people shine


Poetic, mystical

rain, pour on. Shine on Nature!

Varnish our inside.


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Times change


Sunrise is so beautiful, it reminds me of Rumpelstiltskin. Everything has turned to gold!

Our aging elders are like that too. All their wisdom and patience, make a beauty of relationships, embellishing it with gold. When they share an insight, it is always worth a listen.

🙏 This holiday listen in one unique different way for getting to know something about them, and one for yourself. No counselor can tell what your family can mirror for you!❤️💚

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Gremlin in the Kremlin?

If we consider that our brain represents our planet, and all its sections the continents; then it is possible to understand how our world works or why it doesnt!

It does seem like with all our education in the world, we manage to misfire so many signals we send to other neurons and transmitters, keeping consistent with this analogy.

We see societys problems such as epilepsy, we might rationalize dementia as expected senility, we might ignore the electrical signals fading in multiple sclerosis, and panic to hear about a stroke. But we suppress these maladies, with medication for temporary relief. We console ourselves that “all will be well if … tomorrow.”

Social issues are warning signs of bigger problems to come. We cannot rationalize them or laugh them off. We must catch the gremlins changing our brain signals! Whether the Gremlin is in the Kremlin or Shaolin, whether we fix it using kaolin or javelin- there are things that must be diagnosed in diverse systems across the world and how they are getting worse.

How do Gremlins  occur in the book, “Terror Strikes The HoCleS?”

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Go Nuts in d’Kitchen!

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When you have as many hobbies and interests as me, then you cannot but miss the award for the best housewife or mother in the world. Reason is, one tends to have a penchant for Maximum results through One recipe!

Afterall, one is Jack n Jill of all trades, master of none! Thus, in the kitchen, garden, and  home; one must save energy, money, and time. Think! Thunk! Thunked!💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡

Putting two – three things together in one recipe: like extra vegetables in lentils/sambar, herbs in omelet, and variety of nuts and seeds in the same health bar/laddoo ball.

Blending a traditional recipe and a modern one, this is what I came up with: cup or handful each of figs and dates; same measure of roasted walnuts and almonds; one cup total or handful of roasted flaxseed, chia, and poppy; peanuts to taste and for mixability; as well as one shredded dry coconut. Grind well in blender, roll into one inch ball, and protect with saran wrap/cling-film. Refrigerate.

Have one every morning, especially in the winter or health-re-build stage. Or send it for that student or career making child, who has even less time than you!

Disclaimer: All herbal remedies must be at your own risk or after consultation with your doctor.

Paradise n Paradigm Shift.

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I think our planet deserves a new name. What do you say? So much civilization, diversity of problems, and strategically managed solutions.

I propose that since we have created a paradise right here on earth, lets elevate it to the status of ‘Paradise Found” (or even Fools Paradise, will do).

I anticipate that such a step should reduce the scale of terrorism and rate of suicides, as a short-cut to paradise.

Quoting 😉headline News on CNN, BBC, and DoorDarshan:

“It has now been discovered by an anonymous author at WordPress, that our Earth is truly a Miltonian Antithesis. In that, Paradise has been found not in heaven, as it is on Earth … discovered and patented as “Fools Paradise Found” right here on home ground.

As a result:
1. All travel agencies have cancelled tickets to what was believed to be the earlier, Heavenly Paradise.
2. Cyanide is sitting surplus in market because buyers are reaching Paradise, without it, for free.
3. World Population is increasing in leaps and bounds.
4. No one has to die to fulfill paradisical desires.
5. Business interests have moved from Disneyland and Kingdom of Dreams* to Paradise Found. Stockmarkets have reported a tremendous fall in their share value at Wall Street and Dalal Street.”

Stay tuned!

*P. S. You are Welcome, Shahrukh Khan!



Chaat-ting it up with Paani Puri!

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Lets raise a toast, a cup, to celebrate a medley of colours, flavours, and emotions with our favourite matki of joy! I’m talking about paani-puri, a crisp ball full of memories, sometimes experiences, spices, and a love that is beyond borders. No matter which country you are from, or which rung of social ladder you are on, willy nilly you gotta luuvvv Paani Puri!

Just visit any Street Car(t) of Desire, and Lo n Behold, there it is! Ssssh: The secret password to access is, “Bhaiya! Zara ek plate lagana!” Translation is impossible, its significance is depleted in any other language. But you see the machinery of the human hand work from the second that last syllable left your lips. Watch the eye-hand rhythm, no less than poetry in motion, and ‘Bhaiya’ is on the job, serving it up, before you figured out what just happened. He dips the holey, also holy for some, crunchy ball in the zesty minty pool of joy and then the gift is given to you.

