Pacifiers or Fires?!

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Facing the cell phone, W.W.T.D.: “What Would a good Teacher Do:

Taming the firebrand at school


easy allowance of a Pacifier?” Thinkinkadia

What would you rather deal with, especially you are a teacher parenting, or a parenting teacher?


Bread Crumbs on the floor: trash or inspiration?

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Imagine kids playing on the floor with bread crumbs. Simple enough but not in a mental hospital of the early twentieth century. Systems weren’t made to nurture the child, but to discipline them, even the mentally handicapped. The staff at the hospital complained about how gross and nasty it was, the nature of kids playing with bread crumbs on the floor!
There comes along Maria who has a soft heart for children, a great motivation to learn, and subsequently to teach: at any cost. She is, on the contrary, inspired by the same sight that had sickened the nurses.

Using that inspiration, she goes onto making a wholesome education program for little children, which we know today as the Montessori pre-school, and she detailed her philosophy and research in several books, to substantiate her beliefs in the potential of self-education by little children.
Doctor Maria Montessori, a pioneer female engineer, and then a doctor by choice, followed her dreams against many an opposition, from family and professionals alike.
There is a known incident about her parents arguing and she took a step stool, put it in their midst, stood up on it and held their hands together tightly.  She won many a war like that with her silent strength and courage to face the conservative men of her time, even practising on cadavers alone at night, since it wasnt okay for women to do such things in front of men. Hats off!

🙏Happy World Peace Day!
I’d be happy with a few crumbs of peace😉 too!


Disobey: I.Q., $,💚, or Courage?

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Dis the Obey😉 seems to be the new style of showing confidence in yourself! Whether it be toddlers, teens, or adults. Questions are:
Is it showing a high IQ, as in Genius?
Is it something to be rewarded with dollars or attention?
Is it something to be allowed and loved💚?
Is it a sign of courage, as in Wow factor?

My View:
I do believe that Genius cannot be taught. Allowing kids to misbehave and disobey, rationalizing it to be “So G.T.!”, or “So smart,” or “So talented” is not speaking of natural Genius. When the mind and body is calm, I feel, is when the brain works best in observation and learning. So if we can create calm for the child, or enable the child through expectation, teaching, environment, rules, limited structure, and encouragement; it is then that an observant child learns on his own.
In twelve years of teaching, I have not given any reward, except verbal, to get results from students. Not a single sticker, pencil, or toffees and candies. Sometimes, I have have taken away these kind of distractions for sure, and given back after work is attempted.
To the child, it may seem tough to not to have something to look foward to, but the learning is within, not for anyone else.
The joy of learning is a reward in itself. If it isnt so, then it isnt true Genius!
What do you think? Is ‘taught or encouraged’ disobedience going to get us our Creative Geniuses in the modern world?

The most amazing part of todays research was this (not verified) link, well worth a visit, because you might know someone deserving this prize announced.
📣Sometimes It Pays to Disobey👍
This takes us to a different wavelength of communal good through disobedience. I found these creative non-violent ways of encouraging civil disobedience. A different perspective at community level: as a moral obligation! The debate there is taking a stand against wrong rules in society. These might surprise you or change your thought on social conformity in a non-democratic society.
Many a dynamic change or progress has been made through such daring, courageous steps taken by people for common good.

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Finite power faces Infinite Fury!

via Daily Prompt: Finite Power faces InFinite Fury!

Dear Mr. Trump,
There are three visitors in the region talking to you, persuading, convincing, and wreaking havoc to speak to you about warming waters as well as global warming.

Is it fear or superstition or common sense to believe in Nature’s Wrath? Time tested wisdom passed down by word of mouth can be tested at times like this, but never rejected. Whatever name we give the higher powers, they do give consequences when rules of Nature are abused. We must not in live awe or fear of them, but we must respect them.

The global warming is real enough, even if in degrees. For example, the Gulf of Mexico was warmer by two degrees as Washington had announced, so hurricane season was ‘expected’ to be worse this year. Two degrees and such wrath! What will higher degrees do?

Is it for people in power to dismiss power bigger than their own?
However powerful we humans become and effect the world, but in face of Natures’ Powers, we are insignificant. When we stop balancing our interaction with nature, we are going to be ‘balanced’ in return. By that I mean, when we go to extremes in taking over the land and oceans for purposes that cross the borderline of respect for Nature, then she gives us consequences.

