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When creativity is simple and spontaneous, then there is no denying the joyful benefits. Stress free. All You! And why, not!

I am posting this really simple piece to share with you that never judge your own creativity. Follow the idea, and keep doing what comes to your mind. Whynot Owe You: some YOU time to execute your awesome ideas!

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I want you to know that there are too many self help books and courses floating around trying to help people be “who you are!” But when you are being who you ARE, then there is always someone who IS going to judge you and comment something; good or bad being irrelevant.

Something that must be done right, or better, or in a class should be made following this or that technique. Sure we must use other peoples or school materials the way they expect users to. But in your own space, be free: for YOU.

Dont get me wrong, its wonderful to learn the techniques perfected by our ancestors! But do not let that be the end of your measure of success. Too often, we limit ourselves in comparison. Who you truly ARE, is absolutely no comparison to anyone. Period!

To me, creativity is just a process, that is natures work in progress. Free of vocabulary related to level, rules, money, and training. Creativity is courage🙃 the way I see it from down here! Courage to implement an idea  that came to your head, however small or big. I mean the idea, not the head😉

People say art is expression. Knitting is therapeutic. Gardening is healing. Music is …  Reading is … Writing is … Doctor is … Flipping burgers is … Teaching is … Blogging is …

Do you get the point?! My dear friends, express yourself through any medium that adds to life, contributes to lives, and makes this planet a little more beautiful because you did or said something in your corner of the world. And those ripples will go far!

💖Love you and your creative ways!


Circling Around!

via Daily Prompt: Circle

Circling around circles today, I find we have them everywhere. Including my home: blue starry paper cut out and collage, wood cut out and marroon painted puzzle, and pencil sketch for website icon!

Starting with the very obvious of ‘shape’ to ‘life’ itself, the complete enchilada! (Which, by the way, is just a half circle). It can be:

another group,
Reveal personality,
Properties and
Parts of a circle,
Financial Company,
to even a movie!

A couple of articles, which made interesting reading. How you draw the shape, tells about where you are from and has something to do with your writing script!
Different languages: How cultures around the world draw shapes differently — Quartz
How do you draw a circle? We analyzed 100,000 drawings to show how culture shapes our instincts
And, a game, I haven’t tried. But for those who like it, let me know if you found it of any interest!

Enjoy Circling Around!



Prickled with Fear!

One cold wintry december night, I went determined to see a scary movie. Sitting in an outdoor screening, on a metal chair, shivering with cold and prickled with fear, I remember this eleven year old pulled wool over her own eyes!  Binnaguri, 1978. Reaction to movie “Jaal.”

P.S. The sketch is my own, made  today, because I couldnt find one on google that showed this view, though there were better childlike images😉

via Daily Prompt: Prickle


Mr. Fops!

Mr. Fops bumbled around in the business of politics. He stumbled and bungled his way through bumbling speeches, too.
A Fops favourite was time spent around a bumbly tubby, cute and cuddly.
But having two left feet and being all thumbs, he was no great shakes as a leader.

Have you met Mr. Fops Bumble anywhere? I think I lost him. In brief grief.

Gotta Hand it to Reflections!


I started doodling in college. Just doodling, experimenting, as I do with words.

Now-a-days there’s a trend to buy books with such pictures to colour inside. This is a pencil drawing (edited in photoshop to give the blue hue) I made to contribute to someone’s book.

Its a good way to do something for someone, and you end up gaining in valuable Reflections! I promise you the value is much more when you do things from scratch, by yourself.

On this blog, is a poem on how much I value and “Recognize the Hand.”