You hold it reverently, balancing hope along its cracked fragility, and move the head slowly towards your hand as you also bring the hand to mouth, deft n urgently, its in. Whew!
Arent you glad there’s no mirror around you? Theres a reason they dont put one. The truth of life is that it is an internal experience for you, free of the external surround sound. You smile anyway and enjoy the joy of good things. Suddenly your eyes close, and you disappear in an illusion of an explosion that shook your world of senses. Its a Hold-up! You freeze with a warm tingling inside.

He looks at you just for a split second and knows you want more, because your hand reached out before your eyes opened and mouth recovered from the first experience. Your taste buds and brain work in sync to stop the tongue from wagging words. It is custom spiked with spicy intent!
Bhaiya nods to you while he serves up five others before you. You get the nod and dont laugh because its a secret understanding between siblings. Yes, remember, “All Indians are my brothers and sisters …” It is the singular integrative force that binds Indians together. It IS in The Masala that makes Bollywood films and Desi Boys and Girls click all over the world. You take away Pani-Puri, and you’ve ruined the South Asians forever. But then, where will you go to renew your zest in life? I tell you, it is IN The Paani-Puri. The pursuit of happiness ends right here.

No other place has people drooling in respect as they wait in line! A familial bond is established without Rakhi ties and mighty expectations. A faith in humanity restored as the next paani-puri comes along and you choose to relive that experience again. Compliment now: “Badhiya hai!” Wonderful words make Chaat happen.
And again.

The Standard Operating Procedure at home or in a restaurant is to break-in yourself; efficient tap with your thumb, quickly put a few chana, aka chick-peas, mush potato, raw red onion shreds, dash of sevian, and glitter of green dhania, aka, cilantro. Dip the whole ball in the bowl of tangy drink made with mint leaves and zesty spices will work their magic, that are sprinkled in, delicately to delight!
Don’t think. Just POP it in! You better believe it, one chomps down on the ‘whole’ thing together. Compete with friends and family on Speed and Accuracy of this amazing phenomenon, nom nom!

And yes, please know its okay to crrrunch down on it, otherwise its not paani puri, it’ll just be a soggy bummer, leading to a de-spritualising experience causing monetary devaluation.

I serve this chaaty presentation on this special day for Indians, Indians at heart, or even those who love Indian history because it was common until exactically Sevendy years ago! This paani-puri mania is a pre-requisite to get your South Asian Citizenship. Please check with the government website, if things have changed since I last dreamed it up.
(I have no idea why that turned blue😂).

Statutory Warning: Yes, the reference to Street Car named Desire is meaningful because over-indulgence can end in a minor tragedy.

Did you notice the colours in the pictures of Chaat and Paani Puri? Every good recipe has the colours green, white, saffron, and the ever nurturing golden earth. Thanks for your visit. Good chaat-ting it up with you!

My turn, “Bhaiya, zara ek plate lagana.”

“Badhiya hai!”


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🎼My 💟istic 🎶Symphony🎵

My 💟istic Symphony!

There’s a people symphony playing on 💓strings beginning @ C!
Instruments are strange ‘n’ far as eye n you can see.

Moods, stars, trees, the soul it frees, marching on dunes,
Clarinets on many planets, sing in melodious tunes.

A vevety sound trickles through Cello-ic exotic liquers,
sensations with mystical adumbrations in the throat n ear.

Painting harmonic colours with percussion, string, n wind;
Deafening vodka besides, light n sound in sync with rhythm win.

Notes emote everywhere, merge in a musical trajectory,
integrating science, audio-visual-tactile-gustatory-olfactory.

This universal orchestral choral trumpets furiously a notion,
Whether staccato or vibrato, this life is a symphony in motion.


🙃Language 🤗Shanguage


Substandard. Who? I mean wh…! Right there is a very presumptuous word. I would say this word is also very troublesome or even limiting.
I knowww, its human nature to define, categorize, and compare! But, but … y’know!

Still, who defines the standard? And then judges that it is less of that! People in a family can have mutually agreeable definitions. People at work, in society use the word, too.

What about relationships, hobbies, and generally simple joys people have? Individual definitions of standards and substandards can cause a whollotta mischief!

You are doing your best possible at this stage in life! I dont believe it is substandard unless you set an unrealistic dream goal.
Good moments and low moments are just like rolling hills, you’ll walk them away, and will be proud of what you learned on the journey.
Maybe you saw or did something else on the way?

Entirely different!
How beautiful?!