Meditating on Peace


First time seeing this place as a ten year old in 1977, I couldn’t help but fall in love with Pangong su Lake. Blanco cold, the peaks were snowcapped, even from May to July.  By the way, it looks really cool on google earth!

I really missed that view when I took my family there few years ago. Not white anymore due to the global warming, which some VIP’s declare is not happenning. For want of a better word, let’s just call it alien-hugged-warm😉

Leaving Ladakh for a moment, lets revert to the series on change. Peoples’ perspectives and attitudes have changed, so why is it hard for us to maintain peace instead of terror?

Almost there: 3 more wordNiche pictures (per my sad math😋)

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Relocating focus changes …


War has changed,

reason hasn’t,

Weapons have changed,

bloodshed hasn’t.

Need has changed,

greed hasn’t,

Diplomacy has changed,

love-hate hasn’t.

What does relocating our focus change? What are the options in unconventional wars?

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Join the discussion:

“Terror Strikes The HoCleS.” Perspective shift on terrorism. YAFiction. e📖 FREE trial 30 days on Kindle Unlimited! e📖@

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Goin’ with the flowin’😉

“Money isn’t the measure of my success” (if any😉)

Well, thats what I try to live by. I had a re-think moment again, when I saw myself in a tizzy trying to market the book. Then again, being human I keep snapping in and out of the rat race, consciously over the last two decades.
Now on instagram, pinterest, wordpress, and almost facebook, I zoomed out of my explorations and saw the rat race again😄.

Everyone is clicking likes, because you published a book and you will need help with editing.
You might need help with the book cover.
You must get their help for gaining more followers.
You should get help for marketing to survive the ways of the commercial world.
Whew! Might as well do an MBA, the conversion program to global trade!

I wrote the book like an exploration, not a fit to the list of how to’s. Didn’t people write books when there no books on method? Or, deliberate marketing? I did WordPress with an aim to reach others who might think like me, or who might engage in discussion on perspectives on social issues, not increase numbers in following.
I was wanting people to read the book, but wanted it to be an experience in life’s travel, not a product for sale. Why the rush then? Drop the rat race … again! Sometimes its just a constant battle not to fall into the pattern. And then we do. I do. (And, Mercy! No thats not a wedding wow to WordPress!)

It’s easier to go with the flow, right? Some of you might be relieved to know that, the me you followed is back. Thank you for your patience. To answer some of you who really supported unconditionally, I close with my name.

Appreciation and regards,
Yours truly,
Vandana Sabharwal.

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Praying on its Prey!

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The word sludge is a bad one for this wonderful season! I cannot think of a single sludgery drudgery thought. Therefore, I must put aside sludge and talk about this eagle that made my day!

What a treat on my morning walk! The darkish picture of the eagle on the ground was taken before complete sunrise. It was enjoying its rabbit kill, when I chanced upon it. On my getting closer, it flew away to the tree tops to survey its treat and keep an eye on privacy invaders like me.

The pics are from my cell and not very clear. I will try again with a proper camera for better luck with this hunter!

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Whats all the fluff about HoCleS?

The name change is obvious, making it: “Terror Strikes The HoCleS!”

P.S. My kids were dead against it😄 Oops!

Let the story begin:

Travel with the searching hearts and minds of the discoverers of a society,  983 PGM, who wonder what were the HoCleS’ thoughts on ~ what has been, is, and must be.

Findalot, Knex, and Cynix find their research, inspired by a map shown by a colleague, to be a constant source of appreciation for their own fragile existence, growing fertile on the ashes of this civilization.

What was the fluff about this society 983 years Post Global …

Sneak Peak: Thats the best screenshot possible!


Introduction to the first character tomorrow😉

Thank you and a huge Welcome to all my new follows! Hope you enjoy my blog, and while you are here, you might even find something silly, useful, or beautiful!

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Ssssurreal sequence of events

Last year if you’d asked me, I wasn’t ready to publish this book I’d written a decade ago. I interviewed people who had gone back to successful lives, given the right opportunities. I’d held on to it because no one understood the theme. You see, no one wanted to. Its human nature to avoid whats unpleasant, but how long?

