Reciting Bits n Bytes!

As we grew up with technology and life became easier, I believe we wanted similar things even in the adult world. We have reached the point of perfection where we need those toys back in our lives instead of being accepting of people in training.  (And, dogs n cats n whatever else one may fancy).

For example: Automated Secretary (Reciting lines off a computer screen or worse, text to voice from recorded database).
“Good Morning! Thank you for your call. Please hold. We will be with with you shortly. Your call is very important to us. Press 1 for sales. Press 2 for customer support. Press 3 for shipping.” Further onto a specific department:
“Press 1 for Dumb. Press 2 for Dumber.”

Dress up Games Customize:
Automated Secretary Avatar: Choose!

Virtual Assistant Denise 2012 Guile 3D Studio Kristanna Loken Skin – YouTube

Wow! Automated Secretary’s Voice: Customise! Choose!
Which voice would you like?
👩🏻‍⚕️Meet the real woman behind the voice of Siri – YouTube

At this point I cannot say that I’m making any effort to keep up with any of the modern technologies, except my phone for ‘writing!’

Its a conscious choice for me. I believe it is good for us to be in touch with our natural abilities. Each to their own! Enjoy the new Avatars, voices, and all these amazing choices!

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Proud to Unfurl: Proactive People

Dear Friends,

I must say that I’m so proud of these people to keep a level head in face of all the madness that surrounds us. I have been writing a few posts on how it makes sense for South Asia to Unite (reference in the Pani Puri Post and here: My First Post: )  But these kids have thought of such an artistic and simple way to promote a beautiful thought! If anything can enable a re-think about Pakistan-India-Bangladesh Friendship, it is Arts and Sports! Congratulations Kiddos! Keep up the creative efforts🎵

This article below is of an amazing couple who quit their teaching careers and grew a forest🌿🌳🌴🌾 for their child. How beautiful is that! I have been dreaming of a similar project, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I have so far been limited to fictionalising concepts. Kudos to them as it makes complete sense to pass on Peace 💞more than education.

And last but not least: Uber cab service sent this message to taking a stand against hate. Absolutely love it!


UnfurlThe Joy! Have a wonderful weekend! A huge thank you for your readership and all the new Follows this week.

Welcome to my Blog!🙏


Prickled with Fear!

One cold wintry december night, I went determined to see a scary movie. Sitting in an outdoor screening, on a metal chair, shivering with cold and prickled with fear, I remember this eleven year old pulled wool over her own eyes!  Binnaguri, 1978. Reaction to movie “Jaal.”

P.S. The sketch is my own, made  today, because I couldnt find one on google that showed this view, though there were better childlike images😉

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In our perfectly normal world …

What happens in a Jiffy?

Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk.
Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. Run.
Play. Play. Play. Play. Play. Play.
Work. Work. Work. Work. Work.
Create. Create. Create. Create.
Read. Read. Read. Read. Read.
Shop. Shop. Shop. Shop. Shop.
Passion. Passion. Passion.
Emotion. Emotion. Emotion.
Trigger. Trigger. Trigger. Trigger.
!!!Madness happens in a Jiffy!!!
Trigger. Trigger. Trigger. Trigger.
Emotion. Emotion. Emotion.
Passion. Passion. Passion.
Shop. Shop. Shop. Shop. Shop.
Read. Read. Read. Read. Read.
Create. Create. Create. Create.
Work. Work. Work. Work. Work.
Play. Play. Play. Play. Play. Play.
Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. Run.
Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk.

Dedicated to the people affected by madness this week.

Spicy is Nicey!

Spicy is very nicey!
Capsaicin is pricelessy.

Risk-reducing stroke, heart,
n damaging LDL for a start.

Regulates sugar in sweetnation                                                      diabetes; n fights inflammation.

Aids in longevity this way,
Will make cancer prevention sway.

Healthier heart in a trance,
Sexy or not, good for romance.

Sweating steams calories away,                                                                           thus, lose weight not your mind.

Increases pain in mouth,
Reduces pain elsewheres.

Promotes digestion woohoo!
Fights infection for you!

and for starver emptiness,
leading to happy fullness.

Clearing congestion in
Nose, arteries, and skin.

Excess takes numbers away,
Adding years to life’s way!




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pic credits: google search

🎟Ride the Carousel🎪



Colorful, mythical, fascinating, carved horses,
Zebras, dragons, and warrior’s shining armour!
The glossy paint, music, lights, n sighs-
Ride the carousel! Magic n wonder in all eyes!

I had to research how its made and find out everything I could about this wondrous machine. Hope you enjoy these much as I did! (Took a while finding the right ones!)
1. Very Informative and interesting video of how the hand-carved Carousels come together.
Behind the Scenes at Carousel Works – YouTube

2. Meet the owners here and find out how they began.
The Last Carousel Craftsmen – YouTube

3. Here is the time lapse/ final installation of a piece. You can go to 7 minutes into the video, if you want the carousel look showing through already😉
The Berkshire Carousel Assembly 2016 – YouTube