young one.

” OMG!”

“Have you seen Chaos on their side of our Cameldom?” said the mama

with the camelius humps.

3. After the dense clouds, chaotic thunder, and rainstorm- silver light at the horizon!

4. Admirer’s of chaos: Nature gave us something to look up to!

5. Daring to face the oncoming chaos with eyes set high on people’s prayers.

6. Tightly wound. Chaos waiting to happen.

7. Vocabulary change from experience in civilized chaos.

8. Civilized chaos.


9. Patterns emerging from chaos: Now you see it, now you don’t!