But then one of the characters came to life and started doing the things described here. Then another. Then an incident. It was very surreal to me. I stopped completely in my tracks.

To be honest, I thought everyone will not believe it, like i didnt. After starting wordpress, some my friends here believed me and my ideas.

I read others.

I got hope!

I realized that no matter what happens today, I need to be true to my work, and that it has its own life. I must let it go. Thus began the editing process, and I present to you apprehensively, but truly, my lifes work inspired twenty four years ago in Kashmir. 

My study on terrorism, how it comes about, and how we the people, repeatedly ignore the symptoms that warned us of what can go wrong. Therein lies the comedy, there lies the horror.

Each one of us can make our planet safe, if we knew how.

It’s time we face the truth, or the fiction, even if it seems like just a far off story that does not affect our lives …

because it does.


”Terror Strikes Nincompoopia”
 “Inner Utopia” in Header.


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Shifting Sands

We as human beings are amazing crazy fools and we can laugh about it, cry, or sing but life carries on, and then we run to catch up with it! Though we have moved from communal identities to individual in many cultures, through the shifting sands of time, we have enjoyed the benefits of ‘traveling’ through both.

Loss or gain is part of the pattern, the process. Yikes! How does it happen?  It happens differently for Fancy n Furious! It sure is different for Techies and Love-alls? See the comedy🤡and horror ☠️of it all presented here in a fiction novel form, because we all have at some point in our lives been impacted by the terrific terrifying terrors of … now you did not expect me to give it all away, Didya😉!

☠️”Terror Strikes Nincompoopia”🤡


Refer to “Inner Utopia” in Header : Nincompoopia explained.


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Release True Histories!

Columbus discovered America!
Agree thats what the books say propah'
So did Zeng He, Ming, Japanese-

Semites, Knights Templar riding the breeze.
Siberians, Malians, left souvenirs too,
Polynesians, Egyptians, didnt publish claim new.
Irish, Romans- musn't they join the sway?
As did the natives, cave man, before finding his way.

China is powerful, huge, n cultured, too!
OMG, encroaching in 21st century too?
wants more to increase their big chunkO'land,
Highwaying Pakistan, India dressed in pearly garland.
Generous to nKorea, laughing at bully with nothing,
Keeping Powers drooling over decorative something.
Trade - rich, Base chase, weapons strip-tease,
Tao's heart n soul cannot be at ease!

Russia competes silent in space,
Satellites, Politics, n Digital race.
Most continents face food, health, medical issues,
Still plague our mind and body tissues.
Bamboozling the mysteries, raid secret societies-
Pillaging lands, minds, our crazy histories.
Is that what aspiring super powers do,
I am confoozled about this major to do!

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“Terror Strikes Nincompoopia”


Never Look Back?

I believe we must look ⬅️back at our histories so as to not repeat ancestral mistakes and select value from old books of knowledge to move➡️ forward.

This is a beautiful universal thought that applies to all of us! Different cultures speak about similar thoughts. Relevant in todays times is this one by China, from China, for China.


I respect this message by Lao Tsu and pray: Let us ascend in the degree of our thoughts for Peace with neighbours who believe in the same with love.



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Not Usually, but here it is!🎂

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Today, thinkinkadia turns one year old, and I thought its time to celebrate the Birthday with you all! I couldn’t have survived without your support and encouragement! Its been a wonderful experience and after making a few mistakes, I have learned a little bit. I am still not as good as many of you social media handlers and multi-taskers! I do get all the notifications, just like every WordPresser. But somehow, I tried to stay focussed on being number-free.

I have a long ways to go! In my own little awkward ways, a million appreciations.💖 The posts are now at a 241. A year ago, I wasnt even dreaming of completing ONE week, leave alone one year!

Thank You, WordPress!

Thank You to all visitors, encouraging Likers, and all my dear follow-ers!