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Elegantly in Controll


Why? Our social problems, including terrorism, cannot find different / new solutions because we don’t look beyond what we KNOW!

ZOOM OUT with me and take the birds eye view of things, beyond the know, into patterns and perceptions of behavior.

HUGE PROMO coming up Dec 20-26 : Amazon only allows one during the period! Make the most of it to see if we can shift our perspective on how we help or not, the likes of Sir Dam Insane or Gen. Ius Evil.

Wishing PEACE for ALL!

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people shine


Poetic, mystical

rain, pour on. Shine on Nature!

Varnish our inside.


Terror Strikes The HoCleS.” Perspective shift on terrorism. YAFiction. e📖 FREE trial 30 days on Kindle Unlimited!
Would you like to do a review? Contact me with a screenshot on the amazon site and I will be happy to give a prize to the top three by Dec 31st! e📖@

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Sparkle is ON!

Last time I went zooming in nature, on nature,

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She still had her sparkle ON!

The Sparkle is ‘naturally’ infectious! Did you notice, I am part of the contagion😉


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Who-Man’s Zoo Afterall!

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Don’t you think we humans are like monkeys in a Zoo? Only difference is monkeys are surrounded by distinctly different species and we are not.


We are more like these chicken, shoving each other into a soup! And screaming our heads off, justifying,

“Cock a doodle do!”

“Rock a noodle too!”

“Woof that poodle new!”

“Blaaah to you, too”

(I cannot beat Dr. Seuss, but you got to admit, it was Greatly 😉 Worse!)


Come one and Come all! Let us show those animals how we can coexist Better!

Free book on Kindle Unlimited! Try to understand growing intolerance through the how’s n why’s illustrated in “Terror Strikes The HoCle,” with a truly international spirit in here.

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FREE Possible!

Parents and Teachers! Most countries are headed for the holidays and many of us are planning to catch up on some reading.

I don’t have a kindle, but I hope to maximize with this app. Here is a snippet of a link I found where you can read whole e-books for free! Kindle Unlimited: free trial for thirty days. Avid readers can sign up if they like the option, others can sample books and must cancel within thirty days, so as not to be charged.

I had the option to send free books few weeks ago, but after enrolling in kindle select, I have committed to kindle unlimited program and must pay for my own book, even if I want to send a gift. Live and learn, as they say 😀

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Parents and Teachers! Sample or read the book, “Terror Strikes The HoCleS,” and check it out for your special youth or students. It is the best way to illustrate how terrorism comes into being, and watch them figure out for themselves how and why it happens, and what must be done about it. Here is where fiction comes together with psychology and sociology of terrorism.

P.S. Please ask your student to leave frank reviews on the site about what they think about the book.


One-way ticket to …

Simply put, a majority is made with a diverse group of people. I wonder does majority constitute a cohesive group of single attitude or background or faith? Is that even possible?


We still hear conversations about mine and yours, ours and theirs, his and hers.

As a society, we are compartmentalizing people and cultures, consciously or unconsciously. How can we claim majority or mainstream identity, if we must downplay others, simply because they do not speak our language or fit in a different box, made by us?


Let us expect and respect diverse thought. It’s a one-ticket to success or failure by ‘majority’ definitions. In “Terror Strikes The HoCleS,” I have put across fun, progressive scenarios of people, some based on real interviews of few amazing people, to illustrate how we do more damage than good, and how they rescued themselves from terror. Dont tell the kids, but fiction is often based on facts😉!

One of them retired as a very high ranking official, one is a professor, and those still in conflict, I hope, will heal and make their lives better, following their inspiration. Interesting and most of us didn’t even know it!

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Think about amazing possibilities as you hear this song🎶

Knitted thoughts


2017 has been an interesting year: geographically, politically, and globally catastrophic! Knitting all those thoughts together, I find we are not just searching for happiness, but also peace. Just a little mental break, a little relief from storied stress.

Shopping and SALE therapy isn’t doing wonders either to alleviate the condition of the christmastly seasoned mind😉

Therefore, here’s wishing everyone a simple life, a joyful season, and a peaceful realm as you interact with society and family. Enjoy nature even as she dulls in her beauty, for her work of providing peace continues on. ❤️ Happy (planning) Holidays!

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Don’t forget to read/ add to your shopping list! (Amazon has a restriction on changing the listed price. I am allowed only a one week promotion). Coming soon!

Read: A fictional presentation of how we make our society TERRORIFFIC!

Listening to yourself?

Have a percussive headache and reaching for a painkiller? When low on energy, some of us reach for coffee, tea, sweet- whatever gets us going. Seems normal!

I do that too, sometimes. But never on holidays and ninety percent of other days. But definitely, no chemical based energy enhancers.

Listen to the body? What is it saying? Tired. Sleepy. Unnecessary sweet. 

In my view, all are crutches for moments when we don’t listen to ourselves and meet our needs. Simple example is: I find kids eat snacks and ‘being’ with a cell phone frequently. In short, ignoring their own needs, health, and sanity. I ask you, if your stomach can work non-stop. After all, doesn’t the stomach need rest too?

This is what I do and it works without stimulants. Rest. Sleep. Walk it off.

Peer pressure for kids and adults seems to make people use stimulants to appear cool, energetic, and a go getter. Instead of peace of mind, many of us involuntarily teach our kids to project a false image.

Do we fear being called an ancient, underdog, or mushy marshmallow?


(P.S. Tomorrow, the other peace😉)

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Gremlin in the Kremlin?

If we consider that our brain represents our planet, and all its sections the continents; then it is possible to understand how our world works or why it doesnt!

It does seem like with all our education in the world, we manage to misfire so many signals we send to other neurons and transmitters, keeping consistent with this analogy.

We see societys problems such as epilepsy, we might rationalize dementia as expected senility, we might ignore the electrical signals fading in multiple sclerosis, and panic to hear about a stroke. But we suppress these maladies, with medication for temporary relief. We console ourselves that “all will be well if … tomorrow.”

Social issues are warning signs of bigger problems to come. We cannot rationalize them or laugh them off. We must catch the gremlins changing our brain signals! Whether the Gremlin is in the Kremlin or Shaolin, whether we fix it using kaolin or javelin- there are things that must be diagnosed in diverse systems across the world and how they are getting worse.

How do Gremlins  occur in the book, “Terror Strikes The HoCleS?”

“Do they manage to make peace amongst each other?” eBook on Amazon: