Surprises at Sunrises!

Though ’tis not fashionable anymore,

great to wake up early, City Zen;)

Perchance you do, expect surprises,

tip-toeing on cool morning dew,

Pretty hues, changing faster than y’knew

Happy, brilliant, gorgeous sunrises!



Coming Soon: 10/31/17 On KindleDP

“Terror Strikes Nincompoopia.”


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Release True Histories!

Columbus discovered America!
Agree thats what the books say propah'
So did Zeng He, Ming, Japanese-

Semites, Knights Templar riding the breeze.
Siberians, Malians, left souvenirs too,
Polynesians, Egyptians, didnt publish claim new.
Irish, Romans- musn't they join the sway?
As did the natives, cave man, before finding his way.

China is powerful, huge, n cultured, too!
OMG, encroaching in 21st century too?
wants more to increase their big chunkO'land,
Highwaying Pakistan, India dressed in pearly garland.
Generous to nKorea, laughing at bully with nothing,
Keeping Powers drooling over decorative something.
Trade - rich, Base chase, weapons strip-tease,
Tao's heart n soul cannot be at ease!

Russia competes silent in space,
Satellites, Politics, n Digital race.
Most continents face food, health, medical issues,
Still plague our mind and body tissues.
Bamboozling the mysteries, raid secret societies-
Pillaging lands, minds, our crazy histories.
Is that what aspiring super powers do,
I am confoozled about this major to do!

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“Terror Strikes Nincompoopia”


Anyone: Express Editor?

I’m looking for a Robot called the “Express Editor,” for a final check. If anyone should find it, please bring it home to mama. I will oil it on time, keep it well-charged, and shining. I will take for a walk (does it walk? As in legs?)  I’ll even blog about how it saved my life!🙏

But then in self-publishing, you don’t palm off your concerns to the editor or agent. YOU know it all! And that, my friends is expressly Scary!

Have EVER been in love with with something (like publishing) you know nothing about? Yeah … that scary!😄

Yours’ truly,

Terror Struck!


Terror Strikes Nincompoopia*

*meaning of that silly word explained here:


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Inner Utopia!

Each of us have a little fun loving fool inside of us. A little place where we think the world of our silly thoughts and ideas. I call it the inner utopia, because life is perfect here. And since everyones sense of utopia is different, we make society insanely crazy, nincompoop like!

Sometimes our experiences tame those into silence and at times growth helps in molding them into civil responses.

This book is a fictional account about certain types of people found globally, and their little Nincompoop-ish Utopia😉 Thus the name!

“Terror Strikes Nincompoopia”

(I must clarify: On Kindle Direct Publishing only!)

It is either brave or foolish to give a title like this, in these times. But have faith in me. 

DLTGP 💙 13 days

Meet the characters: starting next week! 

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Never Look Back?

I believe we must look ⬅️back at our histories so as to not repeat ancestral mistakes and select value from old books of knowledge to move➡️ forward.

This is a beautiful universal thought that applies to all of us! Different cultures speak about similar thoughts. Relevant in todays times is this one by China, from China, for China.


I respect this message by Lao Tsu and pray: Let us ascend in the degree of our thoughts for Peace with neighbours who believe in the same with love.



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Succumb to Suck Umb

Mango, the King of Fruits! Juicy, aromatic, delicious!

And messy too! Especially, if you suck the small ripe ones whole, after poking a hole at one end, softening the fruit from all sides, and then squeezing out the pulp, as if out of a juice box. In the old days, our elders say, it was best shared around a bucket, with the mangoes chilling in cold water.  Ice also works very well. Now-a-days you can (at)tempt yourself to eat it in a tub. Just Kidding😉 Too messy, Too cold!

Amb (umb) is the north Indian word for mango. And ambi is the baby mango: green, raw, and sour! Healthy and more sour than any sour candy/toffee I have ever known. It can also be had salty and red peppery. Sour and Spicy!

Come May, we kids used to go hunting for mangoes, wrap the spices in paper, a knife for cutting and sharing slices, and loads of chattering. Pure joys delighted us … especially the time a farmer yelled, chased, and we got away from an orchard near my grandparents home.

After that we always had a mango tree in one or the other friends/ family homes. Most of the time, we loved the musical Koyal bird, that filled the summer air around the huge child-friendly, mango trees. It was easy to succumb to temptations n suck umb, literally ‘hanging around’ the tree with friends.

Daily Prompt: Succumb

A Lovely Fraud!

I ask thee has modern Knowledge

given us an edge, Or, taken us to the edge?

A balancing act, tottering on the ledge,

betwixt education and continent, confidence shred!


If only we keep our mind on our piece of land,

Take care of our people, hold our brethrens hand,

Share and trade to better human-kand, 😉

Create an Exceptional Fraud, of a loving band!


Let us Vow not to ‘throw things’ across to litter and bitter our world! Thank you!

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