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Laughter Generator

Feeling low, down, and out? The blues have atruck again?
Come, stop a while. Or call 1-800-MIND-BEND😉 Continue reading Laughter Generator

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Flaunting Fine Floral Findings…

… in my garden, that grows, slowly but surely!   via Daily Prompt: Flaunt While I’m at it, might as well flaunt   my other creation that blossomed in the backyard today, though it’s not half as pretty. Hand-made for my colleague today. I believe a hand-made gift to appreciate people, conveys the best! She is surrounded by autism, at school and at home. Admire … Continue reading Flaunting Fine Floral Findings…

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I am that Unlikely Success Story!

Originally posted on HorseAddict:
March 2000. Office of Dr. Kandell, Gastroenterology, Wellesley Hospital, Toronto.  “I have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is you have cancer. The good news is there is only the one tumor and it has not spread.” March 2000, Dr. Breirley,  Radiation Oncology, Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto . “Has anyone talked to you about radiation and Systemic… Continue reading I am that Unlikely Success Story!