Confession Time!

Colors affect every part of our lives… and so does music.
For ALL.
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External link to 🎼My 💟istic 🎶Symphony🎵

🎼My 💟istic 🎶Symphony🎵

My 💟istic Symphony! There’s a people symphony playing on 💓strings beginning @ C! Instruments are strange ‘n’ far as eye n you can see. Moods, stars, trees, the soul it frees, marching on dunes, Clarinets on many planets, sing in melodious tunes. A vevety sound trickles through Cello-ic exotic liquers, sensations with mystical adumbrations in the throat n ear. Painting harmonic colours with percussion, string, n wind; … Continue reading 🎼My 💟istic 🎶Symphony🎵