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Assay of my life!

Two life-styles. Two people.

Which one do you connect with? Continue reading Assay of my life!

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Costumed Actors

Shakespearen lines remind us that we are just actors that get on the stage of life, play our part, and then are heard no more. During this performance, we get into our roles and robes so seriously, that we start believing our own perception of ourselves, and get competitive, even (un)becoming ugly. Now, due to various experiences, we might become stronger or weaker, better or … Continue reading Costumed Actors

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Cavity in my Soul

Welcome to my new blog face, braving the wintry air in the gorgeous mountains of Ladakh! The journey has been long and adventurous through the ocean of time, and now this traveler is virtually hiking up the himalayas. Hope you will enjoy the new place along with me. Button up your overcoat, lace up your boots, and let’s talk about things that we can change. … Continue reading Cavity in my Soul