This can be explained scientifically. When we throw trash into the oceans, whether we put it on giant floats or direct effluents flowing in; we abuse it. After decades, the ocean grows warmer with silent death eating its insides. And, storms raging above its warm waters, hitting humanity like Harvey, Irma, and Jose. Please look at the references embedded.

Please use your power to direct use of natures’ resources in moderation and not go for gaining control over Nature via technology. When we respect and balance, Nature will take care of us. It may not stop storms, but it might reduce the strength and levels of damage due to constructions and massive landscaping efforts. Let us learn from cultures who may seem less knowledgeable but know how to live balanced lives within the Nature that supports them.

Technology on the other hand, can give us reports on storms but it cannot block a storm even if we create a counter storm to deflect it.

Money can repair but not prepare, protect, or prevent the impact of Natures Fury.

Please take an Oath with me:
I refuse to use plastic, styrofoam, and chemicals that damage our “cool earth.” I will use naturally degradable materials only (phasing out). I will do physical exercise only in Nature to show respect through my interaction, and not using artificial materials.

Thank you for your kind attention to global warming. Lets warm hearts and hearths, not our home-ly planet itself.

Please sign below, if you support this letter. Thank you for reading.


Dead albatross is found with stomach full of bottle tops, oil caps and a fishing float | Daily Mail Online

The Teen Glare!


Parent voice:
If looks could kill,
I’d be dead a million times!
My heart warms fuzzylove,
about half the chimes.

The teens are growing so fast,
Before the Glare goes past,
the Giggles shine on the mast!
Disappearing act, both dont last.

We Moms n Dads, back to family’s apertures-
Obstinate determined persistent nurturers!
Teachers, such try hards, forcing, inspiring,
Dont give up, reminding, ever perspiring!

Child voice:
Annoying old bumpkins on silly springs,
Springing up with least expected things!

Miss, why do you care so much?
We want a free day, teachers’ away!
We are moody, dont want to be quiet n nice,
You non-teacher-parent, must pay the price.

Who the heck do they think they are,
Angels on wings? Leave us alone, go far.
Being close is nice, closed doors are too!
“Mom, would you like a slice of peach or two?”

Have a fuzzy, peachyweachy day!


P.S. Inspired by my teen and I told her so. The first line was running through my head. I asked her to guess the prompt. Clue given was “what you just did.”
In response, she literally said the same line, word to word😄. Ofcourse, it ended like many things do, “Ha haa, very funny!”💞but along came a mysterious smile.

🎟Ride the Carousel🎪



Colorful, mythical, fascinating, carved horses,
Zebras, dragons, and warrior’s shining armour!
The glossy paint, music, lights, n sighs-
Ride the carousel! Magic n wonder in all eyes!

I had to research how its made and find out everything I could about this wondrous machine. Hope you enjoy these much as I did! (Took a while finding the right ones!)
1. Very Informative and interesting video of how the hand-carved Carousels come together.
Behind the Scenes at Carousel Works – YouTube

2. Meet the owners here and find out how they began.
The Last Carousel Craftsmen – YouTube

3. Here is the time lapse/ final installation of a piece. You can go to 7 minutes into the video, if you want the carousel look showing through already😉
The Berkshire Carousel Assembly 2016 – YouTube

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Flurries in a fog

“In the flurries of our progress, at what point, did we people become ‘educated’ to perfection, and:
1. generosity changed to a documented event😉?
2. volunteering is acknowledged , awarded, ‘through proper channel

Lets surprise a random child today! They need good clean fun, and character building experiences.
*We can be generous beyond ‘things.’ A word. A joke. A story. A smile.
*Simple shop owners / street sellers used to give surprises to children. We can give Water? Treat. A meal. A book.
*People helped each other without need for being noticed, documented, or awarded.
Help/Listen to someone read.
Play a youtube music video for someone who hasnt seen one.
Buy a paintbrush / paintbox for a child.

Remember: The anticipation! The surprise!
The growth?
Let flurries of Progress begin!

😉Gosh, I sound old ‘n’ Foggy!